Air Jordan 12 “Gamma Blue” – Release Date

Air Jordan 12 “Gamma Blue” – Release Date


Air Jordan 12 Gamma Blue Release Date

Looks like December just got a tad bit more exciting. With quite a few high profile releases already on tap for next month, it looks like all of you sneakerheads will have yet another highly anticipated pair of kicks to add to your calendars. Scheduled to drop on the day after Xmas will be the arrival of the “Gamma Blue” Air Jordan XIIs. That’s right, the folks over at Jordan Brand a ready to completely shut down this Holiday season. Check out a few new shots and be sure to let us know if you plan on copping these joints next month.

Air Jordan 12 Gamma Blue Release Date

Air Jordan XII “Gamma Blue”

Photos via The Don Drew

  • Eddie Redice

    if you wanna save some money just dye the white on your play-off 12s photo blue

  • Joe Hernandez

    WHAT YOU KNOW Isaac Hernandez

  • Everett Thomas

    Gotta have them

  • Michael Taylor Jr

    Jakari Taylor

  • Danielle Pitt

    When do the black and white ones drop

  • Jorge Alejandro

    Raul Gonzalez

  • Kenny Calhoun Jr.

    Got to cop ….

  • David Ziko

    Is their a reason why Jordan brand has to release all these shoes days from each other in December!? So the people that can’t put over $500 out in shoes that month will have to pay re-sale price on them later if they still want them….dumb.

  • Vitor Valman

    Raphael Cerqueira Pira man tem desse por ai não

  • Remy LoveStarr

    Carmen Gibson December 26

  • Brandon Lee Cross

    I want these

  • Clayton Lamar

    Cameron Williams Johnny Greenlantern Otis Demar Jackson Bigbody Scotty Williams

  • Milton Ant Weaver

    Blacka MikeRob Ja’Ron Liles

  • Noel Moyi Tolentino

    Gen release?

  • Noel Moyi Tolentino


  • Shawn Christy

    Got already

  • Clayton Lamar

    Damn shit gonna b tight this Christmas

  • Nunu Williams

    which one will you guys prefer taxis or these? Im getting them as a gift for someone.

  • Rashawn Sebastion

    Patiently waitin for these

  • Nunu Williams

    December 14

  • Chapito Lomas

    Fernando Gonzalez

  • Michael Perry Jr.

    Are they coming out in every state or no!!

  • Jermaine SpaceGang Bonner

    On a Thursday? Can’t be true

  • Dan Mears

    Mike Salinas

  • Raul Hernandez

    I would perfer the taxis black and white. Because jordan actually wore them.

  • Danielle Pitt

    Thanks Nunu Williams

  • Clayton Lamar

    Johnny Greenlantern Otis Demar Jackson Cameron Williams Bigbody Scotty Williams

  • Demar Jackson

    Stop tricc’n

  • Clayton Lamar

    Learn from u

  • Rogelio Fabela


  • Edwin Rodriguez

    Carlos…. Damn bro December is gonna make me broke with all the kicks coming out…..

  • Ryan Voight

    Ronnie Voight Jon Tiburon Curler

  • Jared Balderas

    Amber Nicole Jackson

  • Isaac Hernandez

    These getting copped

  • Nunu Williams

    Thank you!

  • Raul Hernandez

    These are tight also i guess it depends on what dudes style

  • Muhammad Izzat Nin Said

    KinGsterr Ix Hurr, FeeKee Prayudi, Benedict Tan

  • Cliff Taylor

    Crispyy Quiise 12/26 Jordan going crazy Dec

  • Jon Tiburon Curler

    No sir not me

  • SneakerHead

    These and the Taxi 12’s both a must cop getting them for christmas even if the Gamma Blue’s come out the day after christmas!

  • Iván Ramos


  • Carlos Villegas

    I know what u mean Edwin! Some nice ass kicks!

  • Bigbody Scotty Williams

    Wtf how are they goin to do that and the gamma 11s come out

  • Chris Martin


  • Chad Muska


  • El Capo da Snoboye

    Mothafukas is Wet!!

