Air Jordan Retro V (5) “Wolf Grey” – More Images

Air Jordan Retro V (5) “Wolf Grey” – More Images


Air Jordan Retro V (5) "Wolf Grey" - More Images
We’ve already seen “wolf grey” on such other basketball silhouettes as the Nike Air Max Penny 1, and we’ve seen the Air Jordan retro V in new colorways such as the “Tokyo 23” one. But it’s still the Air Jordan retro V “wolf grey” that puts the aforementioned sneaker pieces together most seamlessly in the eyes of many sneakerheads. With a release date scheduled for May 14th, we now bring you some more images of the “wolf grey” Air Jordan retro V a lot of you have been going crazy over. Are you still planning to hunt these down?

Air Jordan Retro V (5) "Wolf Grey" - More Images
Air Jordan Retro V (5) "Wolf Grey" - More Images
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  • bill

    I though release was on may 16.

  • Jstrizzo

    i wasnt too crazy about these when i first seen the pix. i saw these in person at sneaker con and i fell in love. don’t sleep on these fellas, the pix do them no justice…

  • since84′

    No doubt these are hot, but I think I’ll pass… Rather wait for the OG Black / Metallic Silver cololrway instead!!!

  • jmartin23

    These are off the Meatracks and I will be coppin a pair, most def. The material used looks to be of very high quality. One of JB’s better quality releases as of late IMO…

  • dapluva!

    take the 23 off and they look better

  • mar

    I’m getting these shits no doubt these shits are on point like a ballpoint pen. The blue on the sole is beautiful makes the sneaker to me

  • Skuba17

    The wolf greys are as tight as it gets. Love all the greys, especially if they feature M3, hopefully on the tongue… My J5s had a 23 on the side when I was 10 yrs old, I want it there now as well… My fav J!

  • JD

    These look tight! when do they come out to footlocker and how much are they?

  • Jscheel

    Im a sucker for grey as it is but my boy at foot locker in vegas gave me a sneak peak at them and the pictures don’t do them any justice these r fresh they r made with good quality material they feel well made and solid the swade I a thick swade very nice im having my wife that’s pregnant go get them cuz I got to work so that is how fresh they r lol go get u a pair or regret it and end up paying ebay price!!