Air Jordan 7-VII DMP $200 At FinishLine

Air Jordan 7-VII DMP $200 At FinishLine


AJ7DMP1 It seems as though Finishline has chosen to follow up Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Wild Wednesday. While the Air Jordan VII DMP collection was being offered for $250 just last Friday, Finishline now has the pack going for $200 and is stocked with a full size run. Now is your chance to not only make up for skipping on this package, but also save more than $100! Act fast, because there’s no telling how long a sale this good will last. Click to Purchase at AJ7DMP2


  1. wow thats a deal. i paid about that on ebay a couple weeks ago, but im thinking about copping another pack now.

  2. This is real tempting, especially with the promo codes. But, this is too close to the w/red 12's and the SpaceJams. If a few of these are still floating around next weekend, I might cop these as well.