Air Jordan Retro 4 ‘Ostrich and Denim’ Customs by JBF Customs

Air Jordan Retro 4 ‘Ostrich and Denim’ Customs by JBF Customs



Remember the reconstructed denim and ostrich Air Yeezys, JBF Customs did awhile back? Well, now he’s back with similar project that uses the same materials on a retro JB model. The Air Jordan Retro 4 ‘Ostrich and Denim’ customs by JBF Customs are entirely reconstructed, even the interior leather lining. Denim takes over most of the sneakers’ uppers, with ostrich providing the luxurious accenting throughout the midfoot, rear, and toe caps. The custom tongue tags has “INCOMPARABLE” printed over the Jumpman logo, and rightfully so! Another amazing custom by one of the best! Take a closer look below!


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