Air Jordan 12 “Taxi” – Official Images

Air Jordan 12 “Taxi” – Official Images


Air Jordan 12 Taxi Official Images

With their release scheduled for this weekend, the “Taxi” Air Jordan XII retro is looking to leave yet another mark on the sneaker world. Despite the year being rather quite for the AJXII, the month of December will definitely correct all of that. With this upcoming release along with the “Gamma Blue” iteration set to drop on the 26th, these next few weeks are going to be some busy times for the classic silhouette. Check out the official images after the jump and be sure to let us know if these will be an instant cop this Saturday.

Air Jordan 12 Taxi Official Images

Air Jordan 12 Taxi Official Images

Air Jordan 12 Taxi Official Images

Air Jordan XII “Taxi”
White/Black-Taxi-Varsity Red

Photos via Nike Insider

  • Eric Brown-Thedford

    I’m Grabbing these

  • Jennifer Andrade

    Edward Medina

  • Markitos Marrero

    Tony Yapur

  • Benjamin Arvallo

    When they come out

  • Craig McGuire

    How much would an original pair go for in very good condition, with box?

  • Deirdre BeFresh DontShe

    E’sco Gang

  • E’sco Migo Gang

    When dey gon be back

  • Deirdre BeFresh DontShe

    Coming home sat I’ll have em then

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    Ok are u sure u comin

  • Deirdre BeFresh DontShe

    Yea text my phone

  • E’sco Migo Gang

    Hit me I dnt save numbers

  • Kaneka Grissett

    This is my favorite shoe

  • Samuel Gunn

    I gotta have dez!!!

  • Vannessa Moreku

    i wudnt date a guy wearin those,they make em look like teens

  • Nick Nanes

    8th grade

  • Nick Nanes

    I wouldn’t date them either.

  • Jonathan Olguin

    don’t give a fuck if u date or not i got em already. lmfao real deal!!!! step ya shoe game up bitches

  • OG Jays

    Quality on these low.

  • Ryan Veach

    Yeah u got some b grades

  • Hedrich Fleming

    John Baddinfluence Chaney I’m too ready for these bro

  • Wolf Azhole Hawkins

    People are so stupid, buying the same shoe over and over again after they keep making them smdh.

  • Retta Grindhard Sr.

    I aint neva bought da same shoe twice…

  • Mark Judiel Salazar

    how much

  • Javier Espinoza

    Estella Mercado look there they are again, I think that’s a message

  • Mark Cristian Moya

    How much

  • Michael Parks Tha Don

    I’m going hard for these bitches. Real Talk.

  • Chris Logan

    These raffle things are stupid

  • Allan Ruiz

    I got a pair for sale size 12 inbox me of interested

  • Giovanni Piramide Sabandal

    Armell Hablado

  • Joseph DeCoursey

    Classic shoe…i was in 8th grade when they came out…the 4 gold eyes represents the #of rings Jordan had won at the time, the black and white represent the ying and yang teachings of the bulls head coach. #morethanashoe

  • Adrian Rodriguez

    Karla Oliva Rodriguez

  • Eddie Redice

    I had em in 96 yall can enjoy

  • Eddie Redice

    Only the bred 6/11s but thats OG and retro: i feel ya

  • Jesse Felix

    Baaaaabe Bianca Herrera

  • Bianca Herrera


  • Keshaun Edwards


  • Reezy Jetson

    I’m ready!!!!

  • Dustin Oubre

    If I don’t get these I’ll be highly pissed off

  • Kareem Bradley

    those shoes are tight

  • Donavon Wild Don Haskell

    Laciee Zodkoy :) Saturday

  • Maxym Michaud

    Dave Lafontaine

  • Eddie Sanchez

    Bad ass shoes…

  • Anahi Escobedo Romero

    Quiero que sean mios

  • Cortney Seabrooks

    Dennis Fitzpatrick i know you go get them this weekend

  • Jarvis Driver

    Rashad Berry

  • Ray Rangel

    I want a pair of them

  • Melo Cristiano