Air Jordan VI (6) White/Black “Oreo” – Release Information

Air Jordan VI (6) White/Black “Oreo” – Release Information


This past Saturday, “the year of the Air Jordan VI” kicked off with the long-awaited release of the black/varsity red colorway. Although the colorway is a famous part of not only Jordan Brand but sneaker culture in general, it might not be 2010’s most coveted Air Jordan VI. Several Jordanheads celebrated upon hearing of a confirmed scheduled release of the Air Jordan Motorsports collection, which includes a pair of the Air Jordan Six Rings and Air Jordan VI. Additionally, there is a white/black Air Jordan VI releasing on March 20th of this year from select Air Jordan retailers, which contains white speckles and is pictured here in a full preview. Because of the white leather and black suede combination along the sneaker’s upper, many have nicknamed this pair of Jordans the “Oreos.” Many are also very glad to see the partly transluscent sole used on this release too, as it was on the black/varsity red pair. So how do the three Air Jordan VIs mentioned here rank in your opinion?

Via Footlocker.

  • 90snikehead

    Ill pass on these got black and red ones already might get black gray lakers edition or whatever

  • steez

    haha i love how i was like the first to call em Oreos and now everyone is callin em that

  • steez

    personally i think these are better than the varsity red

    haha i love how the first time i saw em i called em Oreos and now everyone is callin em that

  • Tha Steez

    Yeah steez, im sure you were the first person to call a pair of black and white J's, Oreos.

  • HanSolo23

    Must have, I might get two pairs.

  • austinfresh

    my boi getting those kiks they fly

  • sneakerfreak23

    dem some hot boys right there.. def getten em..

  • The Carnman


  • steezinator

    I called them oreos first man, pattened and copyrighted, you guys keep saying it pay me my moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  • The Steez

    whatt are you talkin bout boyy?i even got papers

    hitt me up at 1 800 OREO and we'll talk this

  • iiish all over yall

    Eff "Oreos"…..i dub these the "Storm Troopers"….give a eff wat yall say

    Btw deff coppin 2 perr….best 6s colorway dis year…other den any og colorways,my opinion

  • Air Ruiz 23


  • blazed roach

    shits are fire easy 2 pair cop

  • Steez

    shut the fuck up cracker, i made up that oreo name the sencond these joints dropped which was before you seen em for sure. dont talk about stuff you dont know bitch. ill call your mom at 1800 fat bitch

  • OGplayoffXII

    not bad, not bad at all…

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  • gotjordans?

    I got wear these with a tux…!!!

  • jm9312

    cant wait to cop these and the white and red ones

  • phatpat

    one of da top shoes on this upcoming decade

  • alexthebayrockskicks

    easy pass but sik as fuk

  • theoneandonly

    Well I called them the Barrack Obama's first if anybody tries to bite. LMAO !

  • bigpapi91

    these joint is hot!!!!!! gotta get…

  • vincoz21

    are these general release like the infrared 6's???

  • nathan

    how much these gonna be?

  • Md0tblick

    @steez word i do remember seeing you call it that before they change the name to Oreo's.. but yeah i just copped dem spizikes, ahhh man dem shits are fresh… so these definitely are gettin worned.. and this are better than the varsity red… its just that varsity is close to the OG ones… thats all

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