Air Jordan VI “Carmine” – Yet Another Detailed Look

Air Jordan VI “Carmine” – Yet Another Detailed Look


Air Jordan VI Carmine Yet Another Detailed Look

By now, all of you sneakerheads should have May 24th marked on your sneaker calendars for that is the day the highly coveted “Carmine” Air Jordan VI will makes its return. Having last been seen back in 2008, this retro comes as the AJVI celebrates its 23rd anniversary. With its original Bulls-inspired colorway in tact, the icy sole puts the retro cherry on top. Continue reading after the jump to check out the gallery of fresh new images and be sure to let us know if these will be an instant cop come May.

Air Jordan VI Carmine Yet Another Detailed Look

Air Jordan VI Carmine Yet Another Detailed Look

Air Jordan VI Carmine Yet Another Detailed Look

Air Jordan VI Carmine Yet Another Detailed Look

Air Jordan VI Carmine Yet Another Detailed Look

Air Jordan VI Carmine Yet Another Detailed Look

Air Jordan 6 “Carmine”

Photos via Sneaker 4 Life

  • Mike S. Franks

    This release will be a problem, so I may as well put my $350 early release bread to the side now smh…

  • Eddie Redice

    go to they usually have kix 3 months early

  • Ismael Rodriguez Jr.

    Sure right…better have your money straight…they been hyping this shoe for 4 months now.

  • Mike S. Franks

    yea, I knew about them for years but I worry about the rise of Triple A’s these days…

  • Matthew Goodin

    Matthew Armando Dubon

  • Donovan BigAce Curtis

    Hope they mass produce these 4real…

  • Paul Vorn

    Sopheap Va we on it!

  • Thomas Principe

    Coppin 2 pairs!

  • tsugutsugu1122

    sneaker4lifecom sneakerfiles 5月迄待ち遠し過ぎる!

  • sneaker4lifecom


  • tsugutsugu1122

    sneaker4lifecom ですよね(^^;;

  • Danny Grigsby

    Definitely gonna remember being my b day and all

  • Juaquin Guerra

    Joseline Espinoza

  • Chris Andrews

    First pair of jordan’s I ever had!

  • Malique Reevers

    Anyone know the exact day these drop ?

  • Lans Selorio

    i want this for ever , men

  • Silvestre BM

    Man, bet people are gonna fight or kill one another for ’em SMFH. Quit HYPING ’em up.

  • Dede Rodriguez

    Jeff Lmsr Fellat

  • Vicente Bargas

    In line now

  • Shelvy So Sincere Archie

    May 24th

  • Michael Watkins

    Damn dude in line for some kicks that don’t drop till May? Lmao

  • Nick_TedescoB

    sneakerfiles MattSmyth6

  • James Hill

    I remember back in ’91 these went on sale for $89.99. Regular price was $125. Aah how I miss those times.

  • Rafael Ceballos

    Now these are the Shit.. but the original ones. Now they make way too many jordans.. everyone and they momma have em now..

  • Rafael Ceballos

    These shoes cost about $5 to make in China

  • David Guzman

    May 25

  • Eddie Redice

    I hate it for all yall who spent 600+ on ebay for the CDP version: I still hate that ice blue sole

  • Cherif Younousse Sy


  • Shane Dale

    Michael Shawdan

  • Joey Hendriks

    Stephan Boyles

  • Lyndon Cruz

    Brianne Jacobe

  • Kenny Williams

    I’m on these…

  • Jonathan Maestas

    May 24th 170$ I can’t wait

  • Daniel Guebara

    Erik Morales

  • Sam Dixon

    Sandy Suliman omg

  • Litza Cruz

    I Want These!

  • Angel Gunz Garcia

    I still got mine….

  • Chris Fleming

    Only retro im looking forward too , may 24th !

  • Chris Fleming

    Malique Reevers may 24th bro.

  • Jordan Murray

    may 24th i heard

  • Malique Reevers

    Good Looks

  • Beavis Turner

    that San Francisco t shirt you paid 25 to 30 dollars cost 1 dollar to make in china

  • Dan Scrine

    Bws Sam

  • Kalé Lau Wei Kai

    Vivian Kaw @@

  • Eric Robert Vincent

    These drop feb. 15

  • Eli Scoobreal Cx

    when do they release?

  • Alejandro Pamplona

    Ace Lovelace

  • Duarte Marlon

    Paola Teodoro eu quero!

  • Paola Teodoro

    Eu tbm quero! Duarte Marlon

  • Erly Villanea

    .anu dw tatak ng sapatos na yan

  • Keven Draves

    The only 6s I like.
    Coppin 2 pairs though.