Air Jordan V (5) “Ugly Chritmas Sweater” Custom by DeJesus Customs

Air Jordan V (5) “Ugly Chritmas Sweater” Custom by DeJesus Customs


DJC Ugly Xmas AJVs

With everyone rushing around attempting to find the Nike SB Dunk High “Ugly Christmas Sweater,” DeJesus Customs found a way to bring the “Ugly” theme to him. Via the Air Jordan V (5), DeJesus used an identical pattern as to that of the Dunk’s throughout the entire upper of the “Black Tongue” AJ V’s. Red laces were used on the customs while the tongue, lacing eyelets and midsole all remained from the original. A standout feature would be the teeth along the front outsdie of the midsole which is decorated with a Christmas Tree design.

How do DeJesus Custom’s Air Jordan match up with the Nike SB Dunk High’s as far as the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” theme? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for updates on sneakers and gear daily!

DJC Ugly Xmas AJVs

DJC Ugly Xmas AJVs

Via @dejesuscustoms

  • Angel Rivera


  • Eddie Redice

    thats ill son na mean—in my NY voice

  • Frank Molina

    Raphael Mujica

  • Tha Zulu Man

    thay ite

  • Dre Franklin

    Love these

  • Nicholas Edward Cintron

    Jonathon bro this is hotness!!!

  • Shaydon Desjarlais

    Andre Versace Smythe

  • Jonathon Joshua Cintron

    It’s alright

  • Tyri Tolliver


  • Daneika OneNonly Torain

    Hella Hott

  • Briann Chandler

    The Ugly Sweater Makes Sexy Jay-5S !

  • Danny Huynh

    Kevin Huynh

  • Tara MakinnewMoves Thorne

    Just cause they Jordan it makes them hot…nah I’ll pass I mean my kids wear nothing but Jordan but I wouldn’t buy these. ..sorry

  • Spencer Briggs

    Ajdin Pjanic

  • Duckedoffpapershasin Dumas

    I can’t believe he let this trash release

  • Milly Banks


  • Dre Presley

    Yall going to far with the shenanigans

  • Anthony Quiroz

    I have no idea why I like them

  • Dre Presley

    Turning to some real bullshit

  • Greg Malmstrom

    Gimme the sweater too match an I’ll cop

  • Angel Clemente

    Ivan Benjamins

  • Deron ChevyRidah Greene

    Tasha Mack..I would

  • William Bradley

    Don’t like to many customs but I’m feeling these.

  • Isiah Polite

    Plot twist- They’re supposed to be ugly

  • Ralph Martinez

    his customs are fucking garbage

  • Kevin Huynh

    Danny Huynh omg hawt

  • Jordan Smith

    Would rock the shit outa these with my ugly sweater!

  • Chris Mejia

    Rafael Martinez

  • Joey Oleary

    So stupid I love J but these r fucking ulgy

  • Leon Yao

    William Lin

  • William Christian

    Very nice job! I have the sb and this is nice work!

  • Americzhearthrob Live

    I fell in love and was hurt and done wrong all in 30sec. Of seeing these.

  • Jason R. Grasty


  • Shawn Johnson

    @ Bryant Cobbs you need these next year for your ugly sweater party

  • Aryian Wells

    These better than the dunks

  • Kim N Tom

    These are dope

  • Alex Krupinski


  • Kyle Murnane

    Bailey Boyd

  • Curtis Watson

    Shakor Beauregard

  • Johnny Co

    Jordan been making a lot of garbage lately. And I wouldnt be surprised if they get away with this. . Again! Smh

  • Jecoa Carter

    That’s that muthafuckn fire!

  • Ken Schwartzer

    David Prokell yes/no?

  • Maks Jimenez

    Hayley Seeman now these are dope

  • Yung Glock Goonie


  • Andy Mercado

    Dam I would rock the hell out of them

  • Chris Vaughn

    Very creative!!! I love the Christmas tree in the flames on the sole. Nice touch

  • Troy Lee

    Customs like these are trash! Keep it O-G!

  • Shayne Loos

    I will never own jordans again from this day on

  • Don Julio

    Naan wouldn’t cop these

  • Adam Cunningham

    Kad Khan Billy Begum these are awesome but not halal. Me and Kamal Dosanjh could have em though

  • Ervin Brown Alexander

    Very ugly sweater ..

  • Kad Khan

    Adam these are just stupidly ugly. They’d kick ya owta Shafton for wearing these.

