Air Jordan Retro 1/6 ‘Oylmpic Pack’ | New Images

Air Jordan Retro 1/6 ‘Oylmpic Pack’ | New Images



In honor of the greatest team ever assembled in arguably in sport, today welcomes new images of the Air Jordan Retro 1/6 “Olympic Pack”.

Where our preview earlier this week only gave us a glimpse as the celebratory pack, our latest look hones in on this box sets’ pristine packaging as well as its feature Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan VI (6) retros.  Moreover, flag decals can be seen alongside each lateral heel whereas USA color-ups dominate each shoe. If that’s not enough, new images reveal wooden shoe trees, clear packaging, dust bags, a themed Nike Destroyer jacket and hat. Could this be the ultimate Olympic pack dedicated to the Dream Team?

Check out additional angles below and keep it locked right here at Sneaker Files for more word on a possible release.

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    “sneakerfiles: Air Jordan Retro 1/6 ‘Oylmpic Pack’ | New Images” what? If only the patches are removable

  • Jason_Oden

    DAWGFANDERSEN themobilbarber they are, but when you dint see a price, you know its too rich for my blood!!!!

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    Jason_Oden DAWGFANDERSEN $400+ prob


    Jason_Oden themobilbarber you guys got dough like that. Don’t be shy. #champagnetastebeerbudget