Air Jordan V (5) “All Things Houston” Customs by DeJesus Customs

Air Jordan V (5) “All Things Houston” Customs by DeJesus Customs


DeJesus HTown AJVs

If you weren’t able to make the 2013 Winter H-Town Sneaker Summit a few weekends back, here are some of the most detailed customs that you’ll find by none other than DeJesus Customs. These were displayed to show off during the event and were not for sale by any means. The shoe was based with Houston Texans colors of dark red and blue but with a lightning effect throughout the upper. The teeth along the side were designed for the woodgrain look that Houston SLAB, slow loud and banging, owners began using way back in the day. Logos for the Astros, Rockets, Texans and even the Houston Oilers were painted onto the sides of the heel while all 4 Jumpmen (1 on each tongue, and 1 on each heel) represented a Houston superstar including Arian Foster and Dwight Howard on the tongues and Houston rap legends Bun B and the late DJ Screw on the heels. Sneaker Summit logos were also placed on the kicks to finish up some of the most intriguing customs seen to date.

Are you feeling the “All Things Houston” Air Jordan V’s (5)? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for more updates on everything sneakers!

DeJesus HTown AJVs

DeJesus HTown AJVs

Via @dejesuscustoms

  • Alexandre Dos Santos

    ugly af

  • Kylander Bates


  • Kevin KoolBreeze Mckinney

    Ugly as hell..not feelin these..and they look fake.

  • Adrien Pedroza


  • Roderick Pleasant


  • Matthew Gonzalez

    Hell Naw

  • Jhavante Ringler

    Max Max Harlan Ryan DeVore

  • A’Yoo Bebo

    Jose Hernandez

  • T.j. T-BiRd Gamino

    Htown baybee!!!!

  • T.j. T-BiRd Gamino

    No people more loyal to they city than Houstonians..

  • Bryan Getonmylevel Campbell

    Them shits too ugly!!! Gtfoh

  • Pac Moolah Green


  • Matthew Moussignac

    Change the purple part

  • Sirron Allen

    How can I cop these

  • Chucos Finest

    Isaac Mijares

  • Derek Potts


  • Sirron Allen

    He has a website

  • Samarra Edmontson


  • Stephen Lozano Martinez


  • Harvey Harper


  • Chris Acosta

    Plumpy Johnson #HARD

  • Rickey Brabson

    Dan Zavala Dee Haro

  • Jordan Rouse

    them junks hit

  • Jordan Rouse


  • Brian Panopio Peralta

    Wow….Give me 1 Please…

  • Kushington McPuffin III

    waste of a good shoe

  • Shayne Loos

    the fuck is wrong with jordans now

  • Wolf Adams

    How much ?

  • Jesse Zamorano

    Bad custom but see he put that purple ! Haha

  • Rodri Go

    NO, it’s ugly.

  • Kaden Waetford

    Gay Jake May

  • Darius Dixon

    Best version of 5s

  • Jesse Zamorano

    East side Houston Texas

  • Demarius Thompson

    Das way to much Smh…

  • Mjay Borromeo

    Ervin Reyes

  • Jake May

    those actually are gay csue they have the old houston logo

  • Jet Tuñgul


  • Dale Aldrin Garcia

    Emerson Crespo

  • Ezequiel Chávez

    Yovany Martinez Jose Batista

  • Mooze Gooze


  • Shayne Loos

    train wrecks

  • Kevin Walley

    Boss little flamboyant

  • Jay Critica

    Reminds me of dimebag’s guitar..dunno..

  • Anthony A Camargo

    Unique custom nice

  • Frésh Essex


  • Yovany Martinez

    Jose Batista is to broke for Js
    Nd Ezequiel Chávez fosure £S£ ill copp those hot babiies

  • Quinshad M. Bush

    These shits ugly as Fuck!!!

