Air Jordan 6 “Carmine” – Epic Look

Air Jordan 6 “Carmine” – Epic Look


Air Jordan 6 Carmine Epic Look

Having already shared quite a few looks at the “Carmine” Air Jordan VI retro, it looks like even more images have surfaced. And while most of the southern half of the US is enjoying a wintery mix, this latest batch of photos is sure to bring some sort of visual stimulation as you try not to go stir crazy. Having last done damage on the sneaker scene in 2008 as a part of the Countdown Pack collection, the highly coveted colorway is set to make a return May 24th. Read on after the jump to check out all the new photos and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

Air Jordan 6 Carmine Epic Look

Air Jordan 6 Carmine Epic Look

Air Jordan 6 Carmine Epic Look

Air Jordan 6 Carmine Epic Look

Air Jordan 6 Carmine Epic Look

Photos via zadehkicks

  • Silvestre BM

    Gonna see a thousand more posts of ’em until May 24th SMFH. HYPING ’em up to the MAXIMUM smfh.

  • Rodarius King Digga Hargrove

    Need these in my life

  • Derek Bowman

    Ryan Craig

  • Alex Eglington

    Joe Utting

  • Walter Melara

    Vanessa Vega

  • Chantnelle Robertson

    I want them

  • Ryan Mcgowan

    My favorite js next to the db 6s

  • Mark Anthony Cortez

    Damn that bottom pops

  • Steve Alexander Valladares

    Must have them

  • Yg Geo

    Just waiting.. #sick6

  • RJ James

    ….looks Gen-Air-ic!! pass

  • AlynnKrisTEEN

    AJ23_World niiiiice!

  • Dexter Oliver

    Damani Cepeda

  • Wesley Worrell

    Wing Man

  • Larry Bradford


  • Abner Vasquez

    Gerson Cisneros

  • Tony Copeland


  • Derek Nelson

    These will be mine, oh yes they will be mine

  • SoleTakers Dot Net

    Oregon Ducks rumored to drop tomorrow! This is the final day to order any Oregon5/ASG: KD6 “Illusion” , LeBron “Gator”, and the Kobe ‘Maestro’! They all drop 2/14~ get them through

  • Jesus XD

    I want them


    pre-ordered mine already.i dont do lines.just a waiting game now