Air Jordan VI Black

Air Jordan VI Black


The Air Jordan team most certainly has a big holiday season coming up- highlighted by the Space Jams, three pairs of XII’s, and even quite a few I’s coming out. But there is perhaps no other sneaker brand that can hook its fans more effectively than team Jordan can- and here’s more proof. The Air Jordan VI pictured here in a predominantly black colorway with contrast stitching and icy soles is slated to release some time in the summer of 2010. How do you guys feel about this pair of the iconic Air Jordan VI? Is it something to save up for or pass up?



  1. The stitching is actually purple yellow and white for the lakers colors… my guess is to celebrate that the 6 was the shoe he was wearing when he won his 1st championship vs lakers.

  2. when i heard about the laker sixes i was scared. i tip my hat off on these, very settle color up unlike the pistons colorway. i hate the lakers but i might pick these up

  3. well i seen alot of the sixz release they gonna bring out in 2010 these are at the bottom..hmmm i love the aj VI but umm these look like some swao meat joints come on jordans heads lets not settle for less than what we deserve i knw we aint seen any VIs iin a minute but come on yahhl knw we demand and expect alot better…

  4. these r hot but not @ the top of the list, im got to get those white n red b4 anything else. but jb is dropping st8 heat next year

  5. Love the shoe except one thing…the white stitching, just looks a little paylessish…rest of the colorway is outstandingly clean!!!

  6. I think these are a waste, unless your 3 feet away you would never notice the stitching. i would rather get the black infrareds, white infrareds, the Motorsports, and the black/whites. plus the grape spizikes. im gunna have to pass on these.

  7. Prob have to get these since they F'd the blk/varsity reds up. Seriously I wait years for another chance to get the infrareds and they drop some cheap ass versions aaarrrrhhh mr Jordan.