Air Jordan 12 (XII) Flu Game

Air Jordan 12 (XII) Flu Game


Air Jordan 12 (XII) Flu Game

2009 brings an official comeback for the Air Jordan 12, with pairs like the Nubuck and Rising Sun, many will enjoy the original Black and Red colorway, also known as the Air Jordan 12 Flu Game. The Black/Red Air Jordan 12 are nicknamed the Flu Game due to Michael Jordan having a stomach flu during game 5. Despite being severely sick, Jordan scored 38 points against the Utah Jazz. 12 Years later, Jordan Brand will once again release the black and red color scheme, but with subtle changes. For example, the Air Jordan 12 Flu Game will feature the year (97) and the points scored (38), and a cartoon sick face on the tongue. An exact release date has not been issued, but will hit retailers in November 2009.

Air Jordan 12 (XII) Flu Game

Air Jordan 12 (XII) Flu Game


  1. WTF???????????? Nubuck??? These are terrible, FUUCK you JB, this shIIt is a fuckn disgrace, Im gonna PASSSS, hopefully they dont fuuck up the White/Red 12's

  2. the suede is aiight but i wuld prefer to have the og black and red leather cus the suede will fade and the red looks too much like metallic instead the the dark red like the ogs.

  3. Gaaaaaaayyyy! I been giddy about these since I heard they were releasing this year and they repay me by making the Flu Games have Nubuck instead of leather. PLUS i dont own any 12's yet and I love the TWO 3 down the middle. I passed on the Nubuck 12s but I may just get them since they are still 150 most places.

    Even tho this pisses me off…I'm still prolly gonna get them hoes…haha

  4. actually…they still hot…Imma reluctantly buy…as long as they are 150…since space jams are coming out a week after for 175!!!

  5. This shit is a disgrace, pardon the fuckin language, but are you serious JB? This is straight DOO-DOO. "Hey lets switch the leather upper with Nubuck" Geniuses at JB these past 4-5 years.

    The Nubuck 12s are sitting on a FSR all across America, and these will too.

  6. truthfully i hate 12's the best ones to me r the nubuck bois n i coppd

    im actualli glad jb changed it from leather to nubuck n the design dwn the middle is cold as hell sumthn new

    these r a mos def cop

    nd everybodi thts complain.n bout em will cop so stop wit all the trash tlkn lol

  7. WTF!!! Why did they have to go and mess up a classic? Tell me why JB?! These are my 2nd fav 12s aside from the playoffs and they had to go and ruin it, hopefully they don't ruon da cherry 12s

  8. EVERYBODY UP ^^^ HATING ON THESE will eventually end up buying it. GAURANTEED! Suede aint bad they dont crease and they dont break in fast like leather does. A nice change up. I say 2 thumbs up JB.

  9. I dont mind the sick face. When you look closely at the mouth/tongue it looks actually like a gun pointing right. haha

  10. WTF???????????? Nubuck??? These are terrible, FUUCK you JB, this shIIt is a fuckn disgrace, Im gonna PASSSS, hopefully they dont fuuck up the White/Red 12’s

  11. Wait wait..JB are you serious about this. What the FUCK is up wit the suede and the red looks horrible or it may just be the light but If thats seude than you can guarantee im not buying this shitty ass shit.

  12. I agree, these r on fire. But for the 1st time ever, i actually dont like the suede on a CLASSIC. If they have the original materials they got my money.

  13. these are iight not a big 12s fan but i do like the taxi 12 n i want to see the bred 12… but these ima have to pass

  14. hahaha yesss i got my og breds. JB changing all the old retros.

    just look. raptor 7, infrared 6z, bred 12z all looking different in the retros that r coming out.


    Shoes r wak need the leather

  16. I had these and the playoff XIIs. One of the best hooping shoes of the signature Js, but they crease like crazy. I'm glad these joints are nubucks, but I still want the white/reds more than anything. Rising Suns are looking mighty nice, too.

    Let's see the Space Jams and the White/Red XIIs …. those are the pics I want to see.

  17. quit hatin my dawgs.. these are classics. if yall don wan em then don buy them you cocksuckers.. they are even better than the original flu game 12s.

  18. Believe it or not I have to agree with LangG & Mike these joints was gonna be a easy pass but somehow I am liking these as much as I do like the Blk/Infrared VI's I easily might cop.