  • Bryant Milledge

    Damn that’s different LOVE them

  • Kayla Smith

    Riskarella Prime ohh emm gee

  • Bryant Milledge

    Dope shit

  • Nate Keating

    Ugly as fuck. Jordan’s are clearly not for white people

  • Justin Anderson

    Seeeeeexxxxxyyyyy! They should make a lot of pairs

  • Ezequiel Chávez

    Jose Batista dang really bro & Yovany Martinez now these ill buy wanna buy my moto x off me

  • Riskarella Prime

    Kayla Smith just saw them too!!

  • Rafa Reyes


  • Yovany Martinez

    Lmaoo nahh
    Nd Ezequiel Chávez get the Jordan X Gamma blue next week

  • Paul Montag


  • Jesse Zamorano

    Jake May fuck outa Houston cuz

  • Nathan R Vazquez

    Ryan Simpson

  • Ej Tate

    Killed em them hoes are dope as fuck. Terance Williams

  • Ezequiel Chávez


  • Damontay Wright

    Them hard as fuck

  • Terrence Bradley

    I want.them.. How much?

  • William Duff


  • Yovany Martinez

    My mom does to and i only got 3 pairs xD

  • Trung Nguyễn

    Triwin Nguyen

  • Cocane Zq Groovey

    Dice Seven

  • Ej Tate

    Steve Martinez

  • Kevin Suvae Randolph

    Damn I want those “”

  • De Wayne

    These shitting on any thing right now point blank goon shit

  • Leo Ramirez

    Alex Salas RJ Chapa

  • Yortick Vera

    Están muy feos

  • Irvgodi Leon

    Marco Guerra

  • Russel Salvador

    Damn, sick asssssssssssssssss

  • Nereo Cherio Garduza

    Purple shark teeth for that lean in h-town huh?

  • Russel Salvador

    Earl Perez Ganda nito :)

  • Trevor Dunceface Roberts

    They should fire whoever made these just like Kubiak

  • Kaylen Wyatt

    Tyler Wilford Fuuuuuuckk yes

  • Nicole Guarnieri

    Tommy Duarte

  • Tyler Wilford


  • Ball Chen


  • Rozays Vibe

    Dem bitches hard

  • Tamariyahsuchabigego Jenkins


  • Israel Garcia Dover Simpson

    I think I just came!!! Toby Martin

  • Sibusiso Tom Malindi

    #TrueDat coz M.J is definetly nt white!!

  • Gerard Brower

    They good until they have that gay ass rockets logo on them!

  • Rickey Scott

    this is ugly. i don’t know what the hell they were thinkg…/smh

  • Logen Myers

    Tyree Brown

  • Brian de Leon

    Rashad Marfani

  • Jesse Zamorano

    Fuck all you pussy ass hoods and states out there east side H-town all the way fuck where you from.

  • Junior Dolby

    Destiny Dolby

  • Lyes Bakdache

    Blood dragon

  • Andrew Watson

    Jeremy Amember McZeal

  • Jesse Pitter

    Leo Toperesu

  • Ralph Martinez

    This custom shit needs to stop cause its not meant for everybody

  • Kim Baybay


  • Learnmore Sunny Saidi

    amazziiing check out my wall post right now!

  • Anjelica Aleman

    Damn it, I want some! Clean.

  • Denry Tzn

    Knowehl SIbug sick !

  • Carlo D. Fernández

    Even though I don’t like Houston I’d have to cop them Daniel Gallegos

  • Jacob Burdis

    Mike Cisneros

  • Tay Maxwell

    They nice

  • James Kane


  • Leafar Zurc

    I don’t deal with customs, because it make your Legit shoe look fake

  • Richie Soto


  • Lwazi Nkqayi

    Most ugliest sneakers I ever see in my lyf

  • Allen Cabanlit

    Connor Glasson

  • Мөнхбаяр Мба


  • Cam Stacy-Hardin

    I have a pair of Nike’s that look alot like these, just different colors.

  • Victor Javier Servin

    Manny Prunty

  • Romey Djbeyond’Dta

    I like these there diffrent

  • Matt Myers

    Adam Bolt

  • Nathan Jemfunk Winslow

    ouch :(

  • Roi Maverick

    That lightning!

