Air Jordan 14 Ferrari – On Foot

Air Jordan 14 Ferrari – On Foot


Air Jordan 14 Ferrari - On Foot

Earlier this week we showed you some detailed images of the upcoming Ferrari Air Jordan 14, one of the great models to come. Many wonder what they will look on foot and today we show you.

The Air Jordan 14 is inspired by the Ferrari but with this colorway it shows a true representation of the car with red uppers, carbon fiber and hits of yellow.

Speculated for a Fall release but for now you can see all the on foot images of the Air Jordan XIV Ferrari below. Are you planning on picking up a pair?

Air Jordan 14 Ferrari - On Foot

Air Jordan 14 Ferrari - On Foot

Source: sneakergaga

  • Stefan Sahlender

    no way

  • Zach Tsar Peck

    Doug Dickson

  • Doug Dickson

    Oh damn well I guess I have to cop

  • Rashaune McBean

    You would look pretty stupid not having a ferrari a wearing these.

  • Rob Whalen

    Bobby Maxiey

  • Al-tuane Johnson

    Only 14s I like

  • Alejandro GM

    Que asco

  • Donte D Smalls

    They should make the Lamborghini lol

  • Michael Ojeda

    Garbage and put on some damn socks

  • Chris Grewal

    Billy Shoup these one pair of js u would rock… clean

  • Rosario Molefe

    this is beautiful

  • LeVodge Spotson

    Tevin Lameira

  • Billy Shoup

    Had the 14’s in 8th grade black toe ones though, these are tough I like them.

  • Miguel Molina

    This is fucked up, now MJ’s are nasty puma shoes

  • Angel Celis Soto


  • Vick Saucedo

    Jay Burt I think ima grab these!!!??

  • Krooklyne Kreations


  • David A Palcsey Jr

    would you please wear them into the water

  • Michael Brice

    Latif Self Sedale Berry these are crack

  • Jesse Garcia

    Matthew Garcia

  • Sedale Berry

    Yea they look good AF

  • Michael Brice

    The detail on these are crazy

  • Michael Brice

    Carbon fiber sheesh

  • Latif Self

    Yes they do! I keep trying to walk away but with all these 6s and 14s coming out…

  • Marcus Too Tall Harper

    UGLY asf!!!

  • Travis Knight

    Rudy Luevano Roman Luevano Shane Cook

  • Bobby Maxiey

    That carbon fiber is nice. I’m a sucker for any red suede j’s Rob Whalen

  • Korey Lawson

    Kyle Lawson

  • Marcelo D├írio


  • Emmanuel Cruz

    Julian Heisenberg Iribe

  • Emmanuel Cruz

    Ismael Cruz

  • Raul Nunez

    Vanessa Castaneda
    I need some! …

  • Ojay Juice Henry

    ill wait for the black toes

  • Mike Novilla


  • Lakersboy Joe

    my :p

  • Brian A. Burgan Franko

    Chris Helm

  • Olivier Velay

    When Pininfarina is not involved into designing anything Ferrari, this is a disaster…

  • Al Jean Van Dila

    i don’t know how to feel about this, …… feels like a non-communicative relationship with great sex.

  • Limon Wilson


  • Donarell Green


  • Cisco Gaona

    Wtf when r day out!!!!

  • Esmeralda Quintero

    Damn some nice shoes

  • Cletus Steele


  • Alwaysforever Andaday


  • Nathan Sierra

    Tyler Johnson…yo we hittin’ the line for these or what???

  • Kenneth Ramirez

    wear some socks

  • Tyler Johnson

    When we going

  • Nathan Sierra

    They come out in October so don’t back out on me! Lol

  • Raymond Brillantes