Air Jordan XI (11) Low – Black / Red Sample

Air Jordan XI (11) Low – Black / Red Sample


Air Jordan XI (11) Low - Black / Red Sample

Now I know what you’re thinking: “FAKE!” But no. These Air Jordan XI’s are in fact real samples. The Air Jordan XI (11) Low comes in a black/red (bred) colorway, which is owned by Ceola Clark, a friend of Jeffrey Jordan, MJ’s son. These jays were given to Ceola from Jeff and Michael as a gift. Yes, be jealous, because this sort of stuff actually happens. The Lows follow the bred design just like its retailed predecessor, with a black patent leather and mesh upper, red inner lining, white midsole, and red translucent outsole. If you absolutely need to get your hands on these babies, then go find Ceola at Western Illinois University, where you can challenge him to 1-on-1 for them. Check out the video of Ceola, as he is interviewed by the Chicago Tribune, as part of the dedicated editorial for Hall-of-Famer MJ.
Air Jordan XI (11) Low - Black / Red Sample

  • terry


  • $poiledFeet

    I will work dude for those kicks. He cant handle my handles

  • Gerard Rahaman

    tH3 m!d5 r w@y b3Tt3R 3s5p3c!@lLy wh3N tH3y 5up3R Fr35h !!!!!!!

  • twan

    OLD news!!! I saw these in 2001. They even have the Concords in lows, egh!!!

  • me

    All jordan lows are UGLY!!!! Jordan 1 lows are decent, but still lose a lot of appeal. Nd yes, even-and especially- jordan 11 lows are ugly!!

  • David


  • David


  • MJC

    the jordan VI lows are tight, super comfy too, I like the XI lows too, not the patent leather ones, the mesh ones though. I'd probly cop these, not a fan of the other XI lows like these though.

  • Gerard Rahaman you s

    Wow Gerard Rahaman I hate you. You type like I want to kill myself. Thanks for making me lose all faith in mankind.

  • 23

    hahahahaha^^^^^ wordddddd! but these r alright.. ehhh

  • akoo

    im G A Y

  • Mon3yM1k3CJW

    These are ok. I GUESS. Mid tops are better. No disrespect.

  • MrFamousDFB

    Bet Joran LOws Are the 7 low wish they dropped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kinloch57

    These were my very first js back n 95 mids r the best that's y I'm waiting on dec.23 the lows s****

  • YaBoy Boston

    I give this dude credit, he has bred xi lows…. samples, that nobody else had, but he flaunts himself like an expert when he clearly isnt… the first pair he showed were concord xi and he called them space jams… i mean come on now lol how dont you know that ahahahahaha

  • Skinny

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damnit NO!!!!!!!

  • say no 2 fakes

    damn he one luck bastard. u see da kicks in da background, he probably has mad exclusive kicks