Air Jordan V (5) “Lakeshow” Custom by Dejesus Customs

Air Jordan V (5) “Lakeshow” Custom by Dejesus Customs


AJ V Lakeshow

The master of team customs is back at it with a pair of kicks that may have Kobe asking for a set of his own. These “Lakeshow” customs are decked out in a deep purple throughout the upper, the purple is close to a Crown Royal shade and also takes place on the large tongue and teeth along the side. Of course, you can’t have a Lakers custom without some yellow so the Jumpman on the tongue, toecap, heel panel and outline of the teeth are all covered in the vivid yellow. Most of the other accents including the netting, lacing system, midsole and inner lining are all blacked out while a purple Lakers logo on the heel panel finishes off another dope one-of-a-kind custom by Dillon DeJesus.

What do you think about the “Lakeshow” Air Jordan V (5)? Tell us in the comments section below and stick with Sneakerfiles for release dates and much more!

Via @dejesuscustoms

  • Louie Necesito

    Jhay Attunaga D.j. Prochina

  • Eddie Redice

    if you ever rocked them in public 96% of folks will think youre rockin fakes

  • Janjan Remoquillo

    lakers ♥

  • Bradley Ross Heller

    Aaron Ginsberg

  • Been Trill Omar

    The “CP3’s” Are way better !

  • Mobbin On Insects

    There shits fire

  • Dewuan Jefferson

    Decent custom for once. I wouldn’t rock them but I’ll give them props for a nice blend of colors and theme.

  • Tony Wilson

    Princess Jesyka

  • Shkodran Lowrider

    OMG fuckin dope

  • Lia Marie Graham

    Diana Guerrero

  • Brandon Hilyard


  • Kevin C Williams

    Ondreaj D Wesley Aaron Hartfield LaMont White

  • James T. BuShard

    Semi Angel

  • Bobby Rodriguez

    Lol these are ugly. They look extra fake. Too much going on

  • Kimberly Bowman

    Josh Lasley

  • Been Trill Omar

    Cp3’s are way better !

  • Danny Castaneda

    Nadine Hernandez I’m in love

  • Jae Griffin

    Mike Jiggy Jackson wat u thnk

  • Dominic Trujillo

    Raul Carro Jr.

  • Mike Jiggy Jackson

    Jae Griffin Bra i fucks wit them

  • Nadine Hernandez

    Danny Castaneda me to we should get them

  • Deejay Sweat

    KoBrii Silva

  • Brandon Timms

    Milton Phifer

  • Milton Phifer

    My nigga

  • Chris Fleming

    so awesome !

  • Chris Fleming

    Ramone Rippa Jimenez

  • Ramone Rippa Jimenez

    Those are amazing

  • Alvaro Lopez

    Awwww mang they fucked up a good pair of 5’s

  • Ciroc SwaggChamp Loso

    I want those

  • Sergio Fuentes

    Bryan Fuentez

  • Antwoine Shealey

    Courtney Penson these for u

  • Gustavo Contreras

    Angel Cosio David Cadena

  • Abraham Campos

    Maria Rodriguez

  • Mark McGuire

    Jordan- Lakers.. HELL NO!!

  • Dontforgettha Jay

    Thedford Jones

  • Jöšē Ę RūēDå

    Where can i get these?

