Air Jordan V (5) Black/ Metallic Silver Giveaway by Wellgosh

Air Jordan V (5) Black/ Metallic Silver Giveaway by Wellgosh



Looking forward to the Air Jordan V Black/Metallic Silver’s due in stores August 20th?

If you are one of the many anticipating this Retro’s return, Our friends at Wellgosh are holding a special giveaway contest which ends on August 19th. The winner of the giveaway will receive one pair of Black/ Metallic Silver Air Jordan V Retro’s and can choose between US size 7-14.

How do you enter? One simple step is all it takes… go to and hit that Facebook ‘like’ button and that’s it! You can also click HERE and click ‘like’ as well.

Good luck to those of you who enter!

  • AF-1[’82]Luv23[’85]

    Dope GIVEAWAY! Sneakerfiles, when are u guys gonna do a giveaway?

  • SevenMilePaul

    I never win contests but I’m going to try.

    • 98 Good year north face moto

      these kicks dont come even close to the previous metallic air jordan v that were relased. One word that desribes these kicks (ashy Larry) Smurf tint Easy passsssssssss

  • Jeremy ßrathwaite

    Damn, I can’t wait too see who wins ! I need Those 5s <3

  • Joshua Matthews

    Man i want those BAD

  • miko

    i gotta get these still man. my citys footlocker fu**ing copped before anyone else and had no 14s