Air Jordan IV (4) ‘Tiffany’ Custom

Air Jordan IV (4) ‘Tiffany’ Custom



Inspired by the original Nike SB Dunk Low “Tiffany” from 2005, Mache of Mache Custom Kicks has just delivered this 1-of-1 Air Jordan IV (4) “Tiffany” Custom to Matt T., founder of Cincinnati sneaker boutique Corporate.

A well-constructed private order, this Air Jordan IV (4) custom gets treated to a “Green Glow” based upper with contrasting silver and black details for a commanding finish. What definitely could’ve passed as an actual release from Jordan Brand, let us know what you think about these kicks in the comments below.

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  • Jesus Hernandez

    Raul Velazquez

  • Darrious Marquin Keyes

    Amber Way

  • Caliboy Gezzy

    When this drop

  • Nichalas E J Riepele

    I doesnt its a custom. .

  • Bryant Milledge

    Sweet kool nice dope

  • Ardel Delapena

    san meron nyan bibile ako..

  • Luis Martinez


  • Raudy De Leon

    i wish people learned how to read. and understand it says CUSTOM. smh

  • Caliboy Gezzy

    Eat a dick Raudy De Leon

  • Jerry Guzman

    Krystal Zetina

  • Geovanni Alas

    Harry Nguyen

  • Tyehimba Garvey M. Toure

    Alexandria Ladybug Valentine

  • Levi Kelley

    Tis a shame they need to put 4 in parentheses after the Roman numerals…

  • Rickey Brabson

    Dan Zavala Cyrus Ahmadi Dee Haro

  • Marcus TakeFlight Bell

    Mache bringing the heat to customs!!

  • Rifqi Andi


  • Paulina Ludwikowska


  • Vanessa Mandikos

    Debbie E Bletsas

  • Matty Bardsley

    Stephen Swain

  • Faith Pararuan Estalilla

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  • Karl Marti Maghirang

    Jhames Russell Sadsad parang sayo lang iba lang kulay.

  • Lim Allen

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  • Sherwin Cruz

    Anton,Michael, Aivan… Ganda ba??

  • Timothy Reyes


  • Jhames Russell Sadsad

    hahahaha onga haha

  • Karl Marti Maghirang

    Sabi ko sayo. Hahaha

  • Bryx Yu


  • Dominique Hogenbirk

    These are sick!

  • William Anton Cayanan


  • Reeana Badilla

    Look nice

  • Tereshia Fell

    I likely ❤️

  • Kyle Llenas


  • 楊秉恩

    nice color

  • Migz Rios

    Love flightz

  • Claxton Surles


  • Mariel Reyes

    Rachelle Ann Boltron THIS! fu&%#%&^*&($$#$$ !! :)

  • Jack Arquibel

    wish NIKE would have this kind out in the market! so dope than everything else,.

  • Joyce Marie Todd-Reed


  • Rachelle Ann Boltron

    To die for dude! Mariel Reyes

  • Billy Sap

    And this also gave me a chubby Sean Breslin

  • Schuyler Grays

    Would definitely rock them!

  • Mariel Reyes

    #1 in 2014 wishlist. woooo!

  • Sean Breslin

    I feel wrong “liking” that Billy Sap

  • Billy Sap


  • Ja’Mesha Thompson

    When are they gonna drop?!?

  • Alexander Limones


  • Rachelle Ann Boltron

    San to? Link please!

  • Paopao Licaros Hernandez

    Love you shoe!..

  • Elisha Kirkwood

    Kiki Elder yess!

  • Mariel Reyes

    dunno if it’s for sale, bka trip lang mang-inggit ng nag post. haha chos!

  • David Price

    I need them

  • David Price

    Briana Cookie Eskridge they are nice

  • Jmz Tipzy

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  • Han Xian

    How much is this show

  • Han Xian


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  • Latoya FineAssz Hill

    Brittany Dangerfield Clean

  • Kiki Elder

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  • Brittany Dangerfield

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  • Jay Sacay

    Where can i get this one?

