Air Jordan 6 Rings “Bred” – Release Date

Air Jordan 6 Rings “Bred” – Release Date


Bred 6 Rings

Most sneakerheads are aware of the “Bred” (black and red) colorway that flies around Jordan Brand and lands on most models of Jordan’s signature line and this sneaker is no exception. Seeing this same model, the Jordan 6 Rings with the “Bred” colorway about 5 years ago reminisces memories of when the 6 Rings were very popular. However, it is looking to make a comeback this fall. This classic is set to release on November 30th for $160(US) retail at most Air Jordan retailers.

Do you plan on copping the “Bred” Air Jordan 6 Rings? Tell us in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for everything sneakers!

Bred 6 Rings

Bred 6 Rings

Bred 6 Rings

  • Edwin Morales

    i want some acutal bred 11’s

  • Glo’baby Jay

    release date..?

  • Jorge Alejandro

    Jc SoLo K

  • Jc SoLo K

    Jorge Alejandro so we getting them or what

  • Jorge Alejandro

    I am are u?

  • Lamar Victor

    What sneakerhead even wears 6 rings? LMFAO!

  • Rogerio Galo

    Pablo Rodrigo Reimão Reimão

  • Rey Nicolas San Pedro

    Didn’t these already release awhile back

  • Stephan Barnes

    One of THE Most slept on shoes out there

  • Dee Nakennel

    They been out a long time

  • Omar Carrasquillo

    These go too hard

  • Spencer Lewis

    So they retro 6 rings now? Lol, pathetic.

  • Michael Reeves

    Yeha they did cause I got those and the one’s wit the airmax bottoms…lile 2 yes ago lol

  • David Gaines

    They fuggin fire looking regardless

  • Jc SoLo K

    Jorge Alejandro Ahuevo

  • Tracy Fernandes

    ♡♥♡♥♡ 6 rings!!!

  • David Cooper

    Mine still fresh since the first release. Like I never wore em.

  • JontezMcBee

    I don’t know about you but it’s one of two things that Nike is doing. One they are out of creative ideas or two they ar trying to bury the Jordan brand by oversaturating the market with the same shoes over and over. I don’t know about you guys but this is rediculous at what they are doing to this culture. Yes this is a culture a world wide culture. You people have to realize that Nike needs you for them to exist so the power has always been with the people. It’s time for us to start speaking up about what we are experiencing from them as a culture. I don’t think that most people realize what Michael Jordan has started. It’s bigger than religion and that is a fact and Nike is treating this like it’s a gimmick and a competition when it’s not. Collecting shoes has always been about personal love. I grew up watching Jordan set the standard for how basketball should be played. He gave professional sports a face. And his shoes are a gift and a example of what you can become when you love what you do with your mind body and spirit. Michael Jordan’s shoes should always be held to the highest standards and the best quality because that’s what he gave to the game of basketball day in and day out. I am not pleased at how his Brand is being represented and I feel it’s about time more people speak up. Michael Jordan is not a gimmick and he never was a gimmick and the very things that represent him and his game should not be treated as such. Nike is responsible for it and they know it. lebrons will never be at Jordan’s Standard becuse he didn’t do what Jordan has done first. There is only 1 number 1.

  • Marced Monton Sauquillo

    Releasr date?? How much??

  • Ramil Isla

    I like it release date?

  • Charles Smith

    Dopest 6rings to me…young Yung Wayne… Jay Jones

  • Le Garfield Quan


  • Waika Bbck Basug

    Nov 30

  • Ricco Johnson


  • Chee Lor

    Im getting me a new pair, these mofos raw

  • Ismael Rodriguez Jr.

    They okay….nothing to line up for thou….

  • Ooi Zhi Heng

    Chun Hui Chin Yang this is somehow too awesome

  • James Griffin

    Eww wtf

  • Ruby Sanchez

    I get me some of this

  • Jamie Whitson

    Bryce Law

  • Steve Foster

    Dont really like em…da fakes look to similar

  • Tnb Justin


  • Brandon Tucker


  • Kenan Marquis Davenport

    Its 6 uglies in that one shoe

  • Jessica Maldonado

    What the shit these are nice

  • Bobby Fewell


  • Jessica Maldonado

    Tiffb Onehundred & Jordanheads Swaggergirljp what ya think?

  • Marcus MJ Banks


  • Josh Achilles Sunga

    How much?

  • Ruben Velasquez

    I never did dig these. Id much rather have the bred11s and playoff 13s seperately. I dont even want the other contraptions that were tried to get integrated in.

  • Waika Bbck Basug


  • Perry Chan

    Wonder if this will be available in Australia.

  • Sebastian Babo

    They look too big onfeet :(

  • Anthony Foglia

    I love that people have been brainwashed to hate the six rings.Makes it easy for me to buy the most underrated sneaker out there. Thank you for all being sheep

  • Jessica Maldonado

    Damn i see a little bit of 6s, 8s, and 11s, and 13 still dope tho lace locks and pull tag are like 6s, idk tongue reminds me of 8s colorway of bred 11 with that patent leather and over all looks like the 13 they look niccccee thoo ;D

  • Mark Molina

    Erik Martinez

  • J Young Savage Nunezz

    Thats why its called 6 rings lol ^^^^^ Jessica Maldonado

  • Nins Matibag


  • Jessica Maldonado

    Umm its a jordan hybrid yeah i know as of 10min ago ;D J Young Savage Nunezz

  • Dennis Cruz

    naaaaayy I’mma sleep on thsee

  • Jet Tuñgul

    If you say this is ugly and 13s are sick then you have no taste, but if you say this is ugly and you like lebron 9 or 10 or 11 then you are a special kind of idiot. lol

  • Gilberto Segovia

    Janet S. Garcia. These hoes are clean

  • Do Phan Hoi

    I copped those a while back, and they’re raw as fuck. Don’t sleep on ’em.

