Air Jordan V (5) Retro Black/Metallic Silver 2011 Detailed Look

Air Jordan V (5) Retro Black/Metallic Silver 2011 Detailed Look


Air Jordan V (5) Retro Black Metallic Silver 2011 Detailed Look

We were able to get our hands on a pair of Air Jordan V (5) Retro Black/Metallic Silver 2011 edition, and now we present to you a detailed look.

One thing that has changed is the blue tint translucent sole on the Air Jordan 5 Black Metallic Silver 2011 editions. From the comments, we can tell Jordan heads are upset.

A specific release date has yet to be announced, but they are expected to drop in August 2011 with a retail price of $150.


  1. They look cheap. What ever happened to the material they first used, wasn’t it nubuck? Jordan will keep crapping out BS because people buy it nevertheless. To me it’s like my favorite restaurant changing the crabs cakes from real crab to fake..sometimes you just have to let go.

  2. im going to cop… but the blue sole looks like primeo bin 5’s if you put white laces in this joint’s so they can be knock off BIN 5’s #imjustsayin_Tho

  3. Should’ve just came out with the black and columbia’s again becasue these look exactly like them with the blue icy bottoms. Hey JB I got a suggestion for you. YOU CAN’T STOP THE YELLOWING! It’s called oxidation the only way to stop it is to create a vacum that sucks the oxygen out of a room. So why not say screw it and let us sneaker heads worry about that, not you, we know the time length for a good run before yellowing. Now these are going to turn green when they yellow just the the columbia blue v’s did

  4. despite the blue bottom they dont look bad at all. get over it, theyll never be nothing like orginals, its either you got em, or not.

  5. why is everyone B****ing about the shoe..either way, when the time comes to the week before the shoe release, yall are gonna cop

  6. ill stay with the 3’s this year, everything else is crap and 3’s seem to go with age, just like an untouched range rover. They both get better with age.

  7. the blue tinted sole is actually a better touch on the shoe, idk about you but i rather have a shoe that wont yellow as fast as a shoe with a clear bottom..for people who dont know anything about th elbue tint sole.. it prevents/slows down the process of yellowing..

  8. I got the 05 og’s and they look way better. I ain’t hatin but it is what it is. I have all the 05 colors size 9.5 unworne and practically no color change. If anyone is interested email me Have a lot of OG’s from early 2000 and on. will send pics to whoever.