Air Jordan 6 “Infrared 23″ – Release Date

Air Jordan 6 “Infrared 23″ – Release Date


Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23 Release Date

February just got even more exciting thanks to the “Infrared 23” Air Jordan VI. Set to release on February 15th, sneakerheads will be seeing plenty of red after Valentines Day. Equipped will a vibrant red leather upper, paired with a black midsole, this highly anticipated release is just a few weeks away. Now that you know when they are releasing, will you be picking these up? Drop us a line in the comments section below and let us know what’s up.

Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23 Release Date

Air Jordan 6 “Infrared 23″
Infrared 23/Black-Infrared 23

Photos via SA

  • Andrew Hamilton

    Can’t wait!

  • Mario Christain Robinson


  • George Carros

    Gabriel John Magnone Adam Beeman

  • Redd Hott

    RED Tara

  • Julian Silky Hardy

    Really 02-15-14.

  • Adam Beeman

    Not cocky

  • Recluse R. Recluse

    Isn’t that the RD for the White Infrared VI?

  • Jethz Licayan Felicitas


  • Slaid Jameson Taylor


  • Khalleal Gladston

    I hope they release a black infrared instead of just a white one

  • Slaid Jameson Taylor

    day after valentines day

  • Bskrap419

    Where can i get em when they drop

  • Joseph Landry

    Aint that some shit lol

  • Joseph Landry

    My Valentines present to me. To me by me.

  • James Levi

    Kendrick Alford

  • Kent Harris


  • Taylor Cook Jr.

    Damn they trying to be slick on ah nigga, tha Infrared 6’s drop tha same day according to, but i’ll have my loot saved.

  • Recluse R. Recluse

    That’s what I thought, too.
    That the White Infrared was scheduled for that same day.
    Surely they’re not really dropping both pairs on the same day. That’s gotta’just be a mistake.

  • Lawrence Guevara-Ramdass

    Daniel Gray Luke Watson

  • Ashley Van Buren

    Ryan Voight Like these!!

  • Tremunn Teamnocuffin Cluke

    JaMari Williams

  • Nick Burkhart


  • Taylor Cook Jr.

    Ass fuck!!

  • Erick Dominguez

    Marc Torres

  • Jonathan Noel


  • JaMari Swaqin Williams

    Decent Tremunn

  • JaMari Swaqin Williams

    Decent Tremunn

  • Young Fear

    Swany’e I want these shoes

  • Malik Moneyboy Rodriguez

    Jose Najera no heat

  • Swany’e So Sweet

    Young Fear me thov

  • Swany’e So Sweet

    *too Young Fear

  • KKing Taylor

    I would cop this if they had em in blue like this

  • LongBeard Richards

    JC Sebastian can’t wait bro !

  • Young Fear

    Like ima get these Fuck it Swany’e Sweet

  • Christopher Keller

    Evan Gonzalez Darville Adrian Mendoza

  • Jaime Sotelo

    Getting them

  • Raul Nacho

    Hm not feeling these at all ://

  • Silvestre BM

    I’d customize ’em into some “Carmines” hahaha….

  • Reginald Kelly

    A must have 4 me

  • Victor Code Blk Council

    I got to have these can I get a lil aide an assist my paper shawt!

  • Charles Taylor

    Hard az hell!!!!

  • Roberto Tito Collazo

    Tan cabrona. ?

  • Chris Southern Ridaz

    Gus SouthernRidaz

  • Jay Jimenez

    Should Of Been Suede Or Nubuck

  • Quinton Cabral

    Andy Fckn Le

  • Bianca Roscom


  • Derek Nelson

    Angelo Thomas Delledonne Sean Williams

  • Derrick Trammell

    The savages will be out brawling over these during the release day.

  • Brady Medlock

    Yes Sir Mark Lopez !

  • Spaceship Hov


  • Micah Mullen

    Cj Glover fuhh

  • Cherif Younousse Sy


  • Alvin Dean

    !! Weak