Air Jordan VI (6) Sample – White / Gold

Air Jordan VI (6) Sample – White / Gold


Air Jordan VI (6) Sample - White / Gold

As most sneakerheads can vividly remember, the Air Jordan Defining Moments Package (DMP) released back in 2006, and it was composed of an Air Jordan XI (11) and an Air Jordan VI (6). The AJ6 from the package featured a black base with metallic gold accents. The majority of people loved it, and the “DMP” Air Jordan VI is still a greatly sought after sneaker today. Now, more than three years later, we see a glimpse of what could have been the pair included in the package rather than the black based sneaker. This pair features a white upper with gold accents seen on the heel, midsole, inner lining, and tongue. As previously mentioned this white/gold Air Jordan VI (6) is only a sample, and is not slated to release in the future.

Via Kenlu.

Air Jordan VI (6) Sample - White / Gold

Air Jordan VI (6) Sample - White / Gold

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    lol bout time, i've had these for a while now

  • ATLsneakerJunkie

    dont get me wrong,tha DMP is tha best pacc to date but if they would have put tha white base VI's in it ….their would never be a better pacc!!! I say tha becuz i like white shoes better than balcc

  • yadda

    dayum that is a big azz XI Gentry is holding – what is that Shaq's size 22 or somethin?

  • N3$$

    these r pretty dope,not feeling as much as the black ones tho.

  • flamekikgame

    Yessirr, im on these joints. I saw them on Deon Taylors gotta get em!!!!

  • Shads2c3nts

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    I would rock them. but they still made the right choice with going with the black/gold colorway

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    don't like them as much as the blk/gold version of the shoe.

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    wow forget the 11's, they shouldve just released both 6s in both colorways. that wouldve been hot! but idk if it wouldve made sense. lol wouldve been hot tho!!

  • Sneaker Fiend 314

    They are using the white and Gold 6 colorway for the Gold Olympics pack that is coming out.