Air Jordan XI (11) “Galaxy” Customs by Ruovo Co.

Air Jordan XI (11) “Galaxy” Customs by Ruovo Co.



Staying on the grind right after releasing the Nike Foamposite Foambuiton, Ruovo Company is back with another pair! The Air Jordan XI (11) “Galaxy” Customs by Ruovo Co. takes the retro kick and pairs it with a cosmic blue pattern and croc on the uppers. Originally, this pair of AJ11s were Cool Greys, but with some work, Ruovo flipped these kicks outta this world! These are a 1 of 1 custom, and worth every cent! Head over to Ruovo Co. and check out the gallery!

air-jordan-xi-11-galaxy-customs-by-ruovo-co air-jordan-xi-11-galaxy-customs-by-ruovo-co

  • Alexander E. Williams


  • Stephen Holden

    Too hot

  • Steve Alexander Valladares

    They Dope

  • Jared Brown

    Tavio Burton

  • Sixsomini Sixsomany Sicksomany

    What happened to the patent leather?

  • Mobbin On Insects

    Fire I need them

  • Anthony Mitchell

    no more damn galaxy customs… its 2014 find a new idea to overkill

  • Anthony Mitchell

    and they they got those yeezys laces -_-

  • Šuljo Popit

    Dope but the print on the lether panel just looks out of place presonally

  • Willie Hoskin

    Nice.. I’m getting em

  • Carlton E Sallis


  • Tommy Thompson

    Tommy T. Thompson whaddya think

  • Trav Maes

    Horrible too much

  • Ato Keyser Söze Campbell


  • Love Peace Uneyeverse

    wtf did they do

  • Royal De Rush


  • Curtis M. Cook

    Absolutely terrible.

  • David Tookie Vargas

    Fucking gross

  • Nico Wess

    Yuk .

  • Uriel Alfaro

    Please! This must to stop!

  • Nam Pham

    Vu IMarket firee

  • Tommy T. Thompson

    Tommy Thompson i kinda like them for display but i would not want to wear em

  • Eddie Redice

    they should sell AJ11 soles so you can swap em out when they begin to look bad= gotta patent that idea lol

  • Eddie Redice

    somebody should throw some elephant print or that AJ13 reflective material on the AJ 23s instead of that ugly ass stitching: THEY WOULD LOOK 1000x BETTER

  • Wesley Kidd

    they look good

  • Williss Tan


  • George W Schmidt IV

    SJ Junior

  • Jose Matos

    Shyts is crazy

  • Ace Vedo

    Divya what you think?

  • Divya Colon

    Dope I definitely see you in’em Ace Vedo

  • Austin Young

    I want them Ricky Young

  • Mikey Insta Graham

    Lee Darby…

  • Lee Darby


  • Ab Dill Ah

    Teri Bazeala lagy gile!!

  • Ricky Young

    Find em for us Austin Young