Air Jordan ‘Kobe Bryant’ PE Collection

Air Jordan ‘Kobe Bryant’ PE Collection



We always knew that Kobe Bryant would grow to emulate his game after Michael Jordan, but who knew that his PE’s would actually land in the hands of one lucky collector. Perhaps more lie in the hands of others, but for now DependableJay has an Air Jordan “Kobe Bryant” PE Collection that’s literally out of this world.

Featuring the Air Jordan III (3), Air Jordan VII (7), Air Jordan VIII (8) and Air Jordan IX (9), this collection is home to an array of Lakers “Home” and “Away” colorways, some of which depict Kobe’s former jersey number “8” and his personal signature.

Check out the entire collection plus a few on-foot images below and keep it locked right here at Sneaker Files for more exclusive PE news.










  • Mike Lovin


  • Carlton T Graham Jr

    Why would someone claiming to be better than Jordan wear Jordan’s?

  • Donovan Smith

    Montez Faggins

  • John Nicole Zablan

    Ryan Tolejano

  • Josh Rivas

    Jay is the Man

  • Ryan Tolejano

    John Zablan lol

  • W.d. Brown

    All Kobe’s Marques

  • Marques Johnson


  • FernieMendoza

    He was just about to be the next big signee to Jordan brand and then he went and pulled a Mike Tyson. It might have been a blessing in disguise to the sneaker community since all Jordan brand signature shoes have been ass.

  • Vernon Pittman

    I need them 3’s

  • Deshawn Gaylord


  • Wesley Pina

    how do u even? Who? i just dont know how they do it. lol

  • Beatriz Franchesca

    Michael Camacho

  • Alex Faiil

    Why Kobe Bryant and not Lakers?

  • Hector Biever

    Eliana Rivera PURLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Candy Mann

    I Need Dem Laker Jordans

  • Jose Kaponi G-m

    Dando Bandazo chekea la collection

  • Jasmine Taha


  • Khalleal Gladston

    the black 7’s are nice. i can’t lie but the rest though… :/

  • Maciej Górecki

    nice aj3

  • Jalen Sabean

    Kobe actually wore some J’s for a minute, I assume some of these makeups

  • Jose Trevino

    Erasto Trevino tag jakob :p

  • Alex Faiil

    but i see some purple and yellow colours, thats Lakers not Kobe Bryant :s

  • Esto Boogie

    Best Kicks Kobe EVER Wore!!!

  • Mari Diamond Marie Zamora


  • Kenny Robles

    Ema Guizar

  • Dom Stradlin

    Kobe = Lakers His default colourways are based of Lakers colours.

  • Alex Faiil

    i could say That those kicks are Magic Johnshon, johnson was = lakers too

  • Dom Stradlin

    You may, Magic used to wear Converses though.

  • Alex Faiil

    U started talkin about Team Colours so did i

  • Dom Stradlin

    Yeah but still I can’t realize which colour representing Kobe more than Laker cw.

  • Doug Ballinout Bryant


  • Gabriel Torrez

    Eloy Salazar

  • Terrell Jumpmannequin Kinney

    how they fake of he signed them

  • Lynnette Diaz

    i want them all!!!!!

  • Josh Wilk

    Kyle McGillis check out these jayz … Made For Kobe signed by him. I can’t stand Lakers but them sick

  • Gloria Bennette

    I need this 2 . When they hit the market kb 24 allday long me @ kb b_day is the same day 8_23. Like my stastis or share with me.

  • Gloria Bennette

    I need this 2 . When they hit the market kb 24 allday long me @ kb b_day is the same day 8_23. Like my stastis.

  • Johann Marten Villanueva

    All of this shoes were worn by Kobe. That’s why it is a PE.

  • Lexy Lmld We Go

    Ayeeee” j’ s on my feet j’ s on my feet j’ s on my feet so get like meh” thvvts ah song shxt poppin but anywho Jordan’s go in thou yup

  • Anthony Rotella

    These gota be the ugliest shoes a player can wear

  • Michael Singleton

    Marques Wise

  • Benjamin Stackñ Axs Brown

    maaaaan if I can get me those ooooohhhhh*****Hard no but really tho those or some clean ones…

  • Jezreel Mboy


  • Chino Le

    6s and the 7s, It’s alright. But then the 3s and 9s. SOOOO UGLY!!

  • Simon Andres

    estannn malandroosss