Air Jordan Retro XI (11) “Blackout” Sample

Air Jordan Retro XI (11) “Blackout” Sample


Air Jordan Retro XI (11) "Blackout" Sample
Just when we thought we couldn’t be more excited about all of the Air Jordan XIs we’ve seen over the recent years, we’re proven wrong. The return of the “Columbia” Air Jordan XI this year has many of us sneakerheads going crazy. But today we’ve come across another sample Air Jordan XI that could very well make you lose your top. Pictured here is the “blackout” Air Jordan retro XI sample that is currently being auctioned off on eBay and, understandably, going for a good amount. How many of these would you buy if they were to ever drop for real?
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Air Jordan Retro XI (11) "Blackout" Sample
Air Jordan Retro XI (11) "Blackout" Sample
Air Jordan Retro XI (11) "Blackout" Sample
Air Jordan Retro XI (11) "Blackout" Sample
Air Jordan Retro XI (11) "Blackout" Sample

  • blackchild720

    ill buy it to show my black pride

  • brennanizm

    I’m definitely in the minority when i say i’ve never been the biggest fan of the XI — I had the OG Concord when I was a junior in high school (1995) but it was never on my grail list. However, this all black sample is most definitely an XI that I would scoop 2 pair of. This colorway is long overdue; hopefully JB produces this at some point.

  • kluke

    wish they’d do these with white patent leather.. playoff Xis

  • JX

    I am speechless…I had Shoegasm…JB..this is a must…..
    Dear ShoeGODS…release em…Thank you.

  • frankie23

    These sh&t all over the space jams and concords. And i am a HUGE fan of both. Please release these!

  • Dee

    Its cool, its still the same ol XI that everybody and the momma goes crazy over. I like the all black though. All and all…. simplye alright, nothing more, nothing less.

  • Moe


  • kinloch57

    Well i can remember when i got my first pair of j’s they were the black & white 11’s but when i found out the black & red ones was coming out later i took them back i also tried to get them again on christmas but people were going crazy but seriously i would camp out 4 these the 11’s is the best j’s ever

  • Johnny Blaze

    Please release!

  • Michael

    I just got a pair of these from somebody for a great price!!!! Can’t wait to getem tomorrow!!!!

  • Same

    Hi guy can somebody tell me where i can order the Limited Edition Retro 11 Air Jordan “Blackout.