Air Jordan x Levi’s 23/501 Collection

Air Jordan x Levi’s 23/501 Collection


Air Jordan x Levi's 23/501 Collection

News broke out last month that one of the two biggest names in fashion were teaming up. The Air Jordan 1 from the Air Jordan x Levi’s 23/501 is seen above in red leather, denim, cement print and the Levi’s red tag. Via CtotheJL.

Air Jordan x Levi's 23/501 Collection
Air Jordan x Levi's 23/501 Collection

  • alex

    the shoes r alright but i expected more from jordanand levis

  • john

    they look ok.!!!

  • LaneyvsNCvsChicago

    I'm feelin' the shoes

  • ME aka i'll tak

    they coo. just coo. nothin more than coo. I bet they gonna cost something stupid too.



  • fireman

    these are filthy but i wouldnt wear em


    Who ever slaps JB first gets $1000 for these silly ass ideas. Looks like pure garbage.

  • Air23Jay

    it look cook to match the Jean levi pant.

  • SneakerAFI

    looking forward to see what the gear is going to look like.

  • pk

    That's to bad, trashing an original like that. I would understand with some of the lifestyle releases, but a AJ1 mid, ouch!

  • air randy

    yo anit never met a nigga like me

  • $olelife

    stupid sloppy & silly!!!!!dookie son dookie.

  • Jo

    lolol. pfff…

    hot kicks tho

  • Harry

    if the apparel wit it looks good, then i'll go after this pack

  • BPD

    idk they ani't ugly but they ani't fresh either, if they cost 2 much i'm not buying them which they most likly goin 2 be

  • Salvi

    Ill personally slap JB n Gentry monkey asses 4 $2 bucks n a pack of now laters…no tax…

  • pimp c forever

    The shoes ok. Iwouldnt buy them. They look almost like a womens shoe .

  • JM

    Cement print killed the shoe

    and maybe if it was in a different color

  • nick


  • chingkavwj

    these are cool, i wouldnt mind wearing'em, i kno wat will match these already,fair price then i might grab.

  • Chris Mullen's

    These are so super, I wish it was elepant print from the 3's instead of denim w/ that design though

  • several

    One word. Whack!

  • Devon

    Man they missed a great opportunity. I would rock these BUT I would not buy them. They have a great concept, but they failed to realize that these shoes ARE NOT HOT !!! They need to go back to the drawing board and tweak this idea a bit.

  • TorontoComeUp

    This is a hate it or love it shoe, theres somthin bout them i dont like, maybe its the colours but id still get these to have around

  • BTK


  • not jovan…HAVON!

    ummmmm, what ever happened to the hot looking AJ1's..u kno…the actual HIGH ones and not this "mid bullshit"…..they should retro the AJKO's…dat'll be sick…o…just to fit in wit da subject…DEM SHITS IS TRASH…the fkn gear better look good

    (wish list to jordan brand: RETRO AJKO…black/mtlc blue)


  • not jovan…HAVON!

    WAIT..HOL UP…U TELLIN ME DIS RAGGEDY ANNESQUE PACK IS $400?!…..they can bite the beef!

  • moses

    i'm coppp thatt shyt

  • 23

    there pretty slick… there makin pants soon tho

  • AK

    the idea is great but da colors aren't just imagine if they had substituted da orange wit black den dese would be fiyah

  • J easy

    yo no say?? i mean i was about to give them a flat line but i feel a little heart beat in em so ill give em a weak one __/__/__/__/_____________________


  • realtalk

    this pack is gonna be 400 so if yall wanna spend that on some stupid nut cutter levi jeans and some 1’s that look like they was made in a kindergarden class be my guest


    man what happen with this AJ1

    sooooooooooooooo FSUCKIN UGLY

    they should have put some DENIM on that shoes

  • Ric Flair

    Whoooooo! Now These Are Hot! Well Kinda Hot, which is all one can expect from JB these days.


    Tight..hope i can get a pair but i wonder if its gnna b a pack then how would that work with sz's n stuff

  • ThUg LyFe

    ii am NOT feelin' thez shoez!!!!i mean y fuk up da 1'z man!!it was ok 2 have the 1's low as retro but fuk!!mid a.j dude wtf r u thinkin dude!!!ive seen da shirtz and jeanz 2 these and i will have 2 agree with a few sneaker headz in here 1st off 2 much money 4 some lame ass shoes 2nd of all idea was ok but y fuk it up…..the shoe iz not wat itz all hyped up 2 b and trust me ive paid 400 4 shoez b4 and i wouldnt pay 400 4 thez!!….1

  • dunkheadprincess

    i like em they hot 2 me i can allready see wat ill wear wit them

  • Jonathan Bunoan


  • Air Randy

    Those Are Fake Retro 1's

    The Real Ones have the real stitch in the back


  • Alejandro 23

    damn the price hurts me but the shoe is damn nice the shirt better match to every stiching

    ps take that levie tab off the jordan how dare you digrace the AJ1


    There is supposed to be jeans that go with these I thought.

  • …

    they look allright but i expected something different.

    i dont think these will release anytime soo cus what i heard is that in the year '08 there will only be retro packages no other retro's will release besides the packages and the last retro's for '07 is 8 and 15.

    funny thing is 8 + 15 = 23

    released on the same day as well

  • Dominque the jordan

    crazy color way even though i hate every thing that levi's is about these are nice. i wouldn't spend the $155 price tag but i would rock

  • W.O.W

    i hope they can sell these seperate from the package.

    cus $395 is WAAAAAAAAYy to much for me.

    probably retail for at least $150.

  • Cameron

    I like the concept of it, but no. The jordan 1s are supposed to be simple. Adding more stuff to the 1s just complicates the shoe.

  • Dee guy

    I Love this shoe no hype beast!!!

    it's just a good shoe overall!!!

  • Jon A.

    stupid asss idea, LEVIS N J’s jus don go together…

    its like Basketball+Country music.


    jus aint rigt. Xp