  19. They still hot…but they are less hot because of the nubuck is all. They went from a 10, imo, to like a 9.3.

  20. Why Nubuck WHY!? Was really looking forward to cop these, but I'll definitely pass now. Should have been all leather. Nubuck and leather just don't match.

    Please don't mess with the Space Jams or even worse the Infrareds VI!!!!

  21. i aint trippin 1 of my top five favorite jays sides dem 8 and them 13's and my birthday is in november yep i wanted dem celtics 60 but now dem 12's yup dis is a good year 4 me

  22. these shoes are wack! i was hoping for the og's and the fucking make them suede. i pay fucking good money for jordans and they pull this shit off. to me the jordan 12 red and black is my all time favorite jordan and raped it! Hopefully the white and red ones dont turn out this way. ya and you might as well turn the space jams into suede to, you fucking shmuck JB!!!

  23. @Cody

    we been following that these were gonna be either suede or nubuck but back then it was just a rumor, this picture clarifies it but i really hope they change it back to leather

  24. smFh, looks like dem fake 12s u see in da flea market, at least i got my retro pair frm 03, same thing wit everyone rockin da new taxis, my ogs chillin inda box

  25. yesssssssssssss im sooooooo happy i got my 2003 bred 12's, instead of these. was planning to get these but i knew they were gonna mess them up

  26. Swine Flu sick….I c y he was sick playin in these…lol…then the modifications r just outrageous…nasty ass must cops…

  27. @Cody
    we been following that these were gonna be either suede or nubuck but back then it was just a rumor, this picture clarifies it but i really hope they change it back to leather

  28. I think these are genius, they compliment the OG's with his stats and the sick face. besides why keep bring out the same retro over & over & over & over IF you really got OGs already like some of claim you do…JORDAN actually had the flu that game against the utah jazz in a brilliant performance did you actually WATCH that game? were you even born yet lol… makes sense to me to add his average & the year or something just to spice up a classic…and you all are gonna cop em anyway so I dont know why you bother…shit you show up here faithfully just to hate soooo….ben dover…


  30. Quit whining. They're gona be sick, even though these first pics look suspect. You know JB isnt going to release something like this.

  31. Some people need to go back to school, and learn how to spell and use proper grammar. These shoes should be the least of your concerns judging by the way most people write on this site. JB is not gonna listen to "dese hoes wack bra, wat it wit dem joints, dey so garbage JB." Come on you would get more out of JB if you actually didn't bitch about it. Critique them dont shit on them, they have been retroed this is a different version get over it and wake up and smell the fucking coffee. JB doesn't give a shit about the hater's, they are not going to cater to your individual needs. Grow up!

  32. First of all big ups to professor spell right. Im tired of people talking trash to JB, knowing damn well they would give a left nut to be on board. Also, all the sneakerheads that have the OG's or 2003's and are lovin it up can eat one too. Haters hurt the shoe game just as much as fakes.

  33. Thanks for the love G$Money! Bitching is what leads to limited releases, like the "space jams" and so forth. You ignorant pieces of shit, all it is hate, hate, hate! No wonder everyone hates the United States. People even bitch about material of a god damn shoe. Besides the nubuck breaks up the look of the leather and ads a unique touch. Plus most importantly it honors a time in JB and MJ history, he wore the shoe when he had the flu. Point being they will probably be worth money one day and you "Lames" will be sucking Face just to get these."

  34. These kicks are something special for jordan. I love the Air Jordan XII but will not be getting these because of the fact I cant rock those colors. I will though be all over the Rising sun.

  35. how many times do you guys expect him to retro og's and make them look the same as the og's…at some point he's got to change it up…and all u so called "sneakerheads" that like the ogs better are just mad bc u cant pay $150 for these and try to pass them off as ogs.

    At some point JB has to break the cycle.its for a different generation…grow up already.if u dont like ,just dont cop. but dont blame JB for trynna change up the game HE created.

    bc if its not you,its going to be somebody else coppin these.done.

