Air Jordan IV (4) Doernbecher Confirmed

Air Jordan IV (4) Doernbecher Confirmed


Air Jordan IV (4) Doernbecher Confirmed

Today it has been confirmed that the next released Doernbecher Air Jordan will be the AJ 4. For those that don’t know, the Air Jordan 4 will be designed by a child from the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Colors and additional information is not known at this time, but you can always expect something eye catching.

Via TSG.


  1. I can't wait to see what it look likes! I copped all the others, so I know this will be a def cop for me! Plus, it's for a good cause, so I'm glad to know my sneaker money is going somewhere good and not just into MJ's pocket ;P

  2. i agree with the guy above me, i cant wait to see these. i wonder if they will be able to ocompete the DB III.

  3. i wish i can get my hands on somr of these Js. Where do you buy these from whn they are relesed. Someone please let me know. Thank you