Air Jordan 11 Concord 2011 Retro First Look

Air Jordan 11 Concord 2011 Retro First Look


Air Jordan 11 Concord 2011 Retro First Look

It’s an exciting day for Jordan fans because we have the first viewing of the Air Jordan 11 Concord 2011 Retro! In 2009 we had the Space Jams, 2010 brought the Cool Grey and now the beloved Concords will return.

With the images presented, the Air Jordan XI 2011 Concords look identical to the original release, with black patent leather, white uppers and blue tint translucent sole.

Official release date for the Concord Jordan 11 2011 Retro is December 23rd 2011, and will retail for $180. You can Pre-Order a pair now at VMVInc.

Air Jordan 11 Concord 2011 Retro First Look

Air Jordan 11 Concord 2011 Retro First Look

Air Jordan 11 Concord 2011 Retro First Look

Air Jordan 11 Concord 2011 Retro First Look

  • J crack

    That be dope if it had 45 on back watch JB make them with the 45 on back and make them limited or throw them in the mix like the anniversary 11s with the jumpman!

    • joel

      is VMVInc even legit ?

      • Bryant

        Its Legit bought my space jams from there

      • Marcellus

        Yeah i got my raptors from there

      • bigmess209

        suppposedly..some materials are real..but these are what some ppl call..B GRADES…. not 100%. picture got PHOTOSHOP on it..fault 1..and theres videos on youtube puttin there fake shoes on blast..compair to real 11s.. be careful ppl.. oh ya the photoshop is on the carbon fiber in the’ll see it

      • CHARLES

        they sell b grDES AND NONATURIZED

  • Jstrizzo

    upping the price again? 5 bucks isnt much but still a d!ck move.. wont stop people from copping (including me) smh..

  • HypeBeastKilla

    Wackest of all the numbered J’s, looks good for 6-12 mos then they’ll look like Ass with all the Yellowing and Toe box creases.

    • EriccBoss

      Cantt Wearr Yaa Shitss Everyydayy..My Spacee Jams Nd Cool Greyys Lookinn Firee!

    • dell23jr

      thats why you don’t wear them in the rain b thats the only way they will turn yellow at the bottom trust me i know im 23jr

      • bigmess209

        @dell 23jr naw they turn yellow no matter what..its from oxygen. thats why people put em in bags to keep em from yellowing so fast.. even if they deadstock they going to turn yellow. cant stop it.

  • Deezy

    ^ what? All I understood was spell check

  • Jr80

    Yo honestly it’s unreal how we continue to get played for the love we have for kicks. Trash materials and price hikes just cause … Com’on man! Straight rape if you ask me . And that blue tint is hott trash . Stay true the real sneak. Of course people are gonna cop cause they wanna be like ” yea check me out ” and actually don’t mind taken it in the @** . People wake up we getting played … HARD ! I love kicks real talk but these companies use us like punchlines . They make it damn near impossible to get some releases (rays 13) and the ones we can get they keep raping us on the prices. Foams going for 220 .. CHILD PLEASE . I remember when 135 was pushing it . The more we keep handling over our cash the more we look like @** , just saying … It’s getting ridiculous !

    • jessiboii

      Couldn’t have said it better.

    • mary

      Dude, I totally agree it only takes 50 cents to make one shoe and were paying 200 for one pair damn I remember when I remember when I got a pair of all black 10’s for just 110 back then.

      • dell23jr

        lol thats why you wear kids size like me size 8 in this thing #winning only paying $120 for mine

        • t.davis

          wea u get yo shit at mine runnin me $180 a pair an i wear a 8

  • TGD

    The blue tinted sole is original to the very first XI in the 95 playoffs when the Bulls lost against Orlando. Those were blue tinted, then the next season when MJ wore them the entire season they were clear with the blue hits on the outsole. Most people know this. Thats why the 45 would be nice, true to the ’95 playoff original. And yes, $180 is sick…..ya its only $5 more but where does it stop? Great shoe yes, one of the best. But still……$190.80 with tax where I’m at.

  • sneakerguru

    Definitely a double up.. Even if they were 250 people would still cop so stop complaining.. smh

  • jay

    the blue tint is a nice twist! shoe looks pretty good to be honest with ya! i never get 2X pairs but for these heck yeah. may have to sell my xiii black toes but whatever..def want 2X for these…xi is my fav than the xiv..i would say shoe looks good and no i dont want 45 on the back..mj for most of his career rocked the two-3 and if i remember correctly sans the double nickel game at msg he did not play too well rocking the four-5! cant wait for these bad boys and i got em on reserve!