  • Andrew Motohashi Kapalong

    snowman looks like mr hanky

  • Billy DeejayNewera Begum

    Hahahahahaha Adam Cunningham you should defo get lol

  • Junior Surles

    Nope keep these Mj

  • Cameron Buffett

    Samantha Peters

  • Gcesar Cesar


  • Ajib Malik Thomas

    And these shits is straight crackness

  • Xavier Ruizz

    So fuckin sexy !

  • Jenny Edmonds

    I’d wear these with my dark Blue Jeans & my Red Sweater 😉

  • Bailey Boyd

    Jordan Pegausch

  • Jordan Pegausch

    seen it

  • Jordan Pegausch

    seen it

  • Timothy Cheeks

    Nice holiday sneakers

  • Timothy Cheeks

    Nice holiday sneakers

  • Norka Ducos

    kakkaja navidad

  • Cat Mendias


  • Aaron Lean

    Should’ve used grey tongue fire reds.

  • Grafel LD Bert

    That’s 1 ugly ass sneaks..

  • Reezy Houston


  • Nhoam Nhoảm

    ugly :))))

  • Nathaniel Ryvasyde Bound Barnard

    Justin Williams dese da 5’s I was talm bout

  • Marjorie Pascua Granada

    the beast is ugly….

  • Maribeth Sulima

    Dean tingnan mo :-(

  • Rei Rei

    Ugly as fuck

  • Kevin Starr

    they have that Christmas theme. so ugly that they dope you know what I mean?

  • LeSean Foucha

    Waveyy tf yall talking bout…?

  • Milk N Honey

    Rio Stackz I want these lol

  • Daniel Kongen Kovac

    Aske Olsen

  • August ThatLeo Soto

    These is dope

  • Saeed Slicebread Chambers

    Lascelles Chambers this you the all the way. Mr custom, you been doing this shit! face.

  • Jenny Kerr

    Jack Harmsworth aww

  • Destenie Cesareo

    I like them better than any other xmas shoes I seen

  • Mikey Ralston

    Them shits are hard

  • Danny Gallegos

    Those are stupid!!! Aha

  • Jet Tuñgul

    you just destroyed a classic. smh

  • Nick Pringuer

    No, these are the “clown” edition.

  • King Noodle

    Tiểu Hoàng =)))

  • Tyler Herald

    Those r cool I’d wear those lol!

  • Valerie Montoya

    I’d rock those!

  • Charlie Rodarte


  • Charlie Rodarte

    Miguel Angel Saucedo

  • Antoine Eldridge

    Popin or( nah)

  • Ashli Broocke Duncan

    I wud by these n they are off the chains

  • Adam Chuděj

    Co furt máte s těma botama ?

  • Latasha Stanley

    Them is hotttttt!!!

  • Raychele DatsMiiattitude Forte

    Young Tunechii

  • Victor Silva

    Te las regalastes tu esas son bonitas

  • Raychele DatsMiiattitude Forte

    Laquita Forte

  • Daisy Tanya Alvarez

    These are fucken sexy Jose Sanchez

  • Ter Silverio


  • Ezequiel Vaca

    Manuel Ruiz

  • Amirauche Bouhlal

    Crime de lese majesté

  • Tyjo Compte Complètement Vide

    Ya des gens qui ose liker ca?!

  • Andrew John

    Hope man still got receipt

  • Junior White

    Can i pls buy dat off u :)

  • Kimberly Statham

    Xmas present Robbie Rommers ? lol :)

  • Anamay Mhakulets

    wow … :)

  • Paul Semovic


  • Paul Semovic


  • Chris Whalley

    Fuck me,why????

  • Edward Christopher

    Fuckin fire

  • U EB Sayles

    Them are hot..

  • Quannell Æ Armstrong

    tsss i fucks with these

  • Sean Michael

    I would rock these during christmas time fa sho

  • Mohammed El Gizawey

    damn , they’re hotttt

  • Ato Campbell

    The title should be called cheap wrapping type

  • Ruby Wappet

    Would you wear these Vu Bill

  • Patrick Iram Molo


  • Angel Heart

    Omg i want them have to have them

  • Alejandro Morales

    Sick as js

  • Rafae Lowery


  • Máté Balogh

    Duncan D. Diaz these hot AF for Christmas time bro

  • Joshua Tyler Wells

    Tyler Hampton

  • Joshua Tyler Wells

    Russell Bucket Kyle

  • Tristan Joel Miranda Bala-an

    Moses McRae

  • Guy SugarBear Randall


  • Guy SugarBear Randall


  • Shay Waring


  • Shay Waring


  • Dimitri Johnson

    I kinda like!

  • Dimitri Johnson

    I kinda like!

