Air Jordan III (3) “Duke Blue Devils” Customs by DeJesus Customs

Air Jordan III (3) “Duke Blue Devils” Customs by DeJesus Customs


DeJesus Duke AJIIIs

After seeing DeJesus Customs skills with the Air Jordan III (3) yesterday on the “Wu-Tang” pair, we get a look at another AJ III with inspiration from Duke University. With Duke’s showdown against Florida State tonight in football and basketball season just starting up what better way to show off your pride then with some custom Jays. These “Duke” III’s are equipped with a royal blue streak pattern down the toebox while the back, heel end is white with blue stars throughout. Grey and blue take on the cement on the III’s while a black stripe design along with the Duke logo is placed near the ankle of the kicks.

Are you feeling the “Duke Blue Devils” Air Jordan III by DeJesus Customs? Tell us in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for customs and everything else sneakers!

DeJesus Duke AJIIIs

DeJesus Duke AJIIIs

Via @dejesuscustoms

  • Yacer Lisieux


  • Ethan Gates

    Them to cold!

  • Sandy Thomas

    Joseph Truor Faust

  • Chancey Gannz


  • Dalton Torreto Coon

    Dude I gotta have a pair of those!!

  • Travis Toledo


  • Vell Dasneakerhead Luarks

    Alex Martin

  • Carlos Castro

    Dillon DeJesus!!!

  • Marcos Ramirez

    FSU would’ve been way better!

  • Christopher Cook

    Ill pass

  • Dany Boy Krew

    Ve estos Adriana Morales Lopez

  • Aryian Wells

    Omg …

  • Derrick Petersen

    To bad they customs

  • Christopher Evering

    Nick Repas DOPE

  • Frank Morales

    Oh hell noooo! Duke is Jordans sworn enemy.I am a Tar Heel fan.This mockery of Jordans shoe is unexceptional .This should have never been done!!! Some one needs to be arrested!!!!

  • Sacha Gaffney

    Lose the Stars

  • Bobby C. Franks Sullivan

    This shit is foul fuck a Blue Devil

  • Caleb McLaurin

    Duke on a pair of Jordan’s fuk no

  • Marv Doug

    Melody Welker

  • Rodney Miller

    This dude is a shoe genius!!!!

  • TeeJay Simmonds


  • Isiah Polite


  • Isiah Polite


  • Rusty DeVille

    Fuck Duke.

  • Philip Joseph Skroko

    Makes no sense jordan is a Tarheel .He wouldn’t endorse this crap

  • Stephen Cromwell


  • Joey Buonopane

    Todd Clark

  • Steve Donkilluminati Crudup

    Mike Lemons

  • Jaysen Ducrepin

    Jonnie Dickerson

  • Demmond Williams

    Gregory Dunn

  • Royal K Tenenbaum

    Duke Jordans these are real disrespectful #tarheel nation

  • Josh Howard

    Jordan Lock Joe Brooks II

  • Gregory Lamar Dunn

    Them fresh my boi!!

  • Demmond Williams

    Seen them Dukies n thought abt u

  • Gregory Lamar Dunn

    Already my boi..

  • Mel Torres

    Took a cue from the dave white 1’s

  • Brie Miller

    Those are fire

  • Kinloch57

    I’m a big Duke fan but these r ugly

  • Matt Leonard

    Where are the lsu shoes

  • John Gniadek

    Fucking ugly!!!!!

  • Terry E. Beamus Jr.

    Travesty how can u make customs of the man’s school no. 1 rival

  • Michael Freece

    Tarheels boy!

  • Larry Reales

    The worst , can’t do a Duke Jordan. Go Heels!!

  • Jay Dorsey

    Mike Torque Almond

  • Mike Torque Almond

    Jay Dorsey

  • Mike Torque Almond

    Cory Almond

  • Jenny Kerr

    Jack Harmsworth oh my god.

  • Boo Man

    love thoze

  • Christine Resto

    Very nice

  • Maxim Matveev

    must have!!!!!

  • Jill Holzman

    Michael Garren ur boys a beast :)

  • Dexter Dacanay

    ganda naman yan!!!!!

  • Michael Garren

    Jill Holzman cold blooded.

  • Corey D. Russey

    How can I customize some Jordans??

  • Quinshana Washington

    Hot hot hot I’m loving them

  • Thorstein Veblen


  • Shaquille Got’em Haten Ray

    Hard as fuck

  • Brandon Mullins

    F Duke! Why would u make a beautiful pair of J’s so ugly? #BBN

  • Silvestre BM

    Transform a pair of sneakers into something more EXCLUSIVE hahaha… I know Jordan probably taking notes.

  • Marshall Mens


  • Pete McCormack

    I almost liked these except I dont like duke!hahaha

  • Zeiah Hubbard

    Fuk duke lol… worst Jordan kicks eva

  • Monte SunTzu Crisco

    Blasphemy … Jordan was a tar heel

  • Rocroc Currie

    Hate the team, love the shoe.

  • Real FiggaRadio

    Pass 1). They’re ugly 2). It’s Puke University

  • Jahmal J Dot Reyes

    Lj Williams

  • Dwayne Bbn Irish


  • Emory Dennis

    Jerry Kivett these mofo’s are stupid HOTT!!

  • Dwayne Bbn Irish


  • Jared Tucker

    Illa Dixon Tucker Jeffery Locklear

  • Emory Dennis

    Tommy Jordan look babe! Arent these hott?!?!?!?!?

