Air Jordan IV (4) “2013 Stanley Cup Champions” Customs by Mache

Air Jordan IV (4) “2013 Stanley Cup Champions” Customs by Mache


Mache 2013 SC BlkHawks

Mache Customs came through on this private order to help the Chicago Blackhawks remember and tribute their 2013 Stanley Cup Championship season and what better way to celebrate hockey than with some Jay’s! The heel of the sole was blacked out as well as the inner lining with a lace swap from black to white from the original “Toro Bravo” Jordan IV’s. The heel panel was striped to resemble their jerseys while the right outer heel holds a Stanley Cup logo, the left has a Blackhawks logo to help commemorate their great season. Last but certainly not least, the Jumpman logos on the heels are both dressed in the Blackhawks logo as well to finish these customs off with some extra flare.

Would you rock these Air Jordan IV “2013 Chicago Blackhawks” customs by Mache? Tell us in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for celebrity sneakers and much more!

Via @mache275

  • Allen Goldmann

    Makes you wanna be a hockey fan huh, Jarid G Pickens

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    Early Bird

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    Jose Chiquito Crackkkk!!

  • Redd Retawdid

    Will they be in stores

  • Tim Grace

    Fredo Torres

  • Jason Palmer

    Mario Leuzzi

  • Adam Bachelor

    That’s f###ing sick!!! How much do they run?? Where can I order??

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    Austin Barnaby

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    Adam they are customs you style though

  • chris

    Release date please?

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    Zach Green

  • Cory Hiltman

    Mike Smith

  • Mario El Sucio Leuzzi

    Jason Palmer it is a mission to obtain these bad boys if you see them first size 12

  • Clint Hacksaw Edwards

    Elicia Aitken-Cloud

  • Clint Hacksaw Edwards

    Grant Shanahan these are crackers

  • Elicia Aitken-Cloud

    These are grouse! I love my Mighty Blackhawks!

  • Clint Hacksaw Edwards

    I want em, I had a different color when I was younger.

  • Clint Hacksaw Edwards

    Thats why I tahged u Elicia

  • Stephen Vincent Andrada

    I want one of this dope pair of shoes! Dayuumm! Want it so bad!!

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    Clean, must buy

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    Marcoz Vega

  • Pino Oliverklozoff Jasso

    Erika Fraga Jasso Tyler Jasso

  • Zakaria Nouri

    Best model of air jordan..wish they still sold them..

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