  • Tre Reed

    Only pair I’d ever buy

  • Eddie Redice

    they dope but majority of folks would think youre rockin fakes

  • Angel Cosio


  • Abraham Campos

    Denisse Gutierrez

  • Abby Gareis

    Logan Williams

  • Joseph-Anthony Allen Booker


  • Brady MrSwagg McBride

    them mf’s hittin

  • Gustavo Contreras

    Hell yeah

  • Cali C. Mckenzie

    Harley Brooks

  • Saul Marquez

    :Macuto Ramos

  • Young Fear

    This is all u Eddie

  • Yannie Stay Fly Blue

    I dnt lke the lakers but those fly

  • Christian Garcia

    Daniela Aviles

  • Mark McGuire


  • Gucci Montana

    Vega Soto

  • Jose Lopez

    Johnny Mendez

  • Maria Rodriguez

    Those shit are fresh but I don’t go for the lakers . Abraham Campos

  • Lilhotrod Harris

    Breland Price

  • Menace Gonzales

    Bdk Kobe Mata

  • Joey Champion

    Gang of jz these won’t.b in collection

  • David Dondlinger

    So sick $$$

  • Tyler Hampton

    AJ Davis

  • Fred Quintero

    Alfredo Quintero

  • TynTyn Nguyễn

    Dope Thế Trí Trần Minh Hoàng

  • Jamal Ponchatrainsoulja Butler

    Zayra Aurora Fuentes

  • Daniel Coronado

    Dillon DeJesus

  • Joey Champion

    Would b raw in another color

  • Binggo Ronin Castro

    Jason Nguyen

  • Joksam Civic

    Xavy Galindez

  • Stan Lako

    Esteban Zelaya

  • Austin Ray

    Hold up mayne

  • Robert Dimas

    Albert Ibanez

  • Damen Dobrilovic

    Eric I found your shoes dawg

  • vs_vp_

    G_Lpz94 sneakerfiles LaceBoog__

  • Cullen Allard

    Sooooooo ugly

  • Mark McGuire

    Magic Johnson, James Worthy and Kareem in Chicago Bulls gear?

  • Jason Nguyen

    Damn mike this all u Binggo Ronin Castro

  • Josh Doster

    These bitches wet!

  • Jt Gant

    Che Brown

  • Gustavo Sigala Rodriguez

    Hey mi Zepi Rubio comprate esos Jordan

  • Omar Rodriguez

    Mike Solis Miggy Solis

  • Dylan Atack

    River DuLa

  • Marianna Lilma Torres

    Foshoooo lakerrrrsss

  • Tyler Lintz

    Chris Lintz

  • Suavae Cook

    Matthew Lowell lake show

  • Sebastian Godina

    Adam Villalobos

  • Whittney Lashley

    Aeryck Roberson

  • Terrell Garth

    Discrace to jordans

  • Jonathan Baron

    Jose Rodriguez

  • Izzy Yzaguirre

    Them fresh

  • Albert Pennington

    Joe Tett

  • Jarvis Driver

    Derek Reynolds Marcell Artis Kenoya Smith

  • Steve Chang

    林祐宏 你一定會崩潰~!!

  • Edmond Lai

    Anson Lai Darwin Chen Ray Yeung

  • Jordan Sacramento

    Jerome Ocampo

  • Tommy Taylor

    Gerome you should get you 4s customized

  • Craig Walker

    Brian Talanoa

  • Ryan Rocha

    Nice they should make some Chicago Bulls 5s and with the Bulls logo on the side like those

  • She Moans Elija

    Adrian Carranza

  • Les Wild

    Lamarius Micou Aaron Green Desmond Cage…

  • Christinaboo Jones

    Damn beautiful

  • Michael Anderson

    Anthony Stewart

  • Indemdayz Sneakerhead Freshluver

    Real nice

  • Edgar Puente

    Kikes Maldad

  • Jude Tagudena

    Ardi Siana

  • James Rutledge

    I need a pair of them

  • Rozay Rosario

    Chris Chris

  • Veronica Andkidz

    Damnn them bad

  • Michael Blair Jr

    London Thomas these

  • Nano Gonzalez


  • Devern BigmotheBoss Mosley

    Ok ? Nike Y’all, done started something…..These ‘Jordans’ are on fire, Son…make’ em in all ‘NBA’ styles and team colors Shelby dem shots on the shelves….price’ em at $350.00 a pair…they won’t stay on the shelves…..Holla’…

  • Ronaldo Cruz


  • Devern BigmotheBoss Mosley

    Them put them shits on the shelves

  • Robert Davis

    Dustin them boys go!!!

  • Jesse James Da III

    I need these

  • Woka Toma Floka

    Brian Serrano Jose Mendoza

  • Dethon Marquese Walker

    Solomon Cashnout Mattic

  • Nguyễn Thành Đạt

    Nguyễn Huy Hoàng

  • Kuate Valera


  • Ralf Macabulos

    Kodan yan ahhh :)))

  • Michael Perez

    Daniel Sena

  • Jepoy Cayanan

    Jason Reyes Adrian Cayanan Ryan Cayanan Raymond Cayanan Bryan Chester Cayanan

  • Ryan Nelson


  • Albert Ibanez

    Wooo wee!!!


    sneakerfiles them laker joints is fire

  • Wesley Pina

    Look like fakes lol

  • Wesley Pina

    Purple suede 5s would be cool

  • Raymond Veirs

    Michael Veirs

  • Michael Veirs

    Raymond Veirs clean

  • Raymond Veirs

    Yup wit a purple kobe Jersey Michael Veirs

  • Michael Veirs

    awww yeah Kobe da man Raymond Veirs he just the man on da bench right now haha

  • Raymond Veirs

    That’s wat time will do to a person Michael Veirs

  • Ivan Antonio


  • Alex Arevalo

    Crystal Argueta..

