Air Jordan III (3) 2011 True Blue Video

Air Jordan III (3) 2011 True Blue Video


Today we bring you the Air Jordan III (3) 2011 True Blue retro in video format. In this video, we share a detailed look going over everything from the materials to the box. The Air Jordan 3 2011 True Blue are releasing June 4th 2011 for $150. Remember to subscribe to the official Sneaker Files YouTube Channel.

  • Ronald Castillo

    Releasing In Philippines?

  • 4DRUMZ

    NO NO NO… I don't care how you cut it… Jordan Brand did NOT do a good job! The "leather-like" upper materials is TRASH! We deserve better and just go back 5 years ago and look at the leather on those retro models to see what I'm talking about! I checked these out in person yesterday and these materials are SECOND RATE! You (speaking generally) WANT these to be better than they are! We really need to take the rose colored glasses off people!

  • mars


  • Central Bank

    what he said… indubitably

  • hellonasty

    It also doesn't matter whether you like a materials or not. 90% who talk trash about it will cop anyway. And the more people cop, despite the materials, the more JB puts out that kind of garbage.

  • Beastinuaint_kno

    Imma cop fo sho i seen em at my local FA nd they str8 aint got but the bhm 3 so another to the collecsheeoown na mean

  • el bambino

    they dont come with the orange jumpman tag??