  36. Im completely against what JB is doing to this shoe,its horrible, why cant they just leave it alone?? The hell with "spicing" it up.If you want to get technical,the leather looks a hell of alot better than the nubuck or suede they have on there.theyre making the shoe seem really cheesy with that gimmick,if your going to release a shoe in an original color leave the materials alone,if what im saying is considered hating well then im guilty…..keep it original not gimmicky

  37. well for professor spell right, i hope you like your two seconds of shine. because for what i know, all those less intelligent spellers are the reason that brand jordan is still alive… i know being little and having to bust your ass offf so that you can go and buy yourself those jordans youve been waiting to be released for so to you i say go to hell, all long live air jordans and its folowers

  38. i think these shoes will probably look better in person… so far they looking way better than the nubucks which released earlier and surprisingly saw alot of love (yet stayed on shelves). lets see what happens with these but its hard to ruin bred xiis

  39. I've got to agree with the truth, JB is a different company now than it was when we were growing up (for those of us 25 and older), they are tryin to re-invent shoes of our generation with some differences, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't but that doesnt mean we have to buy 'em.

    Personally, I think they "97 38" design is creative, giving the shoes some character, not a fan of the nubuck on them, thats what the nubuck/carolina blue pair was for, but again, Ill probably cop

  40. LEATHER PLEASE! no suede

    looks like the brand iz losing its touch. i bet jordans will b out of style in a few more years


    The nubuck makes the shoe look fake and super wack, still got my OG's in box, never been worn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. You are ALL BROKE little kids that cant afford to buy them so stop hatin already. And you people storing ur kicks away like they are priceless. No point in buying them if they sit in a box. ur all wackkkkkkkkk.

  43. It's funny , you can tell the difference between

    the older heads and younger ones. For the younger heads

    who agree with JB modifying Og's , how would you feel if they

    remade power rangers om some bum shit? Seriously i can't see how y'all like these half ass features. In my opinion keep those "jawns" the same. Same leather , same carbon shank , same inside material , just point blank same.

  44. I personally like the way the nubuck looks better than the OG's. What people don't seem to understand is that if they were to release retros of the original then it would reduce the rarity of them. Everybody that has OG's should be happy that they did released these. Everyone that is true Jordan collectors should be happy as well. I am fortunate to have an original pair they're beat up a little but are definitely in the vault now.

    I'm glad to see that JB released these. I loved Jordans when I was younger and now that I actually have the money to buy them I will get two pairs and wear one and throw the other one in the vault right next to the OG's.

    Also couldn't agree more with Professor Spell Right. Al dem fake azz peeps dat think its cool to type like jits are everything that is wrong with America and the world. Its cool to be self made and educated, read a book.

  45. They look cheap! Throwback Nike's and Air Jordan's are about as high quality as Payless Shoe Source! I got the Jumpman Pro and it is cheap as hell (same material)!!!!

  46. These kicks make me laugh.. Im gonna cop, just so I could bust a nut on them and sell them on ebay!!

  47. mjc u got it right… JB is just adapting with the times is all. Unfortunately fashion is a constantly changing industry what is fire right now can be dud by tomorrow morning. While I agree whole heartedly that JB is trying to bring 2009 flair to 90s classics, exceeding or failing, you also need to acknowledge dat jb changed the game or created it even in its day. I feel they need to bring that creativity back and do what they have done before in the past. Nike has done it time and time again. Reinvented itself. From airmax to free to shox to 360s, even dunks. Think JB should do the same.

  48. These are dope .. got the og's .. i'll be getting these 2 .. im a sneakerhead and i love jordan .. why wouldnt i ?? Just anotha Flava to Pull out of the closet and stunt on the Haterzzzz ….

  49. nubuck material is such a pain in the ass, the shoe is sick, but fuck nubuck it fades so much in the sunlight, dust and dirt is always on it, just release this sneaker with nice leather, nubuck 12s just came out already

  50. For all the dumb *** wanna be sneakerheads if Jordan would release every single O.G. the value of the shoe would go down the ****ing drain and the word classic would be deleted from JB's vocab.If you missed the original release then to damn bad, suck it up and be a man about, get the ***ing shoe or u will miss on another future high value retro.

  51. I gotta agree with Sandman, even if JB would re-release all the shoes in OG colorways and such, they still wouldnt be OG's, they would be 2nd editions, so what difference does it really make? JB already did a retro Bred XII, so really if they did it again these would be 3rd editions, at least this pair is original, and if we miss these Im sure in 5-10 years when they wanna release it again we'd all say damn, wish I would have gotten those nubuck flu game XII back in '09. Just my opinion though, I'll cop 'em, def cop the space jams, think we can all agree on that!