  • Lorenz Rsx

    Ugliest fuckin’ jordans of 5’s I ever seen

  • 안보근

    정상현 이제 그만함 ㅇㅇ

  • Jamal Ponchatrainsoulja Butler

    Zayra Aurora Fuentes these are dope right???

  • Andryx Weed

    Jesus Thug

  • John Mwangi

    I would so rock um.I wish they were not customs.

  • Tammy Sugerfoot Kelly

    Awww different

  • Mark Anthony

    That straight

  • Knowehl SIbug

    them kicks

  • Ivan Rodriguez

    Daniel Lujan

  • Seydou Ali


  • Michael Rideout Major

    Early Bird

  • Bakari Jones

    What’s the base i cnt tell

  • Nierrah Williams

    Scooby BadAzzdanca

  • Jazz OneSixteen

    Some of these customs fuckin up J’s

  • Juztin Greenwood


  • Andre Davis


  • Dime Brown

    Dam hard jacc

  • Steven Kristovich Jr.

    Ugly as Shit.

  • Amanda Marie Rodriguez

    Sorry Matt those are super

  • Amanda Marie Rodriguez


  • Matt Rodriguez

    Amanda Marie Rodriguez super what

  • Amanda Marie Rodriguez

    Super ugly. Matt

  • Kut Papi


  • James Lyle

    Daron Gilbert Zac Alexander C.j. Napier

  • Marty Eleby

    They look more 4 Lil kids….like 2-7yrs old..ijs

  • Dot G Albizu

    Tu Beba Fichu

  • Muzi Mzero Khumalo

    Deez are tha ugliest number 5 Jordans i’ve ever seen

  • Riccardo Terrenzi

    Alessandro Rocchigiani belle eh?

  • Chris Loogi Montanez


  • Ish Dela Cruz

    eto pa kuya Dhads .. :-)

  • Emmanuel Delgado

    Se ben cabrones

  • Shane Murray

    Do you plan on buying these? If so buy two

  • Xavier Ruizz

    Holy shit i want ^~^

  • Latiouna Clark

    Bitch you not a hunter so come a gan

  • Ricky Oliveira

    Marvin Machado Decio Gomes

  • Tyler Lacrose

    Them Jordans right there so hot looking, them shits look like they raisN Hell

  • Collin TrustNone

    Them are actually kinda bad ass. I Dont know if id wear them doeee

  • Etosha Johnson

    I love em

  • Charles Letson

    Brantley Wiginton

  • Luke Calderon

    Sick lighting strikes the first but you guys are better Off starting your own sneaker company then redesigning Nike pair’s cause then it’s more exclusive but great work dejesus customs

  • Margarito Trejo

    How tragic! This pair is worthless now.

  • Christian Molina

    Ariel Sandoval

  • K Tha Don Hooper

    gota get these 2

  • Alessandro Rocchigiani


  • Tillman Phox

    niggas is trippn them muthafuckas is saucy

  • Claxton Surles

    Hmmm, you got to much going on????

  • Iesha D. Callahan

    James Hill I love em!!!

  • Andrew Bromley


  • Marco Tedoldi


  • Ray Los Gotti

    They str8…not ugly…not nice…just just different o_O

  • Alberto Carcamo

    Sergio Serrano.

  • Clayton Clark

    How much?

  • Patrick Schudel


  • Charron Broussard

    These are a must have putting my city on

  • Mike Bernal

    Those are dope af ! Let me get someone’s email I got money for you !

