Air Jordan V (5) – Look See Sample

Air Jordan V (5) – Look See Sample


Air Jordan V (5) - Look See Sample

Given that Air Jordan V’s always look good in white, red, and black, Jordan Brand sampled up a not-so-different Air Jordan V (5) in a white/black-varsity red colorway. Although the colors are placed differently on this white leather upper when compared to other classic V’s, the main difference is the embroidery on the toebox area, making this shoe look much like a fighter plane. We haven’t much info on this sample except for what you see here, but keep it locked for more info of this look-see.
Air Jordan V (5) - Look See Sample

Air Jordan V (5) - Look See Sample

Air Jordan V (5) - Look See Sample

Air Jordan V (5) - Look See Sample

Via Kenlu.

  • Ricky


  • Yoda

    My life……..needs these in 'em!

  • JP

    is it just me or does the jumpman logo look weird. it kinda looks like a gorilla and looks like it has an ass crack.

  • Cholly Da Beat Man

    Not feelin that eye at all. And the red on the front of the shoe looks outta place

  • sneakerhead23

    i really hopethey make these but without the little fighter jet eyes above the soul

  • SneakerFreaker

    Damn these need to release ASAP, I'd drop $175 on these easyyyyy.

  • Retro Boy

    MY fav. color way these need to drop.drop em pleeaasee they been teasin with V's lately these and the ones i saw on theshoegame drop some damn V's JB damn!!!

  • Cholly Da Beat Man

    @ Retro Boy –

    Those blue speckled 5s on TSG is a photo shop what if… they will never drop. But they are dope.

  • sneakrFiend2311

    these iz str8 fire..dey betta cum out wit dem diz spring..

  • sneakrFiend2311

    these iz str8 fire..dey betta kum out wit dem diz spring..

  • Mr. Redman

    JB needs to sell those in General Realese cause these CW is perfect on those shoe.

  • DeLaSOLE23

    DOPE! I love how they actually put the influence of the shoe into the shoe. CW is dope too. Hope to see more CWs of the WWII plane.

  • 23

    JB, please dont butcher the 5s like you did the 1s……..

  • z-jec

    these are straight, i just think that they need to change the laces to mabey white or black laces, because im ust not feeling the black ones….i gotta feeling these are either gonna be a 60+ package or a grade school release…

  • got em

    please be a release…..shits crack, would cop if it becomes official

  • Mia305

    Great to be D-Wade now!!!

  • Gift To Da Game

    I like everything bout em except for the eye but I aint trippin. these is ok in my book. the idiots who hatin need to slapped.

  • bossup313

    these str8 could be better


    mannn i cant find nothin wrong wit dez ill cop

  • ChiFresH3i

    fagGOT 'em YEAHH!

  • ChiFresH3i

    fagG0T 'em YEAHHH!

  • ChiFresH3i

    FagG0T Em YEAHH!

  • naga

    looks fake

  • HT23

    another nice colorway

  • Kinloch57

    I think they tight but the jumpman logo do look funny

  • JayXL

    old… seen these 1 year ago.

  • isqueezedyotit

    the jumpan does look like a gorilla wit a butt crack..

  • aaron got HEat

    bro these are soo solid i mean best j's coming next too the chi-town x's(10's)with 45 on the side im jucied now thanks jb extra props

  • Gabe

    Yea, lets hope the V's dont get remade and butchered like the 1's with all the gay colorways and fabrics! I think these would look better if the tip was black and not red. Also get rid of the eye!! I wont buy them!

  • jayz

    gannn cop

  • therealsneakrhead

    uhhh…. these are raw

  • BeastSneaks

    NO MORE 5s!

  • NikeSbboi

    FUCK 3's