Air Jordan 5 ‘Fire Red’ – Release Date + Info

Air Jordan 5 ‘Fire Red’ – Release Date + Info


Air Jordan 5 'Fire Red' - Release Date + Info

Confirmed back in February to be returning to retailers next year, we now have concrete release info regarding the 2013 retro of the Air Jordan 5 “Fire Red”.

Sporting a White/Black-Fire Red colorway, look for the iconic kicks to hit retailers on January 26, 2013 with an MSRP of $160.


  • Nick

    I’m copping.

  • Mike

    No black tongue?

    • FYBeeee

      your mixing them up with the other fire red 5’s those have the black tongue not these

  • yasin

    JB has to stop re retroing kicks there losing rarity

  • Adam

    i agree with Yasin

  • Pietro

    You want rarity, go collect BASEBALL cards, STAMPS, and ART! this is a business, a RETAIL business mind you. There’s no money in rarity in this line of work (at least from Nike’s stand point). As I learned in both my Business undergrad and Graduate days, as long as the market is in demand of your product, you do your damn best to supply that demand. Never leave any money on the table for your competitors. Try looking at it from Nike’s point of view for once.

    Sneakerheads caught in their feelings are the worst!


  • GOD

    I prefer the frequent retros and different models, its more conveinant. Before they would bring out one model for like 5 months.
    Anyway this is a Summer color tho, if the 4’s weren’t coming out I would say bring this ish out right now.

  • Matt Jones

    Wait…do I see a nike check creeping around the heal of this shoe? That doesnt look like a jumpman foot.

    • CAkE-A-H0LiC

      yea i see that!!

    • SneakerKing23

      You DO NOT. Its A Jumpman Logo. Leave it alone and stop reaching.

  • wadda

    def gonna cop and all the other colors to

  • princess tricia

    copppinnn me a pairr wuhsss gooood