  • Jerry Kivett

    Oh shit i gotta dem mutherfucker

  • Yovany Martinez

    Those are dope

  • Zeiah Hubbard

    Ill piss on these lol

  • Edwin GoldFace Acosta

    Official bullshit…lamest pair in life

  • Brad Kendle

    Eugene Davis

  • Jason Cardin

    Omg I want them

  • Aliya Robinson

    I rock dem

  • Orlando Gonzales

    Lex ganda nyan ah..hinahanap n yata ng may ari ..

  • William Coleman

    Eric Carter

  • Brandon Lee Mullins

    Fuck Duke, maybe if they were MD colors or some shit lol

  • Gerard Brower


  • Corey Ward

    Disgrace to UNC and to Jordan to put that ugly ish on them kicks….

  • Bubba Smiff Jr.

    hell no! smh.

  • Jeffery Locklear

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I gotta have them

  • Sri Datta Settipalli

    Jeb Tester, would these be your kicks ahaha

  • Tyler Smith

    Fuck Duke Maybe If They Was Tarheels Yeah

  • Carlos Vincent

    Bad ass colors

  • Baabystees Diaw

    Nice childish

  • Nate Holmes


  • Andrew Jackson

    What a disgrace to the Jordan Brand.

  • CecilQuinn1

    These were made jus for me. How much r they and when can I purchase’em?

  • Alex Calhoun

    Jeremiah Carter

  • BenAli Asi

    Siick I hat duke though,

  • Bobby Kling

    Brian Seitz whoa!!!

  • Matt Garrett


  • Stephon Rip Tate Jetson

    Rob Tz

  • Jeb Tester

    100% Duke Sri Datta Settipalli

  • Raymond Manalang

    This is DOPE :)

  • GotTha JuiceNow Hutchison

    So fire

  • Shellie Loukas

    I would like them if they waz pink gray n white js

  • Tara Leigh

    Brandon McDonald

  • Harley Stone

    Edward KingSmurf Humes III

  • Brian David Willert

    Abdul Muhammad

  • Nate Weierbach


  • Tisen Fryberg

    Freddy Brown III

  • Edward KingSmurf Humes III

    These are dope

  • Brandon Harvey

    DeJesus Customs oughta be ashamed if themselves!! How dare they disgrace an institution like the Air Jordan, who’s from NORTH CAROLINA & put these horrible Dukie colors on them!!! Not cool….not cool AT ALL!!

  • Brandon Hickman

    Deon Hall

  • Robert Whaley

    Eric Brewer

  • Iam Duffle

    Marcos Joya Zach Harding

  • Iam Duffle

    Kris Luiz

  • Justin Case

    Trash. They customs suck

  • Illa Dixon Tucker

    A lil too much

  • Sonya N. Anderson Banks

    Cedric Banks and Chris Banks . . . . ~OR~

  • Freddy Brown III

    I Want!!!!!!!
    Tisen Fryberg

  • Lanecia Anderson


  • Ruby Shine

    They will really will be hot if it was in red

  • Eric Carter

    Wack as fuck yuck

  • King George Freeman

    I Suppose Dey woulda Been cool 4 all Tha Duke fans if Dey wouldn’t hav Gotten Dat Ass Beat Ta Def By FSU Sat! LOL!!!

  • Jesse Michael Lewis

    Omg with a Grant Hill duke jersey that would be lovely , truly beautiful. #sneakerporn

  • Jesse Michael Lewis

    Actually I take that back a Kyrie Irving jersey.

  • Jerico Cruz

    A shoe popularized by a tar heel… Nice… Hahaha…

  • Σωτήρης Φτιάκας

    ‘Σώ τος’ δεεεεςςς ! *.*

  • Micheal Vincent

    Ivette Nicole

  • Jeff Battle

    Pruitt Poythress

  • Pruitt Poythress


  • Richard Agenjo

    Si fuera negra me gustaría

  • Seth Boggs

    What are some ugly shoes boots are better

  • Stefan Trap’Aholic


  • Phil Fbf Davis

    Don’t like team, but them kicks are Fire!

  • Tommy Jordan

    Those are awesome

  • Monique Murray


  • Rosa Zarate


  • Cruz Nash

    Donny SmithJr

  • Donny SmithJr

    Them bitches nasty with that Crip blue! #DukeNation Cruz Nash

  • Renisha Goods

    Tobias Darden

  • Jr Hunt

    I bet pa would love these sis Treasa Thompson

  • Chris Hunter

    Ugly as heck tarheels4life

  • Dgeor Reeves Gerisma

    why do they do this

  • Gibbz Burrell

    What type of fake BS Jordan’s are these. MJ would never endorse that other school from NC

  • Bryan Ramirez Olivas

    Gerry Olivas

  • Lucas Carroll

    Take tha star off they will be all GooD

  • Cruz Nash

    Shit ikr my nigga Donny SmithJr

  • Andrew Rangel

    Adrian Hernandez to match the hoodie you want

  • Adrian Hernandez

    Those shoes are sick!!

  • Deonta Irby

    #Duke nation

  • Deante Phillips

    Straight Ass Crack

  • Guillermina Fernandez

    new luck

  • James Guzman

    everything is dope.. except them black stripes.

  • Shantena W. Gilbert

    Nice but wrong team.

  • Mark Moe

    Matt Lowe

  • Richard Williams

    need them

  • Juan Alvarez

    Samuel Casas

  • Fresh’Boii Nick


  • Terrence T-Bone Terry Goodman

    These r dope!!

  • Jimi Rago


  • Jerry Jennings

    Next pair…

  • Christian Abad

    wow! 😮

  • ‘Σώ τος’

    customs είναι 😉

  • Daimon Mooketsi III


  • Bilal Adnan


  • At Aln


  • Uncertian Norville

    Dem ruff ya