Air Jordan 6 “Carmine” 2014 Retro

Air Jordan 6 “Carmine” 2014 Retro


Air Jordan 6 Carmine 2014 Retro

Having already shared a look at both the “Maroon” & “Sport Blue” Air Jordan VI retros that are scheduled to release in 2014, it look like we finally have a detailed look at yet another AJVI colorway that is sure to be a must have next year. The colorway in question is the highly coveted “Carmine” color scheme. That’s right, the fiery color palette will be making yet another retail appearance. Having last been on the scene as a part of the CDP pack, we think it is safe to say that this forthcoming release will surely attract a lot of buzz. Read on after the jump to check out a few more angles and be sure to keep rocking with SneakerFiles for more information.

Air Jordan 6 Carmine 2014 Retro

Air Jordan 6 Carmine 2014 Retro

Photos via PK23

  • Curtis Watson

    Lol blue tint Shakor Beauregard LeCorey Jones

  • Gucci Gucci Allday

    Wak ass fukin bottom look at thy b.shit I’d take my chance of em yellowing instead ofvthat wak ass shit…classic killed …

  • Julius Dimataga

    Paul S Downie

  • Nicholas Bennett

    When these start to yellow, it will still be icy. Its why they do it.

  • Nicholas Bennett

    These are nice. People who complain about the blue soles are stupid, and don’t realize Nike is doing this cause they want to reduce yellowing

  • Retro Jayy

    Brandi Lopez

  • Tyler McLean

    Wtf happened to Jordan’s they suck now

  • Charles Kelley

    Son and I caint wait!!

  • Gucci Gucci Allday

    Nicholas Bennett fuk yu …yu the type to say crimson3s are heat or these new releases are something special why fuck up a classic shoe…

  • Cristina Marie

    Devon Ridley

  • Andre Price

    Lemme guess these are like ten thousand dollars right -_-

  • Mike Miller

    I cant wait.

  • Alex Allen

    So excited n I can’t hide it. Wait till 2019 year of the 11s. :)

  • Jorge Aguilar

    Ramiro Avalos fag 😉

  • Chris Mcloughney

    I want a pair

  • Candido Rocha

    Imma get them ^.^

  • Laa Laa Mar

    I want i want!!

  • Alessandra de Arcangelis

    Oh shit about time need to replace mine they’re beat

  • LeCorey Jones

    Curtis think that blue tint slows down the yellowing.

  • Brandi Lopez

    Retro Jayy Tryna tell me something babe

  • Retro Jayy


  • Retro Jayy

    Brandi Lopez :))))))))))

  • Irvin Pérez

    These are better that all of the fives that came out this year

  • Joe Licciardi

    King Brandon

  • Scott Frank


  • Wil Moe

    jordan just put these out. let me start wearing my cdp pair before u fake sneaker heads get these

  • Wil Moe

    the reason why i rarely do jordans nowadays

  • Charles Letson


  • Twotrill Rell


  • Sal Alvarez

    Hell yeah.. I can wait… Better off buying these then the ugly ass fuck, oreo 5s that came out today..

  • Thamsanqa Mei

    Can i have ur e-mail address?

  • Dothe Rightprint

    quelle belle merde cette semelle “ice”…

  • Gina Lyle Kinlicheenie

    Sick! Can’t wait

  • Sebastian Babo

    Those ugly blue ice soles :'(

  • Ismael Khalifa

    Jays on my feet

  • Joe Coco Sanchez

    Them hoes are throwed…gots to have…

  • Pablo Jimenez

    Anybody know when they come out ????????

  • Khym Badjoy Sonoda Tatum

    wiiiiii super likkkkeeeee

  • Mafi Madrid


  • Andrew Ruizz

    Ogs n my closet ha

  • Juan Juanito Davila

    I wish the red wasnt suede. I like my Olympic 6s but no suede

  • Liam Macca


  • George G-joe Basgall

    Brandyn Brooks

  • Paopao Licaros Hernandez

    Omg! So beauty!

  • Jabari Crowder

    gotta cop

  • Melo Cristiano

    Wow carmine back!!

