Air Jordan Retro IV (4) White/ Cement 2012 – April Fools Hoax?

Air Jordan Retro IV (4) White/ Cement 2012 – April Fools Hoax?


As the clock struck midnight the internet went ablaze. April 1st is always a way for one to pull pranks and have it legitimized when followed up by “April Fools!”. However, this time around even ‘experts’ have been fooled regarding the newly released images claiming to be that of the Air Jordan IV Retro White/ Cement, which have been rumored for years to make a return.

After some research, the original images were located on a site selling fakes which shall remain nameless as they do not need promotion. As you can see in a side by side comparison, the original images were slightly altered to resemble that of the actual ‘Cement’ AJ4… they were close, but not close enough.

The rubber outsole features Grey, as it should, but the original images featured a white outsole typically found on fakes.

The eyelets were the biggest giveaway. Shape is everything and these are not shaped to that of the actual AJ4 eyelets.

The heel tab featured a blank slate… We are well aware of the fact that Jordan Brand tries to mix things up a bit in order to make each Retro slightly different than the last, but the splatter paint is something that is highly unlikely to have been left out.

The tongues inner liner are dressed in white on the so called 2012 version, yet the OG and ’99 Retro featured a black material lining the tongue.

Is it possible that these are in fact the real deal? Sure, I suppose there is a possibility. However, for this to be pure coincidence is pretty slim. What do you think… real or fake?


  1. If It was an April Fool’s joke I sure did fall for it. But even if the Cement IV’s do retro next year, of course the Nike Air on the back will be replaced by a Jumpman, but why don’t they just add the speckle pattern to the back still? Might as well keep the back of the tongue liner Black and fix the mesh too.

  2. Those are not the same images on the left and right…the shoes simply look like they were taken in the same poses. It may be a hoax, but these so called original images are not undoctered versions of the new retro images making the round online

  3. We soo do really need this shoe to come back please!!!!! i have the earlier release but id love to see this one to come back so i dont feel so bad when i wear mine, that i have. The shoes cant ever have the nike air, but i agree they most def. have to put the paint splatter on the back too other wise it looks wayy to fake!! the black liner would be nice as well. but i already know that this shoes will mostlikely come out next year.. maybe not in jan. but some time next year. This being because we have the 3’s and 5’s coming out this year soo it would make sence for the 4’s and 8’s to come out next year.. two shoes that havent been released in some time with the bred 11’s or the COLUMBIA’SSSSS for next years december release!!! 😉 either way they need to quit the shit with the jordan air max and stick to retros.