Air Jordan IV (4) White/Cement Releasing February 2012

Air Jordan IV (4) White/Cement Releasing February 2012


Air Jordan IV (4) White Cement Releasing February 2012

After images circulated of a fake Air Jordan 4 White/Cement, and rumors about the release, we received confirmation from our sources that the Air Jordan IV (4) White/Cement is releasing February 2012. As always, the specific release date/month can change, but the good news about this, they are releasing! We just hope that the quality is up to par with the 1999 release.

Disclaimer: The picture above is not the 2012 release, but the 1999 Air Jordan 4 White/Cement.

  • st7007

    Most definitely will be getting a pair maybe two pair.

  • @TheRealBigMark

    These will be my b-day gift next year 2/26/12 just like the play off 13's were this year 2/26/11 #BossShit

  • Ar-Vee

    I'm in love! Wake me when 2011 is done. night ya'll! 'Til next year! haha

  • nene

    Literaly just drooooooled!!!

    • JX

      Drooled 2!!!! Hotness of a shoe!!!!

  • AJ King

    pass. jus read article because i hoped they would mention if the black cement would be retro'd

  • MJC720

    Its about time, I made the mistake of passing on these in 1999 when they were retail price (which was like $100) not making that mistake again! I'll take 2! Now, bring on the Obsidian XII's and Columbia XI's!

  • sneakerfreak23

    Have waited a longgggg time for these to drop. I hope they do all the colorways on these 4s. A def cop. Give me two pers so i can get to stopmpin in my air jordans

  • yungrich


  • since84'

    Copped these back in 99, so these are a MUST HAVE!!! Just wonder if they're gonna release the black/cement 4's in the same way next year in the way they're doing between the white & black cement 3's this year? (@ MJC720 – I'm feeling you, bring on them Obsidian XII's and Columbia XI's!!!!)

  • 415jordans

    copping hell yeah

  • jay

    i rather have these than the concords

    • JBdoingGOOD

      they're pretty even to me. they both still easily make my top 10 j's though

  • AirJordanFan4567

    finally what everyone has been waiting for

  • highdegree612


  • Jason


  • earth the kid

    Talked about this like a month ago, and now JB is doing it. JB is listening to my conversations lol. I'm gonna cop 3. One to wear, one to sell, and the other to keep DS for the next 20 years just in case they never retro again lol.

  • deeznutz

    Got like 15 pares of retros in great condition.. but no 4’s! mos def coppin these babys!

  • WhiteMikenj

    give me 2 pair…i need 2 pair of them air jordan 4's (in my best nelly voice)

  • Seattle 10s>erything


  • @SevenMilePaul

    These are getting copped fasho!!!!!

  • MIKE


  • petey

    I will have to add this to my collection, I can’t fit the 99’s. First the Concords and then the X’s, now these, my retro game is sick. You lil Dude’s better learn yo kicks.