Air Jordan IV (4) “Freddy Krueger” Customs by Mache

Air Jordan IV (4) “Freddy Krueger” Customs by Mache


Mache Kruger AJIVs

Mache Customs has lit it up again with another ill Jordan custom that will even have some Nike SB sneakerheads in awe. These Air Jordan IV (4) customs were an order to resemble the infamous horror character, Freddy Kruger and all of his terrible glory. A brown and black base was used throughout the upper to match his skintone and hat while splattered blood is located on the toecap and up near the red laces. The Jumpman and lacestays near the bottom of the laces were oxidized from the original chrome to show off the razors from Freddy’s gloves to finish off another top notch custom by Mache.

Would you do anything to change this “Freddy Krueger” Air Jordan IV (4) custom by Mache? tell us in the comments section below and stick with Sneakerfiles for update son sneakers and gear daily!

Mache Kruger AJIVs

Via @mache275

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  • Craig Humphreys

    This shit is clutch

  • Terry Hesticles

    Victoria Di Pietro get me these yo

  • Pete Wendt

    hewl yeah!

  • David Nd Ashley Gonzalez

    Pop trunk wave a nigga just got paid they legit

  • Sean Thomas

    Them is fly as fuck

  • Sgt Jonathan Loco Jackson

    Like the 3s Better

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    Tommy T. Thompson these are right up your alley eh?

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    Laura Abrakadabra Dennis Uecker

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    ”D” for Dope!

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    damn dese dope as fuck son

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    Linda Jackson

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    wow thats dedication lol

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    ….yes !!!

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    they hard

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    Mariano Gonzalez

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    Jorden Birch. I need these in my life!

  • Jimmy ILl

    They would be a ‘nightmare’ to get on release day!

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    Eddie Garcia

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    Titfortatbaker Baker

  • Kevin Yaxley

    Dan Copsey this are primo

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    Those r stoopid hard!

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    These are hot Kevin Yaxley Amanda Champion and Brett Pooley get put hands on these?

  • Vannary Khoy

    Ha NOPE. Best Freddy custom STILL goes to Diversitile CC. Along with their custom made shoebox!

  • Jojo Quiamas

    Marc Andrew Tabinas

  • Kim N Tom

    Mache is the best custom designer hands down,always pullin off some dope products

  • Tommy T. Thompson

    Tommy Thompson eh i find i’m often turned off if they look too spray painted like these

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    Wow I would love a pair

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    Now that’s a Custom worthy of the name!

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    Pacific Ballers Cody Doevendans

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    Nicko Duran Ivan Lara

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    Them go hard in the paint lol

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    I want the Freddy krugers how do I get them

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    Moto Hobart.

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    Wen do dese shoes release uhh I want dem

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    Oohh them Bitches Nasty ima Nightmares tryn yo Cop these

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    Yooooo these are the dopest freddy inspired customs I have seen!!! Gotdamnitmaaaan…

  • Derenzo PrimeTime Mayes

    Andrew Street dis u cuz….

  • Andrew Street

    A you see the all elephant print ones i put on here them hard to

  • Derenzo PrimeTime Mayes

    Naw I’m bout to check em out

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    Kenyon Rowland

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