  • Geoffrey Monier


  • Darrell Fatboi Hollins

    Why are they releasing these again ?? Now retro 6 rings

  • Gilberto Segovia

    If anything ill probably get thos for Anthony and me

  • Chris Mundy

    Already have also Concord

  • Dennis Mills

    I still haven’t worn mine from 08

  • Chy Wade

    To Bear Christ Wade probly the dopest js I’ve ever seen!

  • To Bear Christ Wade

    Yeahhhhhhh Chy Wade I actually have a screenshot of these and I may sacrifice getting a phone for these…. Real talk peel talk….

  • Chy Wade


  • Chy Wade


  • To Bear Christ Wade

    Why not…

  • Chy Wade

    You need a phone, you don’t need these lol

  • Tyrekis Perry

    ugly and always been ugly

  • GeoffreyBlackwell

    The Olympic joints were the dopest….these were second!

  • Jimmy Cruz

    Got the 08 ones

  • Casey’s Maw


  • To Bear Christ Wade

    Chy Wade I need both in my life…lol…

  • Mike Leftwich

    Reggie Comback Kidd Guerrier GOT ta be mo careful

  • Mark White

    Maybe the lebron 9 but the platinum lebron 10s or denim 10s shit on these

  • Dana McMahon

    I’m liking these

  • Brandon Jones


  • Jessica Forster


  • Cisco Jenkins

    Wait, they’re ‘re releasing these? Why?? O_o

  • Donna-Marie Thompson

    I still have mine!

  • Jüdy Chën


  • Jay Scofield

    Coppin these they toooo fresh

  • Anabel Machele

    Babe I need these Jonte

  • Zeke Mayfield


  • Sami Mahfud

    Badr متل بوطك

  • Carlo D. Fernández

    Marcos Armijo Gary Archuleta

  • Tee Gray

    Got these sitting in the closet in two colors

  • Tiffb Keepnit Onehundred

    These are Dop3 af!

  • Tiffb Keepnit Onehundred

    WaY doper than my 13bredz!!

  • Anna HY N

    Russell Chau

  • Salvador Silva

    Carlos Breton Blas Gio Leyva

  • Matt Ross

    Samantha Sanchez Lopez

  • Samboy Samboy

    How much is this

  • Alan Salinas

    Them mu fukaz are clean

  • Freddy Flores

    I want these

  • Andre Avent

    Get me doze!!! -wale voice

  • Andre Avent

    Dropping Nov 30 $160

  • BubbyRoniJackson

    I still have the Seattle skyline 6 rings brand knew got them 7 years ago when thay 1st came out

  • Starz Banga

    them shits is wakk retro flow

  • Quinten Jones

    had these already got to get them again

  • Ruth Dorcelus-Dowling

    Why is it that only black folks waste their $$ on silly thngs. We should b saving money to send our kids to college.

  • Ryan A. Price

    these sat on the shelf last release. make great hoop shoes though

  • Ryan Stinson

    Ruth, what if your kids are already in college? Your comment is one of the most igorant comments I’ve seen.

  • Rod Galleta

    Theyve Asilo

  • John Paul

    My favorite J’s ever! Havent bought J’s for almost 2 years. . .till this shit comes out!!!!

  • Ciarra Pierce-Boone

    .I gots to get me a pair!!

  • Joseph Underwood

    Damn when dem joints drop????? Soon as they hit Ima have ta grab those..

  • Omar Arafat

    Hypebeasts be like “fake 11s!!!”

  • Rafael Valle

    imma buy this shoes

  • Yasmin Ware

    Nice shoes

  • Marcus Shade

    Someone gonna get shot behind these

  • Joe Rivera


  • Cassandra Ormsby

    One of My FaVs

  • Emilio Ortiz

    Rebeca Borboa-Ortiz

  • Rebeca Borboa-Ortiz


  • Hector Torres

    i still got the first release ds sz10

  • Luis Munera

    Im the type of person who is mainly interested in Jordans 1-12. I dont rock spizikes …. N etc. But with these I can compromise lol

  • Manuel Quezada

    Those sweet

  • Pam Glenn Sartain

    Oh no, not more shoes! Chuck, control yourself!!

  • Earnie Anderson

    I always thought the 6 rings sucked, but this picture made me want to reconsider.

  • QueenKuken Kranau

    Bailey u need these!!!!

  • Richardo Palmer

    Do people really GAF about 6 rings?

  • Aldo Rodriguez Quintero

    Clean or what Jose Gomez

  • Kenneth Bertola

    Dylan Navarro

  • Savone Parrott

    Hoopin shoes only

  • Neal Williams

    6 rings lol

  • Fils Buana

    Kidd David Gucci nfumu ya bilele

  • Teguh Santoso


  • Chino Le

    Got to say, Bred 6R’s are a little better than other 6R’s. Might cop these. 😕

  • Chino Le

    But the velcro on the side just mess up the design :/

  • Dexter Poole

    I have the blue n black ones

  • Ah Di


  • Marcial Dimaya

    Bro,yan ba para sa akin?salamat…..

  • Ruben Cuneta

    ipadala muna skin yan tol.

  • Jeremy Taylor

    Im gonna get these 6 rings