Air Jordan V (5) Look See Sample – White / Dark Army

Air Jordan V (5) Look See Sample – White / Dark Army


Air Jordan V (5) Look See Sample - White / Dark Army

We’ve seen and heard a lot of buzz about the first Air Jordan V with a patent leather upper. After some tweaking of the shoe, Jordan Brand has come up with the Air Jordan V (5) Look See Sample in a white/dark army colorway. The white patent leather upper is contrasted by a black midsole and translucent outsole in two different colors. The dark army tongue adds some contrast to the white base shoe. This size 9 sample is going for $600 and is available now!
Via Marqueesole.

Air Jordan V (5) Look See Sample - White / Dark Army

Air Jordan V (5) Look See Sample - White / Dark Army

Air Jordan V (5) Look See Sample - White / Dark Army

Air Jordan V (5) Look See Sample - White / Dark Army

  • Cholly Da Beat Man

    I can find better ways to dump 6 bills.

  • bossup313

    patent leather messes the whole shoe up.. u gota be out ur damn mind to buy these for 600

  • rl kicks

    Coo, they changed this colorway back! These go hard!!!!!

  • James

    damn these r hot but with patent leather kills it

  • dp-89

    this would be helluh raw if the tounge shines when lights reflects on it

  • ATLsneakerJunkie

    these look WAY better than what is comin out!!!


    These are definitely one of my top 3 or 5 retro+ colorways.

    I can't wait until these release.

  • Cisco

    I am really feelin these. i think i like this colorway more than the raging bulls pack

  • TheOne954

    You guys have got to be kidding me. This is by far the worst colorway for the V's. The countdown package V's are better, the toro pack is better. For 600 dollars, I could almost probably get the VI's and the XI's from the DMP. (maybe 700-ish). It is still one of the original Jordans, but I can't go any higher than 2 out of 5.

  • mcfly

    HAHAHA I like how some of you don't even read the damn title. "SAMPLE," IS WHAT IT SAYS!!!

  • From the Bahamas

    I think the finish product is the one they have on

  • From the Bahamas

    the on on vintage kicks has the sun design with speckles on it

  • From the Bahamas

    I personally like it cause it is similar to the ray allen pe from a few years back

  • cj

    yes this is a sample the sample is 600 you crazies

  • havon

    if the tongue was like a fire red and the yellow back didnt exist, it would be perfect

  • Jeff

    i like em but it could be a better colorway i kinda dig the patent leather like the oly 6

  • 23addict

    these are better than the other patent leather 5's releasing soon

  • get em

    These are the samples to the V's that are actually coming out…thats why they are 600 dollars! These are NOT coming out. These are the samples to the patent leather V's that are coming out. That being said, the samples look WAAAAAYYYY better than whats actually coming out.

  • Space Monkey

    Yall sum crack smokin feinds if yall dont like da patent leather

  • frankie23

    why do they have cdp insoles? where they supposed to be part of 5/18 pack?



  • lil jesus

    i love da new retros dat r comin out