  • Prince R. Neal

    Ugly… too many colors

  • Hugo Zox


  • Cal Bertram

    Joshua Michael Hill Ryan Watts

  • DeShun Watts

    I want want want gotta get em fa my son and my daughters j’d up

  • Patrick Santos

    Wow it so very nice jordan 5

  • Robert Hernandez

    nha bruh

  • Mikey Mayweather


  • Jesus Thug


  • Kidd Jake

    u r a fuck tard i have these i rock the hell outta them

  • Keeaun Carter

    Saaleih Williams

  • Anthony Shorty Roman

    Those are fire

  • Kazia Monique

    Shawonna Allen them pretty nice…

  • Kazia Monique

    Shawonna Allen real nice

  • Christian Croston

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  • Worm Gutierrez

    Gilbert Duran

  • Saaleih Williams

    They wack Keeaun

  • Keeaun Carter

    Is they had the Lakers colors I would wear them Saaleih Williams

  • Dj-swagsogood Rickenbacker

    This is why no toilet in the house! Mindful thinking when your spending 350 for a pair of sneakers!

  • Josiah N Kiana Kapoi

    Customs is taking over

  • Ka’Taurus Wood

    I would rock them

  • Chase Heckman

    Jared Provard

  • Austin Hartmire

    dude they look sick

  • Pito Rivera

    some fresh ass shows

  • Daquan Amos

    They dope asf bruh.

  • Yaritza Luna


  • Jakob Johnson

    That’s Stupid Af Why Would Jordan Make A Shoe For The Rockets If He Played For The Bulls … Lol ?

  • Yo Gotti Ramos

    ooo fuck meen

  • Manuel Cruz

    Bomba absoluta!!!

  • Lowkey Brandon

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  • Evan Clark

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  • David Hiciano

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  • Jay’Von Simmons

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  • Jay’Von Simmons


  • Korion Murrell

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  • Jay’Von Simmons

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  • Korion Murrell

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  • Jay’Von Simmons

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  • Jay’Von Simmons

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  • Jonathan Nawf Rodriguez

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  • Brandon Merejo

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  • Baee So Foreign

    Monaii Oso Foreign

  • Step NJ

    badass. fuck yall

  • Dairick Best

    People like the ugliest friggin shoes nowadays…

  • Rashaud Blakely

    damn those tight

  • OG Slimm SoSa

    They hard buh, da colors is off

  • Isaiah Sanchez

    Are those real

  • David Sinnerard

    they should make golden state warrior kind

  • Craig Creasy


  • Lojerome P. Labayan


  • Alexis Richardson

    Them is clean…

  • Williss Tan

    now these are the shiets

  • Matthew Han

    Ben Harooni

  • Ivan Tessmer

    Dope as fuck

  • Jedo Redz

    Not wearing that. Too much

  • Brad Borges

    Dont like it? Dont buy it.

  • Taisean Williams

    Do they have any lakers one

  • Andrew Merino

    Awsome 😛

  • Bribri Lovez

    Young Jae Dtn

  • James Tabitha Cooper

    Oh shoooot, dem jokers are nice son. As soon as I get outta the welfare office ima gonna go put 2.35 worth of gas in my crown vic then I gettin them jokers.

  • Jordan Medina

    Deyja Dejesus

  • Robert Goodwin


  • Sydney Roberson

    Man how much

  • RaveName Snoball

    Keilo, ooooooooooh

  • Alexander Sanchez

    Those r clean

  • Thokozane X Dladla

    Gross !!

  • Arlene Patricia


  • Russell Lee

    Paint will dry up and peel.

  • Sasha Alexa


  • Arlene Patricia

    Ugly lol

  • Sasha Alexa

    Gurl you know those are one of a kind lol! I wouldn’t wear them, but those are pretty neat!

  • Arlene Patricia


  • Eidka Sauceda

    Austin Sauceda

  • Penny Oddon


  • Dekevion Kimmons

    Dope ass fuck

  • Rachel Taylor

    You don’t like em cool, you won’t rock em cool for you then don’t!!

  • Rachel Taylor

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  • Cody Foerster

    Dylan Whitt kinda sick

  • Red Williams

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  • Blak ManDe’Mvp


  • Ryan LaPlante

    Tyler Matrone ^ those are some fresh 5s!

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  • Lain Vursafied Binnie

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  • Dimo Da Don

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  • Melissa Jasinski

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  • Destiny Martin

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  • At Aln


  • At Aln


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