Air Jordan IV (4) ‘Clemson’ Custom

Air Jordan IV (4) ‘Clemson’ Custom



If you thought Mache of Mache Custom Kicks deserved praise for what he did with the Air Jordan XIII (13) “Draft Days” Custom for San Diego Chargers cornerback Marcus Gilchrist, check out his latest work featuring the Air Jordan IV (4).

What also serves as a tribute to the Clemson Tigers as they recently battled on the gridiron in the BCS Bowl, this retro displays team colors and their signature paw print logo at each lateral heel. Could you imagine if Jordan Brand released these bad boys next year, quite possibly as a quickstrike?

See more of the Air Jordan IV (4) “Clemson” custom below and visit Mache Custom Kicks online for all custom inquiries.


  • Shann ‘Pase’ Dswonitzky

    Courtney Dswonitzky

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    Brandon Smith Byron O Aikens Sr.

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    Deirdre DontShe yea they clean. I need sum customs

  • Deirdre BeFresh DontShe

    Brandon Smith hell yea me too i just don’t know what I want

  • Joshua Shell

    As a sneaker head these are dope….but as a gamecock fan….I wanna set them on fire….and watch them burn lol…..

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    Wen these coming out ?

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    The suede on these

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  • Chaz Patterson

    I’m glad someone knows how to make customs these days.. because .. those custom Bordeaux 4s -.- were a scary sight …

  • Autumn Mooney

    They’re hot but nooooo

  • Mario Shepard

    Too clean!

  • Paopao Licaros Hernandez


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    Jamey Thompson III

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    Matthew Ways

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    How it looks at first glance, amazing

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    Courtney Dixon!!!

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    Travis Chavis Clayton Boltin Curtis Hughes

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    Cool not bad

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    Lol u wish

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    Wow mama!!!!

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    In all read I’ll do them

  • Leonard James

    All red ill do them Boyz

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    Those slick they should do a auburn and ohio state model!

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  • Jamey Thompson III

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    Rena Cantu Nathen Ramos

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    Shoes clean but buck them clemson colorz…#deyhard

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    I’m not a sneakerhead but hell yea I want them lol

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    Nick Mann

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    Robert Joseph

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  • Rubylyn Maik

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    Don’t like Clemson but they are cute

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    Hate Clemson luv these

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    Ain’t no body want them

  • Will Benenhaley Ard

    Where can i order these from?

  • AmericasTeam OfArizona

    It would be better if it was BLUE N SILVER };^)

  • Jontez McBee

    It would be funny as hell if all these customs are nothing more than fake knockoffs that you idiot are paying all that money for lmao. It has happened before you know. How can you really know all anyone has to say is they are customs lol. I’m a ask you guys this what’s the difference between a shoe made in some guys basement and one made in a knockoff factory? They both are doing the same thing. Making a variation of a Jordan and selling it to you. The chinese at least have the descency to not rape your pockets. Americans smh fall for anything to make them feel like someone.

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    Dorian Kerr

  • Nick Mann

    Ian Feusner these are dirty.

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    Amp Charley u would love these…

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    Leon Lopez

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    Am get mine in quick…..have ya seen the gamecock shoes..??? Come wit a rotten egg…go figure

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    Raven Mitchell this will be the best birthday present , cough cough

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    Nice and very BRIGHT!

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    Joel Scotland loves his limited editions

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    Nerf makes shoes now? :)

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