Air Jordan XI (11) “Woody” Customs by Ruovo Co.

Air Jordan XI (11) “Woody” Customs by Ruovo Co.


Ruovo Woody XIs

Today we have a dope custom inspired by “Woody,” no not Buzz Lightyear’s friend but the actual texture of wood like on trees and most fences. Ruovo Co. took these Air Jordan XI’s and instead of just throwing on some crazy colors and fabrics the team decided to go full-on with the wood theme. A cream color takes on the outsole on the bottom of the kicks while a flat brown midsole sits below the extremely detailed wood that looks so good you could probably lose them on your coffee table. A darker brown finishes up the upper while rope laces and another wood panel on the tongue cap off a great, intricate design.

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Ruovo Woody XIs

Via @ruovo_co.

  • Silvestre BM

    Man, idk. Just wish sneaker customizers would show how they take apart and put back a shoe together. Probably use sewing machines.

  • Kevin Mayo

    no, just no.

  • Key Clifton


  • Angel Luis

    These are cray cray lol.

  • Armando Saggz Montana

    Kuhp Hd Mike Hd

  • Majd Salem


  • Sergio Esparza

    wtf was he thinking!!!

  • Arturo Colon

    oh hell no

  • Kanard Wynn

    They so ugly

  • Joe Deezy

    Rubbish, he needs to turn these to sawdust expiditiously!

  • Justin Laughlin

    ugly af

  • Nicholas Dyer

    hell nah

  • Rap Bartolome

    Barry Jake

  • Colt Weeber


  • James Rockdale Moore

    What y’all think about em????? Jfive Lipkins Kendrick Wallace DeAndre Victrum Caleb Cal Jones

  • James Lark

    Fresh luv thee

  • James Lark

    Fresh luv these

  • Sascha Ilte

    Björn Löwendorf

  • Brad M Thomas

    Those are fuken ugly as fuk

  • 오현종

    이재정 이거가자

  • Bobby James


  • John Hall

    Dale Pavy

  • B-Fresh Young

    Brad how you say they but you checked like make your mind up wood grain wheel with the belts to match get it?