Air Jordan 14 Black Toe 2014 Retro

Air Jordan 14 Black Toe 2014 Retro


Air Jordan 14 Black Toe 2014 Retro

We will finally get the true Black Toe Air Jordan 14 back for 2014 and today we have another look showing some details.

The Black Toe Air Jordan XIV originally released in 1998. JB decided to retro the pair but when they brought them back they had ribbing through the side panels. For fans of the 14, this didn’t suffice.

Tumbled leather is plastered on the sides along with black suede on the toe box and a mesh tongue.

We are expecting a Summer release and additional information on the Jordan 14 Black Toe will be coming soon. Is this a cop or pass for you?

Air Jordan 14 Black Toe 2014 Retro

Air Jordan 14 Black Toe 2014 Retro

Air Jordan 14 Black Toe 2014 Retro

Air Jordan 14 Black Toe 2014 Retro

Source: us11hustla

  • Jordan Sanchez

    We gonna cop these this aug Steven Ramos

  • Samzam Cria Chiquita Zamudio

    Los primeros jordan q tuve

  • Dani del Pozo

    Las unicas JORDAN que tuve….como me duraron!!!!

  • Giuseppe Turner

    Everyone knows you never owned a pair of 14’s.

  • Alex Lang

    Karamvir Singh

  • Ivan Silverio Gasperin Martini


  • Alfredo Mendoza Hernandez

    Pikos Ruben Tapia

  • Hugo Rodrigo

    Omar Lara García mira cuales volverán a salir!!

  • Max Bader

    Theo Stasiak they ugly

  • Felipe Vázquez Delos Santos

    Mejor unos puma carnal jaja

  • Enrique Figueras

    Jessica Pinto estas estan como pa mi no?

  • Lamine GaNg


  • Jessica Pinto

    no me gustan mucho mi amor :/

  • Enrique Figueras

    a mi si unos mono fino con mi super camisa under q me regalo mi novia y no toco el piso al caminar jajaa

  • Hortensia Tardeli


  • Prêttíê Níkkí

    These. Ugly ah

  • Zaddy McDuck

    <3 . <3

  • Shirley Jane Martin

    Hari Singh

  • Jarvis Styles

    Jeff Craig

  • Chatiese James Peek

    Why did they make them different frm the 05 jointz.

  • Fletcher Coleman

    I know u like the seams better but these are still clean bruh Der’Rell Moedenaverage Franklin

  • Adi Cruz Gonzalez


  • Marek Danko

    Red devil in red suede only this year for me

  • Jay Hernandez

    Ashley Rose Marks I have no choice

  • Diego Mojica

    Hermosas lo mejor en zapatillas las quiero ya

  • Ashley Rose Marks

    Jay Hernandez fight the urge

  • Ronald Fannings

    so creamy woooo

  • Rafah Salles

    Quem sabe Luís Pampolini kkkkkkk

  • Tony Diaz

    Enhar Pllana

  • Tony Diaz

    Ich weiß haha

  • Thomas Boslem

    Marquette Beasley Shoe Strangz Carlos Loso’s Way Solorzano

  • SuJen Creatives


  • Stefan Josika

    one of the best

  • Taylor Holder

    Drew Ozley ???

  • Drew Ozley

    Taylor Holder I’d rock them shits.

  • Taylor Holder

    Me too.

  • Betty Speller Belsches


  • Leonardo Sawaris

    Eduardo Belluci

  • Leonardo Sawaris

    Eduardo Lobianco

  • Curtis Fry

    14’s don’t fit my feet well. Socks run down into the shoes.

  • Serges Vidah

    so cute got to hav it back

  • Raffaele Hanauer


  • Elaina Cain

    they are bot ugly yall stfu

  • Elaina Cain


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  • Carlos Madrigal

    ugly awwww

  • Ryan Tan Lagmay

    Love it

  • Alen Hernandez

    Igual k los mios

  • Orlando Junior Carmona


  • Odtojan Labor Ernan

    Nice shoe!

  • Bx Tigra

    je les veux

  • Dan Ho

    pass. pass.

  • Josh Hancock

    Ugly asf

  • Ventura Rex

    la creta que tenis

  • Ventura Rex

    son #originales

  • Nikhil Yadav


  • Veronica Manriquez Guillen


  • Adrian Jr Hernandez

    Magdalena Delgado

  • Austhin Ariel Alcaraz Vasquez

    chale que lindoooooo

  • Dratz Lawag

    I like it…….J14

  • Walter Cr

    Uno de mis favoritos, nunca los compre por su elevado precio pero me llegan..!

  • Jeo Martiinezz


  • Andrea Noelle Hale

    Bolo Ceo Driver

  • Edsel Garcia

    This was my very 1st Jordan XIV Mid Year of 1998. The sole grip very nice on the floor.

  • Andres Uchiha Akatsuki

    Wowwwwww Jordán wiw

  • Cerrita FavoredamongWomen Mathis

    Ain’t nothing like a fresh pair of Jordans yes indeed!

  • Enrico Balani Anunciado

    wow nice shoes

  • Cameryn D. Holloway

    omg ugly

  • Cameryn D. Holloway

    most uglyest jordans ive ever seen rather go with the jordan 5 oreos

  • Jose Serrano

    Ferrari’s look better imo.

  • John Robert Kelly II


  • Saied Tamaddon

    Siavash in chi mige??

  • Saul Marquez

    Raúl Amaro

  • Reymos Serrano


  • Mike Ritchie

    can’t wait to have these. .98 classics :-)

  • Siavash Gharehkhani

    😀 modele ghablie daran dobare mizanan !

  • Saied Tamaddon

    bekhar baram befrest befrusham :v

  • Nazim Badro

    Hadi kanet 3andi mahdi ti te rappelle