Air Jordan 3 Stealth vs. Jordan 3 Black/Cement 2011 Comparison Video

Air Jordan 3 Stealth vs. Jordan 3 Black/Cement 2011 Comparison Video


For those up in the air, or can’t decide which pair you want, we have a comparison video of the Air Jordan 3 Stealths and Air Jordan 3 Black Cement 2011. The Stealth Jordan 3 release this Saturday, September 3rd 2011 with a retail price of $150. The Black/Cement Jordan 3 are slated for November 25th 2011, retail price is $160.

Air Jordan 3 Stealth vs. Jordan 3 Black Cement 2011 Comparison Video


  1. Wow I have a thought decision to make this week. It comes down to the dark pink foamposite or the stealth. I never had a pair stelths before so I’m leaning more towards those.

      • Your right rocky, I thought the black 3’s were stealths. So I got the stealths instead of the foams and I’m quite happy with my decision.

  2. smh the black ones are going to be 160. Even more reasons to NOT buy these weak ass retros anymore. When I got him in like 03 those shits retailed for about 110 or 120 the most. And I remember I trashed them because they messed up too quick.

  3. personally, i think a lot of the retro’s that they’re bringing back are just ugly. the stealth’s came out last yesterday and i’m tryna cop them asap, waaaay better looking than the cements. plus cheaper… i can save that $10 and buy myself chipotle and a smoothie.

  4. I saw the stealths and I didn’t like them at all they look lower then the other 3s and I don’t see whats the problem with paying $10 extra dollars if you can spend $150 for these chessy looking stealth then whats $10 extra dollars really going to hurt its just like people complaining about the concords being $180 instead of $175 like its a big deal you’re only spending $5 extra dollars and they are still going to sell out anyway unlike the cardinal 7s

  5. I like the stealths got em thinkin about changin the laces Though but I think its a great (they look better then the black cement 3s but the cements are classic )