Air Jordan CP Chris Paul New Orleans Hornets

Air Jordan CP Chris Paul New Orleans Hornets


Air Jordan CP Chris Paul New Orleans Hornets

Already mentioned earlier today, the Air Jordan CP is the first signature shoe of New Orleans Hornets Guard Chris Paul. However, seen above is the White/Black/Energy/Bright Goldenrod Air Jordan CP, designed to match the home New Orleans Hornets Jersey. The Air Jordan CP will be launched on March 1st, but a few online retailers including pys is selling the shoes a little early.

Air Jordan CP Chris Paul New Orleans Hornets
Air Jordan CP Chris Paul New Orleans Hornets
Air Jordan CP Chris Paul New Orleans Hornets
Air Jordan CP Chris Paul New Orleans Hornets
Air Jordan CP Chris Paul New Orleans Hornets
Air Jordan CP Chris Paul New Orleans Hornets


  1. They would go well with SJ Sharks gear. But CP is a player that I just dont like. Besides Jordan Brand should have waited a little longer to drop a lot of these new kicks. You cant expect ppl to go and spend all the money they got on the packages and XX3s THEN expect to buy this kind of stuff. Much rather get the "real" Js if ya smell what Im steppin in (fresh kicks NOT dog shit… hahaha!).

  2. ^^^lol i agree ^^^ there not an ugly shoe but theres too much otha shit ima have to cop before i evn consider these

  3. I like these but like NightWing2303 said, there is too many other kicks out there to pick these up. But they are a decent shoe with a lot more colorways to come.

    CP: my pick for MVP so far.

  4. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I purchased and played in these yesterday and they are good. They're comfortable and light, a lot better than other Team Jordan shoes. I'd like to recommend this to everyone.

  6. I LOVE THESE SHOES!!! in this color but can't find them anywhere.

    How can I get my hands on these in a size 15?

  7. I cant find this colorway anywhere man…. These are the cleanest colorway on his 1st shoe. There nice but it can get better.

    I personally think that Jordan needs to focuss on makeing his players shoes better instead of his own.

    especially CP3. Carmello deserve the ugly shoes cause he doesnt produce enough as Lebron any damn way. But CP3 can sell better than Melo. So ''MJ make my man CP3 better shoes in the future''.

  8. nightwing2320 iz just a Hater among only few since Most Everybody Loves CP! The Only Dog Shyt He Smells Iz What He Stepped In, Bcuz These Kicks Are Hot Lyke Fire And Off Tha Chain!!!! I Plan On Buying Them In Every Color Way! Goooooo CP! Chris Paul Go Hard And He Will Be One Of The Greatest Players That Ever Played The Game! However Melo Iz Better Then "Queen James!" But Chris Paul Iz Better Then Both!

  9. My Bad its Nightwing 2304, but who cares iz not lyke he Matters, Since This Iz A CHRIS PAUL Supporter Site Ya Heard Babi….

  10. i hav these and they arent bad lookin but i like em all black but i wont regret buyin these cause chris paul is my favorite player this season,but my favorite player is ray allen

  11. Can someone please tell me where i can get them? pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssseeee! Because i think these shoes rock i mean the colours look sick and cp3 is my fav player and do they come in a size such as 6 or 5.5?

  12. Can someone please tell me where to buy these shoes? please? i mean i cant find this colour. and um kevin the person who commented 2 above this can you please tell post up what you got your cp shoes from?

  13. These shoes is sweet then what make it so better he sexy he sweet as a bitch and basketball and plus he got some sweet as shoes….I'm straight coppin these once my season start back up I just love Chris Paul and also his shoes

  14. jordan shoes is the rubber shoes in the whole word,no matter what color or design still the best those people whos saying its not good ugly etc.maybe you dont have money to buy them bcoz the price is complicated im a jordan fun since i was a kidd i collect jordan shoes may shoes now is 95 pair of air jordan.

  15. ^ you definitely need to quit the shoe game and go back to school. you can't spell for shit and your grammer is horrible. reading your fucking comment gave me a headache after looking at these awful shoes. Jordan should stick to giving CP PE's or something.