  • Marion Hunt


  • Marion Hunt


  • Hassan Hernandez Zaid

    wow!i want those!!!

  • Hassan Hernandez Zaid

    wow!i want those!!!

  • Tristan Salomon


  • Paul Valeri

    Wow genial ca

  • Keisha Keish


  • Querida Escalera

    Christopher Rudd these are actually okay.

  • Joshua Smith

    Dont wanna be a hypebeast, but I love those

  • Jerode King

    I love the creativity on these.

  • Elaine Hawkins


  • Thạch Nguyễn

    Xạo xạo :))

  • Anis Ben Abdllah


  • Aram Neil Masongsong

    wow ,lupet ah =D (Y)

  • Cursheena Devereaux

    Yes a UGLY Christmas sweater…

  • Americzhearthrob Live

    Can u do that on Nike ID

  • Felisha Ibanez

    Chino Romero

  • Chino Romero

    U gon get Em? Felisha Ibanez

  • Felisha Ibanez

    I wannnnnnnnt them lol Chino Romero

  • Cory Boler

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!

  • Chino Romero

    They nice right…. You’d look hella good in em bae. Felisha Ibanez

  • Jose Daniel Colque Miranda


  • Charis MrsAlton McMahon

    KeVin AlTon

  • Vic Conscious Man Wormley


  • Carlos Goyin Sanchez

    DeAndre Parker

  • JR Rojas

    Gaby Feldersnatch

  • Henry Sey


  • DeAndre J Parker

    Carlos Goyin Sanchez how they gonna bite off sb lol

  • Eartha Collier


  • Justin Felton

    They maken the ugliest jays

  • Carlos Goyin Sanchez

    Lol I know right

  • Ezio Aloi Esposito


  • Brittany McCree


  • Jody Conway

    der u go bae

  • Carlos Manuel

    Que cosa mas fea y espelusnante esas jordan

  • Camesha Reynolds

    The ugly sweater obviously looks better as a shoe

  • Abdul Jabbar

    They makin anything now

  • DeAndre Davis

    WTF is goin through MJ head nowadays?

  • Ervin YG’s Holloman

    Christmas day 5s og

  • Juztin Greenwood

    Keith Kubach would u rock theze I would

  • Andrew Kounlavong Sr.

    If yall can read it does say it is customs

  • Yung Kobe


  • Emily Marie

    Charles Hughes

  • Shayna S-Bagley

    Justin Richardson Marley Neal

  • Anthony Adkinson

    Rebecca Zeller i want these ones!!

  • Teddy Soprano

    I’ll rock dem hoez!!!!

  • Toto Schemă

    Pukhe Hau Leres aile

  • Luis Rodriguez

    Marcus Rivero

  • Nelson Whoelse

    Adam King

  • Jesse Johnson

    i love them

  • Kenny Payton

    Fuckin. Beast.

  • Autumn Yapaola

    Mark Soehngen

  • Solo Dolo

    Jalon Lonnie Jackson Damee Colbert

  • Aaron Tuturro


  • Rodney Robinson

    …….. who the hell wants these.

  • Anthony Hervey

    I Love’m & want a sweater to match… (‘.’)/

  • Cory Dylan Welch

    dope af!

  • David Goodrich

    i like these they aint ugly

  • Junior Guzman

    Lupe Matsuo

  • Athraa Al Tamemy


  • Rashaud Blakely

    dem bitches are tight as fuck

  • Justin Lopez

    Aliya Seniuk Fattboii Ebk

  • Poblo Marteenez


  • Khalil Jones

    nice leobrons

  • Chonte Knight

    Fire burnin

  • Petahh Rodd

    Eliezer Munoz

  • Tj Sosa

    Ooh kill’em

  • Fermin J Trejo

    Ricky Hanks

  • Quentin Ngobeh

    Kano Jones

  • Stephanie Hearld

    Chaz Suttmiller

  • Koby Harris

    i want a pair of those

  • Mít Tờ Thủy Ngân

    Phong SY ♥

  • Aliza Muniz


  • Tsegaye Mariham

    Ugly like them ugly Christmas sweaters lol

  • John Mwangi

    I want

  • She LA Denae

    Ugly Christmas sweater turned to hot sneakers! :-)

  • Kayla Pippin

    They decent

  • Mario Capaldo

    Brandon Turner Christmas shoes

  • TynTyn Nguyễn

    Cool but just wear it once a year ;))))

  • Thebullpmisunderstood Williams

    they sum bull shit

  • Anthony Ovoxo


  • Tommy Brown

    I’ll wear them

  • Барсаа Төр

    Wooow very nice.

