Air Jordan VIII (8) – “Terror Squad” PE

Air Jordan VIII (8) – “Terror Squad” PE


Air Jordan VIII (8) - "Terror Squad" PE

Other than music, Fat Joe is also known for his extensive Air Jordan collection. Not only does the rap mogul carry all kinds of rare heat and general release J’s, he also has a line of Air Jordan PEs, exclusive only to the man himself and his crew. ┬áToday, we can take a quick look at an Air Jordan VIII (8) “Terror Squade” PE in Midnight Navy/Peapod – Orange Blaze that surfaced recently. This PE is probably a 1 of 1 piece of Rare Air that is kept deep in the Terror Squad sneaker archives. Thanks to MN for sharing.

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  • Slizz

    Damn thats a fucking ugly Jordan. Get your own PE line, what do you do? Shit on your fave shoe.

  • Joe

    wow he took a 5 year old shoe and put TS on it. extremely impressive

  • Jstrizzo

    im gonna put my initials on my peapods and call it a "Jstrizzo" PE. -_____-

  • RichieRich

    Sshhhyyttt is WAACCCKKKK…I respect having a PE But he didn’t do anything special that color already existed … Cant f_ck with the eminem 4s change the color get exclusive!!