Air Jordan Spizike – Black / Varsity Red – Cement

Air Jordan Spizike – Black / Varsity Red – Cement


The last time we saw the Air Jordan Spizike in the bred colorway, it wasn’t too clear to see in detail. This time, Osneaker gives us a closer and clearer look at the classic-inspired Air Jordan Spizike in black/varsity red-cement. The bred colorway, made famous by the Air Jordan IV (4), returns on this black nubuck based shoe. It carries speckled grey panels, with red and black accents on the outsole and midsole. The black elephant print adds a sleek touch to the shoe, making this a guaranteed must buy. It’s available for pre-order for $250 in a full size run, and comes out February 27, 2010.

Via Osneaker.

  • David

    Classic. Dopamine, real spill.

  • da numba 1 j collect

    w3rdd kydd l3m3 g3tt d3mmm jayzzz..

  • Angel

    wtf! i like them but 250

    to hell witht hat i aint paying no 250 for this

    150 i wuld but 250!!!!!!!!!

  • yoda

    By far, THE BEST colorway of this model.

    JB………….you got it right this time. I salute, and burn one to these.



    damn very nice…..coppin

  • steez

    angel readd, its pre-order for 250

    and who cares if you wont pay that much for a pair of shoes

  • liquifiedDopeness

    maybe its the picture…idk, i don't like em.

  • CipherComplete

    Damn these are fire, come february I'll cop these. I am a fan of the spizike, but hopefully for the 2010 they will slow down with crazy hybrids and go back to more retros.

    Now I just need to win the Space Jams for free on November as a early christmas gift. Follow TheSoleTrader on twitter, they'll be dropping info soon on how to win the space jams, and I hear they are giving out a pair of the hottest sneaker each month to a lucky twitter follower.

  • MJC

    Hopefully since the infrared VI's are droppin in January, that will be a sign of some good retro releases in 2010, with the space jams droppin in a few months and VII's, and XI's, 2009 has been a good year for retro's!

  • MJC

    *VII's and XII's, sorry

  • NoHomo

    ehhh not a fan of nubuck/suede and the part above the bubble should be cement. I'll take my cool greys, OGs and chilli reds. and these can't compete with either of the VIs

  • DAR

    These are nice, but not as nice as the True Blue colorway

  • Disturbed_Admiral

    Did anyone notice the blue jumpman, ill besides that hott

  • I rock Vans & Ja

    These are the Dopest Spizike but this coming january it's going to be all about the Air Jordan VI Infrared. I feel bad that in going to have to miss out on these but oh well ….. I need some VI's

  • bunny B

    these are ugly im getting the boots

  • L@Yz!3

    lo0k clean bt need to see more detaled piks! nd i really hope dat jumpman aint blue cuz dat wuld fuck up da whole shoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shawnc

    They,re aight ….the color way doesnt flow at sole part… i like the boots beter

  • mike

    forsure cop im gettin em

  • Jordans Galore

    Spizikes are at

  • freshest 13 year old

    yall might wanna hold off on dez cuz dey have aqaua spizikes commin and sum other colorways

  • freshest 13 year old

    i wud like em if the cements wasnt dere its barely a bred colorway

  • 23

    these spizikes is dizope!

  • underpaid

    same shoes different color.. JB is hanging on by colorways. Dont buy into the hype and wait til these hit clearence, and then the public will pay what shoes are actually worth.

  • kixkiller

    No way I HATE THIS jordan has to try something new not just reusing the same styles

  • pelon650

    whats up with the blue jumpman??


    aahh!! dey come out before my b-day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Foul_law

    Hope that this will be released in the Philippines….

  • Jan the Sole Man

    rather wait for tha retros…retros are more valuable.