  • Tyasia Cummings

    they go hard

  • Arianna Pochantas

    Khold af

  • Maycol Rodriguez

    Wish I had a “unlike ” available

  • Angie Crockett-Mccain


  • Hazel Forevasingle Torres

    there are sexy

  • Lakota Trotter

    them shoes go hard

  • Brigitte Flores

    Those aré so cute

  • Shamar Satterthwaite

    They are sick

  • Brenda Platero

    Wtf lmao these ugly af

  • Deshawn MrCkonflicktman Harris

    Ugly shits! Lol

  • Alaji Willis

    That sucks they will only look good for a month

  • Garry Griffin

    I want em

  • Xavier Solo Romer

    CoolAss Wbg Corey

  • Steven Todd

    Euro Trash

  • Mele Lolesio

    Looks better on Nikes

  • Jjay OwL’s Williams

    That’s that fire

  • Errol Flynn Garcia

    Scott Turner

  • Jessica Countrygirl

    like them…and like the colors….

  • Javier Cardenas


  • Mirick Jamaal Whaley

    Damn, those are tough

  • Mark Tillman

    These shit go ham…… Ryan Brown

  • Dolores Mendoza

    Hannah Sutton custom 5s

  • Santana James


  • Manny Marrero

    Fire ass fuck

  • Kemetrius Mercer

    they bad boy

  • Chris Simmons

    Those are clean!!!

  • Dangelo Cross

    They a1

  • Anna DeGuvara

    Ugly af

  • John Gonzales

    Orale Primo Rick Gonzales Manyo Martinez these would go good on you’ll..

  • Larry Jones

    Bck Doe Yani Bo

  • Adam Petko


  • Mesha LovessYouu

    I would def wear these

  • Thesesavages Allgoin Tofallshort


  • Papi Gaye

    Oohh beautiful

  • Real Rell

    Them shits tough

  • Davionna Holland

    Luv em

  • Megan H. Bui

    Alize Hernandez

  • Dre Party-God Davis

    Shaunte Cannady

  • Catrina Smith

    il ike those

  • Jechiel Westerweele

    My Jordans Got Stole Since Last Weak!!:'( Someone Took My Jordans And Took Off With It:'( I Would Wish For A New One If I’d See A Shooting Star Right Now:'(

  • Jonathan Jono Reed

    Zach Martindell

  • Shaunte Cannady


  • Denise Salvesen

    Ugly and total waste of money

  • Shawn Bender

    Jorge Mula would you rock these jawns?

  • Jorge Mula

    Yea dope

  • Shawn Bender

    Wit the right lay they be killa

  • Jorge Mula


  • Kenny Rumph

    Dem bitches dope as fuck

  • Denise Dickens


  • Tylene James

    Ahhh look at that 23 on it it’s on his feet Jasmine Marie Jasmine Marie

  • Jonathan Cardona

    id rock those idc they hot

  • Marc Anthony

    That’s was up

  • Demetri Reaver


  • Myrita Miller

    I would rock those at work, though I do work with 4 yr olds HA!

  • Diantha MsUnderstood Hunter

    no they look better than a c*mas sweater

  • Kellie Ann

    Ugly as fuck

  • Babiee Girll Jadii

    I would rock them them shits are dope ♥

  • Jiller Washington


  • Shawnee Ford


  • Jordan Polk


  • Lovey Johnson

    Oh no.

  • Luis Jimenez Jr

    Those are crack

  • Brianna Zenon

    Dude, I’ll wear those.

  • Paul Soto

    What a waste

  • Loraine G. Thompson

    Vivian Leung

  • Monchel Bright

    Can I get some

  • Jamie Lloyd

    I want a pair now…

  • Jennette Pennington

    That Shit is ugly.

  • Jennette Pennington

    That Shit is ugly.

  • Michael Berry

    Damn their hard.

  • Michael Berry

    Damn their hard.

