Air Jordan 9 Retro “Barons”

Air Jordan 9 Retro “Barons”


Air Jordan 9 Retro Barons
If you recall back in December, we gave you a first look at the Air Jordan 9 Retro “Barons”. Today we have more detailed pictures of the sneaker. Inspired by Michael Jordan’s retirement from basketball to baseball (Jordan played a short season with the Birmingham Barons – the Double-A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox), the Air Jordan 9 “Barons” feature a classic White Sox colorway, with pinstripe details, and the number 45 on the heels.

Mark your calendars because these are schedule to hit the shelves at select stores on April 5th. Don’t forget to let us know if you plan on picking up a pair.

Air Jordan 9 Retro “Barons”
Colorway: White/Black-Natural Grey
Product Code: 302370-106
Release Date: April 5th, 2014
Price: $170

Air Jordan 9 Retro Barons
Air Jordan 9 Retro Barons
Air Jordan 9 Retro Barons
Air Jordan 9 Retro Barons
Air Jordan 9 Retro Barons
Air Jordan 9 Retro Barons
Photos via Sole-Up.

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  • Jaime Jimenez

    You guys sponsered an event called soles n hoes?

  • Michael A Hernandez III

    I love the 9s but it takes me too long to get in them. Once I’m on them they’re super comfy and provide mad support though.

  • raw3t0

    shane3t0 murder… They got the 45 in the back!

  • shane3t0

    raw3t0 lol that’s that’s the main reason why I tagged you in it, did u read the article?

  • milehighhooligan

    DOPE……..nuff said.

  • Trey Jefferson


  • POyoy Maglasang


  • Josh Purdy

    must cop but with the 45 here come the hype

  • Anthony Woodhouse

    Ezequiel Castrejon

  • Alessandro Negri

    Eh la madonna ole’


    sneakerfiles as a huge fan if both Jordan and the sox. I will be doubling up.

  • Boofle D Sutphin

    Rico Suave

  • Shaun Hanlin

    Kyle Hendricks

  • Harley Noonan

    Loki Barty

  • Keith Alvarado

    Mario Brito

  • Ezequiel Castrejon

    YESS Anthony

  • Charles Taylor

    Day ish!!

  • Gucci Almighty’Jay Hamilton

    cop`d , just cause the color way… i got so much shit can match these

  • Rufus Atkin

    Need some those shoe

  • Tabatha Hughes

    Love love love!

  • Duane Martin

    Feelin these

  • Clyde G Hooper

    Adrienne Verville

  • Winston Brown

    Must hve

  • Timbo Herrera

    Jarrod Ray Gonzales these 9s

  • Leshay Price

    These some heat

  • Jakai Cafe’négro Jones

    Tyril Anderson

  • Anthony Sanchez


  • Young Hasan

    I have them

  • Dante Neal

    Well get ready for the raffle unless u know somebody

  • Matthew Armando Dubon

    Matthew Goodin check it

  • Honest Despabiladeras

    My shoe way back in 98.,.

  • E Nutty Sololoc

    Montgomery Pettis

  • Zach Altschul

    Kenyon Rowland

  • Reef Chi-TownsFinest Alexander


  • Bee Béo Bự

    Lam Nguyen thấy nó sao sao hk bằng 5s

  • Lam Nguyen

    uh thì mỗi người mỗi cách nhìn th

  • Rey Leal

    HOly…… Fuk…… Thas slik kid….. I think i jus seen my new fav. JOrdans yO…..

  • Antonio Saddul Jr.

    how much?

  • Mark Gonzalez

    Dope as fuk

  • Slydon Manarang

    Renz Llora

  • Prinze Chu

    Mom Pls

  • Ani De Los Angeles Torres


  • Joseph Landry

    Fuckin right Richard James Woodall

  • Richard James Woodall

    Yea those are clean as fuck!!!

  • Jose Gomez

    Erik Gonzalez there straight

  • Erik Gonzalez

    Ima cop Jose Gomez

  • Christian Louie Romero

    Dope. Must cop kicks Juris

  • Juris Jesalva

    nging gsto ko tlga ang j9. amp. haha. pero crawfish muna -.- sna makahnap

  • Alex Allen

    So sick. Must cop.

  • Michelle West

    They need to drop the original color ways

  • Corey Moe

    Hell the fuck yes

  • Corey Moore

    Me n my kid will have a pair.

  • Corey Moe

    Oh yes the fuck we will father

  • Corey Moore

    Is that gray?

  • Corey Moe

    Yes the fuck it is

  • Corey Moore

    Aww yeah we gotta git those.

  • Corey Moe

    Fuck yeah we do

  • Jon Becker

    Y is the only shoes I see Jordan’s there are so many good brands out there that don’t cost $ 180 a pair and look tighter