Is Michael Jordan Colorblind?

Is Michael Jordan Colorblind?


Womens Air Jordan 8 VIII Champagne

While speaking with with Tinker Hatfield a few weeks ago, Sneaker Files learned that Michael “Brand” Jordan does not sign off on all colorways for Air Jordans.

“He signs off on every model, but not every colorway.” Tinker explained, “There’s just too much there, and he doesn’t have enough time… Once we’ve finished a project and we’ve got the basic colorways down and feel like things are going to roll, we’ll give up authorship of other colorways because we’re already onto the next thing.”

Good thing, because it would have been disappointing to learn that Mike and/or Tinker would actually sign-off on the hideous Air JordanĀ 8 (Jordan VIII) Dark Cinder/Champagne/Sail (Womens colorway) pictured above!


  1. Uh… brown and pink are an ultra common color combination, granted the brown is a little dark and the pink is a little… not pink enough. The colorway isn't the problem with that shoe, the problem is that the shoe is ugly.

  2. yo sneaker freaker your comment was uncalled for just as mine when i say it looks like your moms pussy after i finished beating down her walls, only to see her back on the corner hustling drugs

  3. jordans should set the bar for color combos not follow them. this is not for the air jordan collecter its for the newbe or fad buyer! just want to say I got J's.


  4. uh, this was pretty freaking obvious if you ask me. Jordan Brand has hundreds of skus that release every year. Unless Mike Jordan is sitting in the office on an everyday basis, there is no way he can sign off on everything.

    He would also have to know the marketing package, trends, and all the other shit he pays people millions to do per year.

    It touches my heart that he didnt sign off on this, but come on, i never once would have thought that he would sign off on each color. *_*

  5. these 8's are trash , but theres been alot sh!t thats been ugly in color asfar s the j's go lately…….

  6. They're not that bad honestly. you really gotta see em in person and feel that leather. definitely a nice JB release

  7. these 8's are trash , but theres been alot sh!t thats been ugly in color as far as the j's go lately…….

  8. its funny i got 1 pair for my girl with all matching clothing and almost everywhere she goes shes snapping necks, and people ask her about the shoe 1st,.. then goes on about the pants jacket and tee she rocking…big up to jordan brand for reaching out to the ladies instead of these guys acting like females and getting dramatic and crying like bitches themselves about color ways..stick to the og kicks and let the females start their trend…and kids to…peace MAKHOVELI

  9. I like colors that makes me a girl…. WTF? Your girl could have a fat ass and people will break there necks also… so which is which, Nice Kicks or Nice Ass?

  10. I think these J's is fresh. Alot of people have a tendency to judge kicks as single item. But when these combonated with the perfect jean, shirt, and person etc. they're beautiful. Definately a cop for my girl.

  11. i honestly dont feel these even on a girl.

    8s are ugly in my opinion, dark-ass brown and light-ass pink dont work together for shit, and that kind of leather isnt made for basketball shoes….the way the color fades around the creases, that kind of leather aint meant for sneakers!