Air Jordan XI (11) Restock Tomorrow at Footaction

Air Jordan XI (11) Restock Tomorrow at Footaction



If you haven’t noticed, major retailers oftentimes hit us with surprise restocks during major sporting events. What makes for a perfect Super Bowl XLVIII treat, Footaction is treating Jordan Brand fans to an Air Jordan XI (11) restock! Yes, it’s happening.

Featuring the Air Jordan XI (11) “Playoffs”, or “Bred”, and Air Jordan XI (11) Low “White/Black-True Red”, this surprise restock will happen tomorrow at 8AM EST sharp online. What arrives well before prime-time, here’s yet another opportunity to grab two of Jordan Brand’s hottest styles.

For more on this restock, keep it locked right here at Sneaker Files!



  • Lavin Castro

    Dominic Aqn

  • Josh Insu Baek


  • PeTe Saenz

    Jose Chavero

  • PeTe Saenz

    Eleazar Zee Gonzalez

  • Terry D Turner Jr.

    Got them ya boy!

  • Jose Rafael

    Reyhan Dzeko

  • Jose Rafael

    RedPhoenix Fotograffi

  • Hedrich Fleming

    john Chaney

  • Desmond DesignbyDsmnd Brown

    Daniel Brown bro!!!!

  • Melissa Mckinney

    Amber Lyn

  • Amesha McLaughlin

    Darryl Mclaughlin

  • Les Wild

    Darmond Maurice

  • Kamil Zajkowski

    Andrew Sukanick

  • Lakisha Jackson

    In stores or online?

  • Beavis Turner

    Why would they restock these? Give those shits a break already. They been restocked how many times already?

  • Christoffer Catanzaro


  • Adam Malenick

    Sara Malenick

  • Wilbert Drake Quinones

    Paul Soto

  • Zachariah Aguilar

    Travis Caraway

  • Lakisha Jackson

    Online or in stores also?

  • Edwin Camacho

    Miguelangel Rodriguez

  • Quentin Zacher

    Kristopher Thomas

  • Antoine Jeffries

    Streetgame JamesPoole

  • Jason Ong

    Gene Rama

  • Brian Sparks

    Nick Widener

  • Streetgame JamesPoole

    StreeTgame Roc

  • Armando G Hernandez

    Candace Martinez

  • Matt Russell

    Julie Russell

  • JamesGleason2

    sneakerfiles shhh!!! Stop telling people, I would like to cop them.

  • Philip Mansibang

    Yma Titan Sabio Soriano…drtng b ito dto?

  • Bacardi Rob-Hbk Michaels

    Sam Champion Gritz Hoffa MiMi DaHustla

  • Melvin Malimban

    Martin Angelo Sultan

  • Riley Miller

    Which one are people going for the most? I’m gonna try and cop whatever one people aren’t buying

  • Krys John G. Arcilla

    HeyJude Francisco Dela Cruz ayan bro oh.

  • Alfred Charles Manoto III

    Brian Scott Manoto

  • Marissa Gutierrez

    Jarvis seriously??

  • Justin O. Mathis

    Got both need the Fear 5s

  • Xhaquiao Sanchez

    Lindakristine Hernandez

  • Javier Garcia

    Shevonne Garcia

  • JustPeter On


  • Josh Hernandez

    canada as well?

  • Matt Silva

    Ryan Wilk

  • Dwardz Dwardz Dwardz

    Carl Casacop Eusebio J Christian Villegas

  • Jasper Valera

    Hahaha restock. Thank you Nike. Screw resellers.

  • Ryan Beckman

    Bred 11’s are so overrated and overproduced!

  • Guy SugarBear Randall

    Prince Ware there go them lows lol

  • Sean Carstens

    Thank you Footaction!!! I’ll b copping a pair of each!!

  • Christian Cervantes

    David Van Boven

  • Garcia Elias

    Rafezy Rafael Acosta

  • Patient Mulamba

    Anthony Kong Malamba dead moi !!!

  • Gary A. LoveSupreme


  • Louie On Deck Tsaboukos

    In countryside Florida ?

  • Johan Aldén

    WTF?! Only footaction though, right? Need the bred 11’s bad.

  • Serina Black

    No gs sizes though

  • Brandon Carter


  • Daniel Brown

    Desmond Brown Yo I know! I saw this in the group yesterday.

  • Mista-Lorio Lo

    The footaction site is overloaded with bots. The game is all messed up. Hypebeast never learn.

  • Jarvis Chevalier Sandifer

    Marissa Gutierrez I knew this ish was going to happen…

  • Scott Paschall

    Worst site ever if they knew they were gonna release a Jordan that everybody wants they shoulda been prepared on there site for the the heavy traffic but as usual they f$$$ up again

  • Chris Fleming

    Ramone Rippa Jimenez look what re-stocked today lol Glad i got both already.

  • Tamarra Murray

    Didn’t see any grade school sizes :(

  • Dwight A. Bennett II

    Right in time for black history month, I don’t wanna imagine the mayhem that will ensue

  • Ric Ray

    This was a pathetic experience. Footaction is an amateur operation.

  • Ryan Park

    Seems like a marketing ploy. Never saw them online. Maybe i went to the wrong page. Did anyone see them online?

  • David Johnson

    That was a horrible experience.

  • Jeff Spencer

    Ridiculous, need to be a celebrity or a bot master to get shoes these days :(

  • Alan Hinayo

    Ryan Forsythe

  • Alexandre Dabus

    Alberto Dabus Filho

  • Rafezy Rafael Acosta