  • Jesse Campanero

    Vero Nava-Castro

  • Jesse Campanero

    Vero Nava-Castro

  • Diamond Evans

    I likes them

  • Diamond Evans

    I likes them

  • Caleb Moye

    I don’t like them

  • Caleb Moye

    I don’t like them

  • Quelyne Tanyah Barker

    MyMy Phillips

  • Angela Kuykendall


  • Arionia Ke’Sha

    I like the SB Dunks better…

  • Valerie Lee

    I’d wear them

  • Tatiana Nicole


  • Jordan Southworth


  • Brad Borges

    So clean tho

  • Bryant Wheeler

    Ehhh nice concept but nooo

  • Bryant Wheeler

    Ehhh nice concept but nooo

  • Šamuel Alexandre


  • Yoga RinegHa

    i like it

  • Junie Myers


  • Steven Sanchez

    That wibe tight have a pair for each holiday

  • Steven Sanchez

    Would be

  • Kanijah Foster

    They go hard Dan any thing

  • Tyler Darby

    abbie you would love to have them and you would rock them to lol

  • Shadymon Brinkley

    Dey got swag

  • Shadymon Brinkley

    Dey Oreos like I got

  • Juan Alvarez

    Samuel Casas

  • Chaquita Mccormick


  • Sherelle Endsley

    Like them send me the page were I can get them asap

  • Jan Vincent Garcia


  • Jonathan Dulay

    ata kuma hehe]

  • Shon Bouie

    How much for them

  • Hannah Sutton

    Omg! Dolores Mendoza i want!

  • Jay Martin

    Junior Ramirez

  • Derek D Watkins


  • Crystal Boykin


  • Jason Apostolos

    I would buy these

  • Brandon Castillo

    “Merry Christmas 5s

  • Christian Dean Cuesta Pagaran

    Maribeth po ?

  • Maribeth Sulima

    Dean ang ganda

  • Christian Dean Cuesta Pagaran

    Maribeth pano pag nde na christmas ? edi nde na bagay isuot ?

  • Jordan Gage

    I wont these they are fire

  • Gaby Feldersnatch

    Fresh as fuck JR Rojas

  • Terrell Jumpmannequin Kinney

    Messed up a perfectly good pair of retros.. All customs

  • Keon Brown

    I need to get me some of them

  • Zoe Boy Selo

    they coke

  • Kailee Justus Henderson

    I need those

  • Daniel Davis

    ugly its in the name

  • Chris Frank

    How much

  • Dammi Vtp

    Them Jordan’s look ok

  • Skumar Skumar

    cute :) 1

  • Skumar Skumar

    cute :) 1

  • Ãlmightý Zell

    dem hella hard

  • Lovely Lisa Goings


  • Omar Nolcy Martinez


  • Taji Harvin

    They nice show off sneakers

  • Mark Kuban

    Ill wear em if i can find an ugly ass sweater to match em

  • Matthew Ks Stauffer

    Michelle Elizabeth

  • Mauro Toledo


  • Cam Rhum


  • Daniel Henson

    Mckenzie Pschirrer please?

  • Mckenzie Pschirrer

    OH MHM. bringing sexy back Daniel Henson

  • Brittany Nichole

    Those are ugly af

  • Antionette Yolanda Marie Sims

    Those are ugly

  • Priscilla Vara

    Feelix Vara

  • Justin Rodriguez


  • Lindale Chaney

    Shid dem hoes fed tho

  • Allen Résolus

    Ils lont kill

  • Tykel Banks

    i wanna cop

  • Jerelle Lambertt

    Billy Checkmate Berry u like these

  • Kimberly Quintanilla

    Too busy

  • Kenzie Morgan


  • Jazmin Danielle

    Amina White lmfaoooo

  • April Taylor

    Dnt know if I like these or not

  • MyMy Phillips

    lol ii hate these >.

  • Quelyne Tanyah Barker

    Lol u do?!

  • Larunda Scott

    No!!! Christmas isn’t for everything

  • Tonie Montalvo


  • Zakk Collazo

    They straight .. more unique than anything

  • Brianna House

    Why, what you do when Christmas is over ?

  • Sherry Ware

    They are ugly as hell

  • Moss Randy

    them boyz are nice

  • Jose Ortiz

    That fire

  • Amanda Hills

    Weird but cool

  • Rhic Ashley Domingo

    Sa dinno ya ti paggatangan dayta nga sapatos ta gumatangak man.

  • Kayla Marie

    Taylor Ann

  • Kanya Smith

    I like your shoes

  • Tyler Tweakinn Wortham

    Angela White Look!!

  • Jay Linen

    Dem hoes live as fuck wit the right fit..

  • Carmen Torres


  • Jassen Villar

    Jose Urena these were the ones I meant

  • Jose Urena

    Oh those hot

  • George David Jimenez


  • Angela White

    I would get them and put them in my collection I wouldn’t wear them tho

  • Jean Rose Balbontin

    Wow ka nami sang shoes…bakal mn ko na bla…..

  • Isabela Baltazar


  • Cyrus Gleen Silao

    Wow new nice

  • Martaya Saunders

    Want them tuff