  • Sequoya Manns

    It’s coming out on my birthday lucky me

  • Tatiana Vitalis

    wow dats hot eeeeeeeeeee

  • Paige Turner

    Kevin Moppins u remember these from years ago?????

  • Gregory John Lagasse

    For Xmas!

  • Curse Van Osschot

    they look A LOT… like these jordan fusion 12’s i got…

  • Rhiannon White

    Shannon White

  • Bettina Robinson

    Tony Randle i want these forreal lol

  • Remy Buckey Smith

    defffffffffff adding these to my collection ;; love me some 12s , my top 2 fav shoe

  • Roberto Jerry Estanislao

    13c or 1y please. :-) in the phi.

  • Mel Jec Barrientos Young

    Ganda naman nito! Tontton Young

  • Tontton Young

    Oo yan mganda

  • Mel Jec Barrientos Young

    D kc naga labas yn dto s pilipinas

  • Gary Goh

    I want I pair pls. How much?

  • Vitor Valman

    Renan Almeida

  • Sidro Guevara

    I swear I gotta have these

  • Ryan Veach

    These are aight, def not worth paying more than retail, hopefully the lines won’t be too bad on these. Def getting the Taxi 12s next month. The OG Taxi 12s were my first pair of J’s so I MUST HAVE THE retro Taxi 12s comin out 12/14/13 I believe.

  • Tony Randle

    Man damn u want all tha ones I want Bettina Robinson

  • Benedict G. Valenzuela


  • Layan Solja Song


  • Mick Thehuman Vaughn

    Anthony D Vaughn

  • Jon Ian Parojinog

    real nice…

  • Edgar Cruz

    Gadiel Mendoza G

  • Kevin Moppins

    These never came out Paige Turner, you thinking about the other 12s that was an online exclusive with the sweater.

  • Paige Turner

    I could’ve sworn u had these. I seen the Carolina blue

  • Wilfred Ferrer

    sarap pnlaro nyn

  • Seydou Ali


  • Marie Hawkins

    Ronald Gordon

  • Ronald Gordon

    The 26th of Dec i seen it.

  • Christine Caudle

    I got sum

  • Kamil Zajkowski

    George Janenko

  • James Ransfer

    got these in the Laney colors

  • Deshawn MrCkonflicktman Harris

    man oh man :)

  • King Virgo

    Dis sum bullshit, how u gone bring the 11’s n the 12’s out bak 2 bak like dat

  • George Janenko


  • Damien Billups

    David Flowers

  • Damien Billups

    Fee Manier

  • Brett Bohach


  • Russ Davis

    I want one

  • Khris Thomas

    WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY RELEASING THE 11s AND 12s AT THE SAME TIME ?!?!? THAT’S FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!! these should release in MARCH as first planned

  • Jason Bledsoe

    The red jumpman kills me.

  • Ronnie Torres

    Claudio Campos

  • Jai Egland

    This colorway on this shoe is garbage and thrown together. If you buy these, for the hypebeast only

  • Allen Doucet

    Brandon Shugg George

  • Derrick Ovidio

    QuickStrike Release too. According to the J23 App

  • Aj Baker

    When are they coming out cuz

  • Alex Alpine Borom

    Fin im gettin’em!!!!!

  • Tamera Yvonne Aiga Tau

    Omg! I want sum of these :)

  • Modesto Yslas

    those are clean cuz

  • Warren Woods

    Tarheels baby

  • Austin Ray

    I don’t buy retro’s unless it’s an original colorway this is garbage! Jai Egland I strongly agree

  • Ryan Estrella

    Saan ba makakabiki nyan

  • Joel Carter

    Got the flu game version. I almost have all the breds

  • Johnboy Luthuli

    Gentlemen plz help me out I need Jordans bt I don’t knw where 2 get them in South Africa

  • NESHA16


  • NESHA16

    @Aj Baker in december

  • NESHA16

    @Khris Thomas not really

  • NESHA16

    @George Janenko um.. nay

  • NESHA16

    @Christine Caudle wen

  • NESHA16

    @Sidro Guevara um.. yay

  • NESHA16

    fina get them fa christmas niqqa ii worried bout nun shid

  • Franck Alden


  • Jake Clifford