Air Jordan 13 Barons – First Look

Air Jordan 13 Barons – First Look


Air Jordan 13 Barons - First Look

The Baron’s theme first landed on the Air Jordan 9 and now it looks like the Jordan 13 will receive the same treatment.

For those that don’t know, when Michael Jordan retired for the first time from Basketball he joined the Birmingham Barons, a minor league baseball team. The Air Jordan 13 shares the same team colors.

Shown in white and grey, instead of the traditional suede paneling Jordan Brand added a patent leather hologram.

As of writing, a specific release date has not been issued but rumor has it they will drop in October. What are your thoughts on the Baron Air Jordan XIII?

Air Jordan 13 Barons - First Look

Air Jordan 13 Barons - First Look

Air Jordan 13 Barons - First Look


Air Jordan 13 Barons - First Look

Air Jordan 13 Barons - First Look

Air Jordan 13 Barons - First Look

Via @shoulee81

  • Maher Luther King

    Jacob Banot

  • Lamar Hop

    Space Age $h!t!!

  • Mickey Woodard

    Ethan Hinson

  • Emily Wilson-francois

    Tashina Deneault

  • Jorge Luis Selky

    Valeria Nieves

  • Eric Moore

    Hampton Williams Jr. Yeah bruh. I’m all on these!!!

  • Jonathan Lazarde


  • Justin O. Mathis

    Must have

  • Mookie Clary

    Brandon Ewen

  • Mar Grams


  • Javier Oyola

    Jonathan Courtney Lee some shit we might to camp for..

  • Cinque Muhammad

    Kenneth Akins the reflective panels make them nice, but I still want them Flints!

  • Adrian Rubio

    Alex Rubio these are just straight R Kelly Doo Doo butter

  • Michael Scott

    Are these GS? These look like baby shoes

  • Jake Mascarenas

    Nate Dogg what you know bout them chromed out Thirteens?

  • Jaime Ireland Artuso

    Sick sick sick

  • Lovee Gabriella


  • Chris Acosta

    Chaw-lay Brown

  • Liz Burgos

    Naiomy want!

  • Stephin Vera

    I’m in love again. Lol

  • Artasia Leonard

    Mariam Cangri Vazquez

  • Timothy Wilson

    Amanda Edwards

  • Amanda Edwards

    missed the Barons, must cop these.

  • Stephen Quist

    Ewe it’s like wearing a sofa on your feet

  • Kourtnee Nicole

    David Blount

  • Juan Gonzalez

    Should’ve used gray hits instead of blue

  • MiSt TattoosandMusic

    That patent leather is whack!!! Should’ve just been black suede

  • Eric T. Pakootas

    Arlen Denison

  • Eddie Redice

    from pink, to feminie colors, to animal print, to rainbows lol whats next glitter

  • Latisha Renee


  • Anthony Moore Sr.

    I’ll definitely cop a pair whenever these drop!! They’re & will go with my Barons jersey!!

  • Mariam Cangri Vazquez

    Noooo Artasia Leonard

  • Artasia Leonard

    U trippin Mariam Cangri Vazquez

  • Mariam Cangri Vazquez

    Naaaw man im no feelin the glitter lol frfr Artasia Leonard

  • Artasia Leonard

    Lol i didnt even notice it Mariam Cangri Vazquez

  • Veronica Lilly Montemayor

    Diana Encinas

  • Sandy Thomas

    Julius Gilmore Jr

  • Nate Cabeceiras

    Rainbow shit got to GO! Love the 13 they my favorite j but im a pass on these for sure

  • Damemo Love

    When do they drop do anybody know

  • Zak Nolen

    Dante Cassiani Mike Szatkowski need these

  • Darien L. White

    Trevor Onezerothree Young

  • Jose Norris

    Coppin them

  • Danny Baner

    Jay Gmt how u like them apples

  • Jay Gmt

    We coping em !

  • Geo Schmidt

    SJ Junior

  • Marvin Jones


  • Danang Rollins

    Hard …

  • Kelvin Yeniel


  • DeMario KingNugene Williams

    These look like the he got games Jordan is running illusions on fools

  • Eddie Santiago

    Amp Jackson

  • Cjstyles Godson

    Nt feeling those I hope change rainbow part

  • Leslie Graham

    Cop ? Angelica Castanon-Salas

  • Troy Lee

    DEFINITE cop!

  • Ricky Salazar

    Eric Pike