  • 鄭堯文

    Shihchi Yen Sean Chang
    Chingyu Ku Jimmy Ju

  • Shihchi Yen


  • Chris Mejia

    Ima have to get tha infareds

  • Ty Brown

    the blue bottoms are iffy

  • Ryan Veach

    Damnit man I want these. May can’t get here quick enough.

  • Keshaun Edwards

    I cant wait until these drop again

  • Yang James


  • J Illest Carbonel

    Holy grail

  • Edz Rementilla

    that’s the shoe i like :))

  • Steff Jazz

    Penny Hardaway

  • Danny Grigsby

    Cant wait for these hoes to come out!!!

  • Ac Dimaano

    Bryan Mistas to un Jordan 6

  • David Ifadehair Gonzalez

    Mari Trevino

  • Emmanuel Salinas

    Aaron Duron

  • Darrius Martin

    Richarde Curtis

  • Robert Joseph

    I Want Them 8hit’s Classic!

  • Richie Rivas

    Must cop

  • Kevin Suvae Randolph

    I love these I got to get back in my life lol “

  • Zakii Mume

    Dope em shoe Hannah Ruth Newson

  • Steve Foster

    Gotta have em…& ima get em…mark my words….2014 my year..5HINE YEAR….

  • Hannah Ruth Unique Newson

    Oh yea, those are nice. Can you get them in Oz?

  • Tatiana Nicole

    Fuckinn Carmine…SMH.

  • Penny Hardaway

    Steff Jazz Ugh dégueulasse ! Bien content d’avoir deux 2008 , ouais …

  • Chris Mulliken

    I wish the olympics came back too :)

  • Steff Jazz

    Ahah Penny Hardaway Je m’attendais tout à fait à cette réponse là !!

  • Clayton MacDonald

    Had those my JR. Year that waz forever ago

  • Carlos Years

    That blue tint is fucking disguesting

  • Darrius Sullivan

    Yeah CDPs are the ones I’m after after seeing this bullshit

  • Steff Jazz

    CDP all day every day !!

  • Lane Guffy

    Bring ’em on!

  • Adam Herrera

    wait for the hate comments cause of the icy blue soles

  • Adam Herrera

    it’ll wear off people, you’ll get your yellowing in no time

  • Adam Herrera

    first they complain that they yellow too soon. then they complain when a protective coat is put on to slow the process. Can never please everyone.

  • Ralph Lujano

    I gotta get these right hurr. Size 11.

  • Taylor Barnard


  • Jojo Plasencio

    Sam Plasencio

  • Young Base Roldson

  • Rickey Brabson

    Dan Zavala Dee Haro can’t wait

  • Paul Young Ty Lebronsky


  • Rick Flair

    Javier ….sick

  • Ramon Salazar

    Cop of the year clear winner

  • Ramon Salazar

    Who cares if I icy soles are too blue … greatful yellowing won’t be a problem within 3 months of owning the shoe.

  • Mon Jose Uy Aplasca

    Neil Florentino here you go

  • Malachi GettinPaper Smalls

    wats the price

  • Jordan Peek

    Ian Hugo

  • Alex Esquivias

    Beautiful shoes !

  • Larry Rivas

    Eric Machado

  • Ian Hugo

    Jordan Peek think that’ll be a must have for me mate in 2014!

  • Beth Cardenass

    I like tgis hoes

  • Ruthlessness Guenda Ezechiel

    my lil bro got those!!!

  • Koran Patterson


  • Terrence T-Bone Terry Goodman

    Nice!! I’ll cop!!

  • Josue Ronaldo Peña

    When exactly they coming out?

  • Brandi Hatedbyplentii Bostic

  • Dennis Irlandez

    Nice rubber shoes! but I dont need expensive shoes. Im just only a simple guy. wear a simple shoes.

  • Jamal Ponchatrainsoulja Butler

    Zayra Aurora Fuentes

  • Taneca Lee

    I think these the ones Jamie Fox had on in White House Down

  • Joshy McFly

    the sole probably won’t stay blue but for a month so stop trippin

  • Demarco Owens


  • 박대규


  • 김승범

    박대규 카마인 헑헑

  • Alfianz Dela Cerna

    sir arjay if ever magkaroon kyo stock jordan6 order po ako!!

  • Nathian Yeahitzme Hernandez

    Fucking ugly smh, i miss when icy wasnt blue..