Air Jordan III (3) Black/Cement 2011 vs. Jordan 3 CDP Comparison Video

Air Jordan III (3) Black/Cement 2011 vs. Jordan 3 CDP Comparison Video


Today we share a comparison of the Air Jordan 3 Black Cement 2011 vs the Air Jordan 3 Black Cement Countdown Pack. In the video you will see how the two compare to each other in overall shape and quality of materials used. As a reminder, the Air Jordan III 2011 Black Cement releases November 25th 2011 and will retail for $160.

Air Jordan III (3) Black Cement 2011 vs. Jordan 3 CDP Comparison Video


  1. this video is terrible. the dude doesnt know what he is talking about. and who the fuck wore the 2011 pair before the comparison? terrible!

  2. well of course the CDP is gonna look harder if you dont even bother to lace up the 2011 pair or even stuff it. @sneakerfiles put up a video that actually gives us a comparision where both shoes are shown at their finest. this video sucks.

  3. Man, if the 2011 in this video hasn’t been worn, then the quality of the 2011 shown is below ‘B grade’. If JB releases the black III like it’s shown here, they truly will have shitted on a product that launched them into what now (23 yrs later) is a figurative monopoly of the shoe game. I realize the leather they tumbled for the 2011 is of a softer type, but should any JB product look like that, even after 2 wears, it’s an absolute fail of a product. All that being said, I hope this is simply an early ‘grey sneaker’ or something close, because the 2011 shown is a total slap in the face to all of us who love sneakers. I’m willing to bet the final product of the 2011 black III is closer, in structure only, to the Countdown IIIs. If you look at the Oregon Ducks III, the structure of that shoe matches the Countown III, and looks nothing like this floppy 2011 early III. The Oregon III photo was taken by a Nike employee/Oregon alumnus, therefore I trust that product. Just like I trust in what will be in retailers in November.

  4. The 2011 clearly looks like a b-grade or worse, none of the other retro OG releases (cements or true blues) from this year look like that, shape-wise, the cdp 3s may def surpass this years version material wise, but i sincerely doubt that that iii with the curly fry toe will release as a final version

  5. This has to be one **** of a joke because those IIIs that they have projected for the November release look like they have been given to three year olds for play time. Just to be honest though, even if it was a joke, who makes a comparison video on a respected shoe website of this caliber with a d-grade shoe? You are making a mockery of the Black/Cement III with this video. I almost feel like you should take it down.

  6. Not a good video. The 2011s may be b-grade because they haven’t passed Nike specs, however they are still better than the CDPs. I sold my CDPs for $275 last month because I knew I wanted the new ones. The CDPs are garbage. Cheap pleather. The tumbled leather is NOT better on the CDPs, and don’t believe anyone who says it is. Every single pair of CDP shoes from the entire series is crap, we all know this. Maybe the IVs and XIs were okay….

  7. The heel elephant print looks like it came from a pair of fakes. Don’t know why sneaker files posted this…unless they want to get some anti-hype going.

  8. Yo I got to say that its actually shameful that you at would ever put this video up with a clearly FAKE or B to C grade early release III. Its almost like your trying to bring down some respect of your website.