  • Kuhle P-Kay Xaki

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  • Tj Chism

    I need me a pair of dez man!!!

  • Scott P. Girvan

    These are sexy.

  • Sharon Jackson

    Yes please size 10 in men

  • Emory Dennis

    Jerry Kivett these mofo’s are HOT!!

  • Jake Nguyễn

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  • Nelly Maserati

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  • Jon Tiburon Curler

    Ronnie Voight Ryan Voight…….hell yeah

  • Romain Acier

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  • Kaal Kyson Fifita


  • Andre CovingtonJr

    They are sexy but they need to put some white shoe strings doe

  • Hanane L’incassable

    mon genre préféré

  • Tyler Miller

    White laces!!! Still dope tho

  • 廖思嘉

    Oh my!

  • Jerry Kivett

    Thy alright

  • Mego Chen


  • Keesha Monique ImagineThat Cyprain


  • Nathan Ringel


  • Tyler Too Mucxh Madden

    I got those j’s but there black red and white

  • Dars Carbonbaselifeform Doneil

    Mint chocolate chip looks delicious

  • Nguyễn Sơn


  • Brianna Bundy

    Air jordan IV (4) ‘Tiffany’ custom that cute and hot I will rock those jordan doe

  • Elijah ‘NO-Worries’ Burgos

    Gregory Champion Brad Young Prince Vonada

  • Erica Pineda Unsworth

    Beauties 😉

  • John Desautel


  • Katherine Gapuz


  • Rhamses Acosta

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  • Willie Survive

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  • Julio Armendariz

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  • Henok Yoho

    wow….i gotta have this for my girlfriend.

  • Oscar Carrillo

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  • Chris Fleming

    Fucking dope !!!

  • Nicky Abuso-Balderosa

    Gay Razon

  • Kevin Simmons

    Those are cool

  • Anna L Jay

    Nice….. I want these.

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  • Ameka Henry

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  • Selena Garcia


  • Briana Cookie Eskridge

    I neeeeeeeeed these @davidPrice

  • Kevin Dorsey

    Eric Qualley these shits dope

  • Bradley Reiman

    Where u buys these at

  • Mariahh Dtn

    When they comee out ? /:

  • Murilo Santos

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  • Bradley Reiman

    If anyone know where I can get a pair I buy you a pair two

  • Bryan Castro

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  • Alex Garcia

    Jordan 4’s – Sharkeisha Edition 😉 lol

  • Claudia Rodriguez

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  • Imari Cruz

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  • Casey J-son Fernandez

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  • Kate Evelyn Johnston

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  • Saul Cisneros

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  • Tiffany Squeak Garza

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  • Ric Dopest Mattison

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  • Angel G Rivera II

    I would cop this if the come out

  • Tiffany T. Wayne Smith

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  • Donnalyn Fletcher


  • Cathy Nguyen

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  • Dylan Patrick

    Ugly shoe nice color

  • Kristina Palumbi

    Need theseeeeeee!!!

  • Tiffany Silva

    Lmaoo they look sexxyyy Bryan Castro

  • Jason Wuthang

    Why can’t this one drop next year

  • Trapgod AD

    Deez green glow 4 go hard

  • Alexia Ramirez

    Jaymison these are wetttttttttt

  • Tatiana Marrujo

    Coolest shoes ever

  • Jaymison Stay Mackin Davis

    Alexia Ramirez lets make em!

  • Kristal Norris

    Where do i get the custom made

  • MutahBarukah Wya Movado


  • Amari Bradley

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  • Jazz Lytch

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  • Brody Johnson

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  • Tiffany QueenBossladi Nicole

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  • Nikki Nikki Icclfuf

    Robert Price

  • Tanisha Jones

    What Web Site Do I Go On To Get A Pair????

  • Teddy To Pretty


  • Ricky Mata

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  • Stanley Phanor

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  • LaQueaster Tosweet Berry

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