  • Marcus Murk Warren Sr.

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  • Ian Severan

    Laurence Bellinger

  • Dew Dew Brown

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  • Davridge James

    Harry Babbage Rodcliffe Foster

  • Jonathan Crain

    Phillip Powell

  • 林祐宏


  • Darius Hamilton

    Those are crazy

  • Mike Biggz

    Hate the Lakers but those are clean

  • Phillip J. Powell


  • Mechanical Popper Hoàng

    look at that

  • Gilbert Cantu

    Jorge Castaneda

  • Harry Babbage

    Davridge James there unreal.

  • Luke Grida

    Bryce Law

  • Amrit Cobhc


  • Andres Molina

    Sexy af

  • Da’Vion Gomez

    Ralph Lexx Lauren Tiler McLeod

  • Da’Vion Gomez

    Tonya Campbell

  • Ralph Lexx Lauren

    Ravonne Singleton

  • Bleez Patrick


  • Tiler McLeod

    Aaron McLeod

  • Russel Salvador


  • Raul Nunez

    Those r clean!!

  • Frank Gromoll

    Kyy Harrington these joints dope

  • James Ricks


  • Luke McGovern

    Arika Lopez

  • Arika Lopez

    thass wasssssup

  • Mark Miranda

    Antoine Kongvongsai want these?

  • Justin Vater

    Ryan Flowers

  • Renee Barrientos

    Baby I like these Juan Nava :)

  • Christopher Ricarte

    I ma go drive home and tell her what i she is getting me for christmas xD

  • Rea Maja Drilon

    Chrischan Mapas

  • Kenny Adebayo

    Leon Shabba Madigan daaaaaaaammmmmnnn!!!! 😀

  • Black_Barry24

    Ali_Rahmany they so beautiful! A masterpiece!

  • Xavier Dierolf

    Nice af

  • Donte D Smalls

    Izhaun Brock

  • Donte D Smalls

    Julian Cecere

  • Rob Rentuza

    Jkpao Ortiz

  • Jay CirocBoi Allen


  • Carlo Narcelles

    I’m a huge Laker fan, but these suck!

  • Nicole Jones

    Vanessa Escobar

  • Jessica Ladyj Oliver


  • Sam Beythien


  • Michael Menshouse

    Jamison Menshouse

  • Kenneth A Bloom Sr

    Those are Super Duper!!!

  • Jeff Holyfield

    Replace the yellow with black and take that lakers shit off

  • Cedric Yellaboybeatz Baker

    Anthony Wester

  • Khryztle Irish

    manang,,,gusto ko nito,,,

  • Antoine Kongvongsai

    Mark hell no I’m not a Lakers fan lol

  • Courtney Marquise Penson

    i like them bro

  • Harley Brooks


  • Andrew Disario

    Robert Shawn Hennagan

  • Alisa Hinojosa

    I love these

  • Pierre Brown

    These Are Dope Af

  • Tyler Wendt

    D’eontrey Thomas

  • Cole Hinton

    Not a Lakers fan, but those are really nice.

  • Alexandra L. James

    La’Angenise Kemp

  • Bryan Fuentez

    How much do they cost

  • Marcus Lynch

    they fresh . but they coulda chose a better team

  • Jonathan Marek

    Seth Monroe Raymond Monserrate

  • Xavier Betts


  • Danny Morten

    Jethro Webster ew

  • Jethro Webster

    Eww horrible colour way for a horrible team hahaha Danny Morten

  • Danny Morten

    hahaha! i was like wow, then i seen the lakers, now there the shittest 5s ever

  • Chad Snow

    Jake Julio William Bailey

  • McCristhiam Chero

    lo mejor!!

  • Hanalei Rivet

    these, i got 2 get

  • Ever Aguirre

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  • Tyler Pregler

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  • Ruben Thebadguy Cervantes

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  • Karen Zhu

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  • Vivian V Yu

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  • Frankie Hernandez

    Estan chingones pero Han de costar un huevo y la mitad del otro

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  • Randy Muse

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  • Eddie Alvarado

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  • Sazcko Valerio Echeverria

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