  • AF-1[’82]Luv23[’85]

    Shoes are meant to be WORN! Besides, shoes are gonna eventually wear out and “die”. Just like us humans. I once saw a person wear a pair of AJ III “Fire Reds” that were beat and in the rain. Anyway, these AJ XI “Concords” look FRE$H! And copping these is gonna be ridiculous! Expect the same scenario as the AJ XI “Cool Greys” mayhem only worse!

    • dell23jr

      thats why you go early so you do not have to go through that mayhem and all that stuff im going at 7am the morning before and ima just wait in the line until they open at midnight

  • kevin

    people should be more smart. and buy only special release like the bins or yotr or sprites and nothing less.

  • kevin

    and ill be honest i dont know what you people see in the 11. there nice but. not all that. theres better looking jordans.

  • kevin

    if the foamz go up in price. they better look different. and better…………………

    • sneakerguru

      kev i know your a rookie in the shoe game now lol

      • kevin

        na bro dont think so. i just dont like buying the same sh-t over and over. for you information i got the og retros of these that are way better and i have the 2nd retros of these. how manny 11 do i need. i dont buy just any thing like most air heads do. im a real sneaker head. and i got over a thousand pairs of shoes that go back as far as 20 years. i think ur the rookie. ive been wearing jordans when you were still in diapers idiot.

        • sneakerguru

          still a rookie lol

        • aron

          there not retros if there OGs.

    • deezy

      foamz are straight trash dont know how anyone buys them at all i wouldnt rock a pair to work in

  • Dave

    Thanx Kev !! 3X



  • askmelater

    $180 ?? f**k you Jordan i already struggle paying 160, and i know it does not cost you even half as much to make one pair of shoes -___- …. they keep taking advantage of my love for their shoes …. fuck ima cop still loll

  • m00ney{sneakrrhead}

    180 for blue sole? -__-

    still coppin though..

    • jose

      where do you cop ?

  • Jose

    They look pretty cool ilikedthe samples more with the greyish jumpman sign on the tounge but thats me and the sole is a little too blue but still coppin im camping all day for em to make sure iget them

  • Zack

    Any1 pre order yet and is vmv legit?

  • Andrew Gonzales

    when these release im getting 3 pairs these are so sexy!!!!!!

  • the freshness

    these are the worst retros they’ve come out with. the blue looks awful. OG concords FTW

  • Robert figueroa

    Will they be having these in footlocker the day they come out?

  • nam

    :) only selective footlocker will have them. and they’re first come first serve. if anything call your local store and ask them what time they open and such :) and people need to just let others do what they want. You cant really say people are wasting money if they have the cash and it would make them happy. Everyone think differently and in diff situation so yeah. =] YAY me for being a woman, having small feet so i can fit into the kid which is cheaper! but then i wont get the fancy box and tissues (boo):

  • Christian

    Why is it that on the vmv website the price is at like $280?

  • Pimpin E

    Already copped baby

  • Jackkss

    are the concords going on sale on footlocker on the same day they come out?

  • TRUEsneakerhead

    Honestly in my opinion JB went a little overboard with the bluish tint. Still a definite cop, may take some getting use to but its fine with me. I have the OG and it’ll be nice to see the newest reincarnation of the shoe.

  • javi123

    I think I’ll have to grow into the blue sole…

  • Jmoney

    I got mines today. Picked it up in a sneaker store. So no camping outside for me. Good luck with all that!

  • Ricoc5

    Will they be 180 in a size 7 too.???

    • Mac

      @ Rico…. No they gon run about $120 in that size

  • DonnieGunz

    Why is people cryin ova the price….step your game up and stop complanin…
    You have hella time to put $20 up everytime you get paid…
    And to whoever says jordan 11 isnt the best shoe out is krazzzzzy
    women lie men lie numbers dont…..these 11’s clearly have Broken Records…
    Stop Cryin And Start Buying…

  • T

    Those are fake. this sight sells what designers call Grade A Variances. although some of the materials and parts are real, the construction of the shoe is shotty at best.